Big & Rich - Horse of a Different Color

℗ 2004 Warner Records Inc.

Horse of a Different Color Tracklist:


Also just Horrible!!!!!




I remember buying this CD and playing it over and over again. This is how I got hooked onto Big & Rich! The guys still are great but IMO this is some of their best work, which at the time, people were calling rock, rap and other stuff and yet how many other "country" artists are doing what these guys started. They still beat to their own drum and this is in my opinion their best album!


I got this CD when it came out 10 years ago and I still love every single track on this. I know people who do not like country at all but enjoy this album.


By far still the best cd they have done !!!!


My favorite is Six foot Town. This is awesome!


One of my favorite songs of all time

Lee Fricke

Big And Rich is one of if not my favorite group out there. They make amazing music and this album is no exception. these are some of my favorite songs. To bad you can only go up to five stars on the rating...


Best baby making music ever lol


Love Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy even more now that I saw it on Magic Mike. Perfection.


Great Album!!


Live this life is the Homan family song brings tear to my eyes ;*) Thank You God


i love the songs but 2004 y are they still 1.29

Crazy footloose

Love the songs


Greatest country muzic! Listen to words n muzic! Best I've heard! Like 70's but real life!


im a little bit on the fence when it comes to this album but overall its a good time

Alex farmer

I love all of there songs like Rollin and you shook me all night long there version of Rollin is alot better than r kellys version and there version of you shook me all night long is alot better than the ac/dc version like I said nobody can be as good as these guys there one of my favorite country singers just like Kenny chesney Justin bieber Tim McGraw brad paisely merl haggard Toby keith Willie Nelson Charlie Daniels Alan Jackson jimmy Buffett and Darius Rucker they are all my favorite country singers you have gots to love country music and alot of people don't that just means that they have bad taste in music because when I get older I want to be a country singer I also want to sing rock music because that's the kind of music I like also


I DO like this album. Seriously folks, I usually want to listen to country music like I want to contract the plague. But this album is just great. Fast, funny, and the boys show their increidble talent in both singing and playing instruments. With funny, snappy songs like "Real World," and incredibly moving songs such as "Saved" and "Live This Life," Horse of a Different Color is a must-buy. Check it out.


I absolutley love this song! I jam out to it in my car everyday, I love the part Im a crazy son of a and then it has bass, me and my friends always rewind and rewind again on that part. I also love when Cowboy Troy jumps in, pure sweet song!


I stumbled upon this song by accident tonight. I liked the 30 second sample and downloaded it immediately. But, what's up with the clean/edited version of "Rollin'"?? Is this how the song was released on the CD, too? I can't imagine it was, but, then country artists generally try to keep it "family" friendly. But, I don't get it..... It's ok for them to sing "Kick My A*S", without any edits, but, they edit out the word "b*tch" from ROLLIN'?? Why? I love the song, but, that little blip of silence is not welcome, while I'm Rollin' !


THIS-IS-THE-BEST-ALBUM-EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buy the whole album you will truly love it and you will not be dissapointed. this is the best album in country and by big and rich it should be more than five stars.

emily sunshine :)

1.29?? you're killin me.

Pokey Squishy

This was indeed Big & Rich's best album. I love every single song on this album! Big & Rich are by far one of country music's best duos! I had the privelage to see them live in concert at the Illinois State Fair and it was AMAZING! They are great live! They are a lot of fun to watch. I would recommend this CD to anyone!


i love them so so so so much


But this is awsome. It's funny, and well made, and snappy.

The Other Extreme

Take your classic country singers, like Johnny Cash and George Strait. Now turn them almost on their heads and you get Big & Rich, the pop, rock, hip-hop, but-still-country band. Even though this band has been turned down by so many people as being 'too different', they're still classified as country, simple as that. This great album is a testament that Big & Rich can be different, that they can be a bit too loud, that they can be a cross of so many different things an still make splendid music. 9.5/10!


big $ rich are the best thing to ever happen to country muzik with the exception of garth brooks and taylor swift. this cd is a buy it now. on a scale of one to ten it is a 17.


i hate country but this is my all time favorite album. when i heard save a horse i liked them when i listened to the cd i loved them. this is as good country will ever get


I hated country before Big n Rich. I got it from college game day and now can't get enough of them. My personal favorite is Ride a Horse(Save a Cowboy). It is a great buy.


rollin is the best song ever made in the wole wold. big&rich know how to rock the house down to the ground. rock on big&rich because you can!and keep rollin!


big and rich are awsome my favorite song is Rollin'


Big & Rich is the best band and this is by far there best album buy the entire album


I love this album i love the song Holy Water it makes me cry everytime I here this song do buy this song or just listen to it if you need a good cry.

just sk8in

this album is good because it has the best songs




holy crap this is like the best cd ever i have it big and rich are so cool i love all there songs im like obsessive about it this album is worth paying billions of dollars to get iget it get , gggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttttttt iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!


one word to decribe this cd "great"


Loved it! Great country music! Love the song "Holy Water" and " Love Train"


I have always loved country but i love how they are a rebellious country group!!!!!!!!!!! rock on and way 2 go!


great cd best country music in the world in my book


i love the song save a horse ride a cowboy i would reccomend that everybody buy this song


Well seeing as I grew up in big cities most my life, and the only country performer I liked thus far had been Johnny Cash, and aside from that I was a big fan of metal, punk, and underground rap w/ the other exception of Chuck Berry (long story). So for me to find myself enjoying this was shocking to say the least, yeah I didn't like EVERY song on the album, but that happens. All in all buy this album.

the deester

this is by far their best ever, there is not 1 song i dont like

Le Tytan

Rollin'- Big & Rich's Description wrapped up in to an awesome song. Wild West Show- Rocks out and emotionalizes all at once. Kick My A*s- Funny haha Six Foot Town- Okay... Holy Water- Big & Rich are GREAT at slow songs. Real World- Great song in the first half, gets annoying in the second. Save a Horse- Big & Rich's trademark song. Get the songs mentioned above if you kinda like country, go ahead and buy the whole thing if you really want it. Try some of their other work, too.


I like the CD. No I love the CD! But "Wild West show isnt one of the best in my opion. But like everyone else, "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" its a awsome song!

The Infinite Soundtrack To My Life

This is the album and artist that got me into country. The 1st song I heard was Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy I thought it was a song that was funny but had lots of good rythim at the same time now im gettin into Faith Hill, Reba, and Tim Mcgraw and heres a few words of wisdom (very random but true) all styles of music are good it just depends on you. but rap/hiphop doesnt realkly count as music cause it s*cks so dont listen to it. -- sorry just have to write sumtin random every review i write--


There is no doubt that "Horse of a Different Color" is the best album by Big & Rich that I've heard. I highly recamend buying this album.


My friend made me listen to Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) and at first i wasn't sure about it. But now i love that song and I listen to it a lot. Its so worth it if you buy it!


I like this band because its one of the few country bands where almost all of there songs are fast moving and accually exiting. I first heard this band in this CD when my dad got it. I've liked the band ever since. Rascal Flatts is good too, but all of their songs are too slow if you ask me.


this is a great album, one of my favorites ever. I am not a country junkie, but this is an incredible album. all the songs are great except for Drinkin' bout you and Saved. Holy Water is Amazing, Wild West Show Owns, Live this Life is Touching. Great Album.