Ashnikko - Daisy

℗ 2020 Parlophone Records Limited.

Daisy - Single Tracklist:


It’s one of the best songs I’ve ever heard

chicken nugget :3 UWU

Amazing 10/10 😌🙈

mikayla b***h

I love this song to death


I really like this song.


if you give this a one star ur weird and no one asked.


This is so different from everything else i love this song it is amazing


i love this song so freakin much i’ve been listening non-stop


She has not released a bad song


Not great


i’m not a fan usually but this song goes hard


Great amazing lyrics great India beat kinda sounds from India it’s just a great song

Stephanie wangler

Definitely does not belong in the pop category. That aside, I am sad that Gemini was a part of this project. I don’t feel or hear his influence in this at all. I was expecting something beautiful and instead got something irrelevant that sounds like it came out of a trash compactor. It’s a no from me.


this song & all her music make me feel like a bad b*tch and i’m here for this energy


this song is amazing. i love it sm!! 💙💙