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BLACK PARADE - Single Tracklist:


Absolutely appalling how Beyoncé continues to seize moments of injustices for personal gain.


I love this song, and I don’t just mean its message and content. It’s a technically good song that highlights the best of Beyoncé’s new voice. It also throws in her “fast-singing” staccato that was so common in her Destiny’s Child days. Absolutely loving the new musical vibe Beyonce has embraced, and this song perfectly encapsulates that. She will always be the queen, and this just cements that even more securely.


What a queen


Still the Queen 🐝


Great Juneteenth track! All the haters are colonizers


love you Beyonce. Thank you for all that you do.


🚨Have you heard (To the point ) by Damarion Matchem you have to go listen 💯


May be the worst song I’ve ever heard. Garth Brooks is a much better artist


could’ve picked a better name lol


Song is on R E P E A T!!!


These racist, ignorant, and dumb comments are exactly why a song like this is needed and is here! White people mad because of the lyrics


In my opinion this song is great, guess that’s why they always mad 🤷🏽‍♀️


I love how she celebrates our ancestors and the Motherland in this. ✊🏾


Beyonce does it again for the community, for the culture. She is blackity black black and I love it! ❤️👑✊🏾


It is definitely what we need in a time where black people are being killed by the white racists in America!! This song is all about celebrating black people and why we are amazing! Anyone who thinks that this song is unnecessary or that she is trying to capitalize off of this movement is racist and wrong! She’s not trying to capitalize! She literally wrote a letter to Attorney General Daniel Cameron calling for the arrest of Breonna Taylor’s murderers! She’s bailing protesters out of jail! She’s donating money to black-owned businesses (where the proceeds for this song go)! But the haters only see what they want and try to put her down for doing good things!


All the negative reviews are from white people who are ALWAYS MAD.


Everyone in the comments must be YT.. yall are OVERLY BOTHERED BY BLACK MAGIC!! 🤣🤣 keep your oppressed racist artists on yall side & we’ll keep Bey✊🏾✊🏾.


Biggest opportunist in the game


I’m just here to support I don’t know I don’t have a problem with the lyrics or anything it’s just I wish she sang more and I am white and I think it’s fine I just don’t think it’s Beyoncé’s best but she’s still the 👑🐝

Empress Bliss

Love this song!



Xavier Rion

This is ... new and it may not be her best work but I’m SUPER HAPPY she becoming a rapper! The fact that people want the “oLd BeYoNcÉ” is stupid! Being consistent in your artistry is NOTHING compared to growth and that is EXACTLY what she is showing here and it’s what she’s been showing with every album, single, work of art she puts out! So STOP HATING AND GET WITH THE PROGRAM!


Ladies and gentlemen she’s done it again! Another great song from the mind of Beyoncé.


Why she trying to sound Jamaican for one and number to I don’t understand nothing she’s saying.This song is trash 😡😡😡😡😡


I’m sorry for the racist fans who are just now realizing that Beyoncé is black 🤷🏾‍♀️ She’s been black her whole life and will be for the rest of her life. She’s not only uplifting black people AND black power but she’s also showing black excellence. If y’all can’t handle that, then y’all weren’t real fans to begin with 🙃 She released this song on Juneteenth, a day where slaves in Texas were told that slaves were finally free... 2 years after it had been originally put in place. Beyoncé is a BLACK WOMAN and our ancestors would be proud of how she’s uplifting her people. To all the racist people on here who claim they won’t listen to her music anymore- GOOD! She doesn’t need your type in her hive. Bye! Like she said- “Been black, maybe that’s the reason why they always mad” 😝 Stay Mad!!


Another powerful black anthem💜...haters gon hate!

trytobeabetterman pang

She had grown so much...if you don’t like it but you also don’t have to hate it ...




Good message but she’s lost her touch


I love this song , and it’s energy.


Horrible. Just horrible.


That poor black community that looks up to her 👎🏽


Everybody that’s hating on this song because she’s uplifting black culture..her culture..must not be black lol. This is a banger!!!!!


Let’s get back to good music.


Love it! All you others that rate 1 ⭐️ are just hating. Just because she doesn’t put out ratchet music that appeals to you. Grow up. Thanks!


Couldn’t understand a single lyric.

Vault tech

Cash grab over the Black Lives Matter movement and took the name from a much better song


OMG the amount of hate in these reviews 😂😂😂 and evening have a Beyoncé album flopped ?? She’s literally still in her prime ! Albums still selling platinum!! Y’all hating because a beautiful black queen is doing WELL. And y’all fav is doing horrible .. ANYWAY STREAM BLACK PARADE!!! 🐝


Ill give negative star If I can

Quarter 120

What a waste of time for every listener. No substance. Disgusting.


Great song

Chrome laptop fun

Lol a lot of these comments are from other fandoms, racist and people who just don’t like Beyoncé no matter what she does. It’s okay to not like the song but some of y’all are bitter for no reason. Great job Beyoncé. I loved it


I see so many comments in regard to her intentions in making the song, and it really doesn’t matter to me why she made the song. The lyrics speak to me and I enjoy it. She is a performer/singer, she entertains for money! She’s not here to teach anyone anything. Look elsewhere for knowledge, and just be entertained.


Are you one of us Witches B? Anyway I love it. Great sound. Stay positive people.


Seeing a lot of Karen & Chad’s roaming on songs about change. Beyoncé, h.e.r, and any other artist can write and sing songs that hit a note with them emotionally. If you were smart, proceeds of music get donated. I’m sure you don’t whine about that Johnny Cash, Merle, or Loretta sang songs about Vietnam. Or Alan Jackson after 9/11? Same thing. Keep trying.


I like Beyoncé but what is this crap? like others are saying it seems as if she’s using current events to profit.


“A hit dog will holler”. I see in some of these comments the dogs are hollering 🤣👑🐝


It equals zero

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