All Time Low - Monsters (feat. Demi Lovato and blackbear)

A Fueled By Ramen release, ℗ 2020 Elektra Records LLC.

Monsters (feat. Demi Lovato and blackbear) - Single Tracklist:


Amazing as always, what an unexpected but great collab


An amazing song love, love, love it!! Demi did a amazing job on this one probably one of my favorites she has ever done! Blackbear is an amazing rapper too I like him even more now!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Monsters was amazing before but the Remix is so good. Demi ate this up 🔥🔥🔥


wow i love this and the return of rockvato!!


All Time Low and blackbear killed it with the original song but adding Demi was the cherry on top!! Her voice gives the song so much more depth and substance!!! The production in this version is so much cleaner too!


The song Monsters already got too much credit to begin with, but you’re gonna make it become even more overrated? You should’ve picked a different song for this so one of the songs of the Wake Up, Sunshine album could actually get some credit.


Demi’s voice adds more depth to the song

x Nicolee

I prefer the original, Demi’s voice just doesn’t match the vibe of the song


Love this!!! Best Demi collab for this year ✨


Hadn’t heard the original, but finding this one lead me to it & I love them both. So good👌


2013 Miley called and wants her hair back


Demi Lovato made this sound even better


Demi killed it!!

Kelly Loves Selena

Monsters was already a great song, but Demi made it so much better.

Conor liguori

Demi was an amazing addition to this song, she definitely KILLS it in pop rock. I have been listening ALLL DAY ON REPEAT!


Demi is extremely versatile and added amazing harmonies at the end of this song. RockVato snappeddd


I love this song!!!