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I love bigbang ❤️❤️ Been a fan for like a year or so. Their songs make me forget the world and the conflicts I go thru. They make me feel at peace with their voices. Best kpop group along with Got7 I listen to 💯👌🏻❤️ Saranghae!!

kbpcoolawsome323 _YT

Meh boofiul meh fav is bang bang bang🔥 Kpop meh jam!!!


What a talented group!!!


I remember how much I used to jam in high school to BIG BANG. Ahhh I gotta buy it

Ethylene thymus

Just finally decided to give this album a listen and i am truly amazed... every song on this album is so good!👍🏽🔥


Love them,their music,their fashion everything! That’s why they are call the kpop KINGS.

bella nicle gibson

Good song recommend for all K-PoP lovers <3

Sapphire T

This is really a beautiful album with most of BIGBANG hit songs and the 3 addition to it ^^ Question though did iTUNEs or YGENT re-upload the album on iTUNES? This had over 800-1k reviews to it when it was released. I purchased it before so I know. Either way, this Album is pure art❤️

karen jjk

Literal trash

HLee 999

The album includes songs in such a wide range of categories. Limiting it to k-pop doesn’t do it justice.


BIGBANG is the first K-Pop group that I got into and I’m a very proud, V.I.P. It’s a really nice album overall! ❤️

just an exo-l

thanks for listening to my TED talk


No one can match their talent and music. Big Bang Fighting!!!


THIS IS MY FAVORITE ALBUM OF ALL TIME, and I don’t even speak Korean. 🤪😎😏 BIGBANG always shoots for the stars, and this album is remarkable. The lyrics are meaningful, the vocals are out of the world...I could go on and on! Plus, the music videos for the songs are awesome!! “BANG BANG BANG” can get anyone pumped. My favorite song on the album depends on my mood on a particular day (usually between “Bae Bae” or “Sober” or “Loser”), but they’re all good! Even “Zutter” grew on me! 😂😂😂 They are truly one of the GREATEST bands on this planet. You will not be disappointed with this album! 😉😁😎 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

G Megan

BIGBANG is one of the best Kpop bands ever and this is their best album. They write, compose, and sing all their songs. They have big, party songs like "BANG BANG BANG" and "SOBER" and soft songs that show off their songs like "LET'S NOT FALL IN LOVE", "GIRLFRIEND", and "IF YOU." This album nevers gets old and their is a song for every mood.


The story telling, lyricism, composition, filmography, etc. BigBang are the definition of art.


The only k-pop album I really like.


I love all the tracks on this album I just wish that IF YOU MV was also released for sale in iTunes , I love that song so much and I can never find The MV for sale , places sale it in iTunes please.

it's prettychill

this is one of the most iconic albums ever and every single song is INCREDIBLE which is rare for any album. it's timeless too, and very emotional and relevant. the kings remain kings.


No 2 songs sound alike ever since their first album...I only have Bigbang on my playlist, I’m not even exaggerating


I fell in love with their music style. I hope they continue once they come back from the army 😭💖


Ah BIGBANG you finally completed the album! This makes us fans so happy, the songs were so great! Now we can close this chapter and start anew! We will be waiting for you when you comeback with fresh new music and sounds! Lets move forward always kings!


I can’t believe this album doesn’t have more reviews! One of the best albums of Kpop history and of all time! Get this album!

Phi Soto

In all honesty nobody can measure up to bigbang cause they are the kings of kpop they were a major part of making kpop what it is today and i just love them and this album is fantastic i highly suggest it

Ahgase Forever 💕

Honestly one of the albums that will never get old for me 💕💕

ikon are back

Best kpop album ever,without doubt.nothing I’ve listened even comes close to this.


This album will go down in History as one of the most complete and downright perfect in all of Music/Kpop.


Where the english album? Please make that album available for purchase. I want the song With U


Your kpop collection isn’t complete without this album. Every single song....👌 This album will easily be a kpop staple for years to come. Looking for songs to start with? Sober, Let’s Not Fall in Love, We Like to Party....all of them. Seriously. You won’t regret it.


All these songs are great. Bigbang is the best kpop band out there that's for sure.

Just want pack🍉🍉🍉

One of the best albums by Big Bang. Gonna miss them


I love this album epically the song Bae Bae

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