Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours (Piano)

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10,000 Hours (Piano) - Single Tracklist:


I love Justin and Dan+Shay are pretty good too. Their voices together are soo angelic😍 Might not be country music but I love it!


this is an amazing song and very well put together and y’all need to give them credit for that. truthfully id love to know what most of y’all consider country music because let’s remember. these ARE country artists who just happened to COLLABORATE with a pop artist. that doesn’t automatically mean the entirety of this song is pop, just like it wouldn’t be a “rap” song if they collaborated with a rap artist. and realistically, most pop music doesn’t sound like this. y’all are just mad that dan + shay write about more than just boots and fishing, so let’s stop making this about what they decided to label the genre as because in the end that doesn’t matter if the song slaps...


Pedo’s, all of them. Sold their souls.


Y is it country?😂


Justin Beiber is in it; who actually expected it to be real country?

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Not my type stick to pop or trash Justin Bieber


Love it


I love this song🔥🔥🔥🔥 Warms my heart


Haters gonna hate


Their voices sound amazing together!


It’s not the country of the early 2000’s and 90’s and before, but it’s still country and yes there are some pop aspects, but Pop Country is the only kind of country I can really tolerate.ha great piano version of the song.

Magdalene B.

Trying to make bank off of not sounding country but using very common stereotypical country lyrics. There’s far better out there.

Timedeo it the best

Who let the beaver in


Ok lets be honest... this is a disgrace to country music. I don’t want to listen to anymore Dan and gay and Justin creeper.


I like this song, but it isn’t country.


A perfect wedding song . Bieber’s vocals wow!