Avery Anna - Just Cause I Love You

℗ 2021 33 Creative

Just Cause I Love You - Single Tracklist:

Losin it!

I am obsessed with this song

Gina Grasso

this song is soooooo good, gave me chills


Apparently she’s from tik tok but her voice is gorgeous. I also love the meaning of the song. I can’t stop listening to it. It’s so pretty. So is the piano in the background. If you haven’t bought this or downloaded it on Apple Music, then you MUST.

Taylin Grace

It’s so relatable and sweet


We go to the same school and I remember last year hearing her sing at the talent show. Amazing voice


This song is INCREDIBLE. Her voice is perfect. LOVE everything about her.


Congrats!! Such a beautiful memorable voice! I can’t wait to see you go places!! This is only the beginning! ❤️


This really hit home....thank you for writing it.


I needed this song more than I think she could ever know.


keep killin’ it, this song is already stuck in my head 🤩


I love her voice so much!! Shes so talented! Cant wait to hear the full song:)

Truesdell 1442

Omg I can’t wait

Needs work not to freeze

I couldn’t wait for this one!!!


I also came from Tik Tok and I knew as soon as I heard this song I would be adding it to my playlist 🥰🥰. An amazing voice!


Beautiful song can’t wait to hear more!


like so amazing God bless!!


Can’t wait to hear the whole thing... love it already


I’m so excited for this song to come out! Such a beautiful voice and such an awesome song!


I can’t wait to hear more original creations from this talented artist! #TubTime


God bless this girl. someone get her name OUT THERE


Found her on Tik Tok and she has such an amazing voice and talent for writing songs!! I will buy any song or album she puts out and help support her career if she decides pursue this full time!! Keep on!! That’s a God given talent!!


This little ball of emotion is full of so much heart and pure talent. Congrats pretty girl. Can’t wait to have this song. Thank you and god bless.

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