Black Eyed Peas - TRANSLATION

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morgaine la faye

amazing work. love the spanish in the song. wonderful choreography and dancing......

3va [email protected]

Im digging this album ! Love the Latín twist with the Caribbean beats !!! Their Best album !


This album is AMAZING. Very rare for me to love a whole album right away. Super catchy songs with great rhythm. Whole album is played A LOT!


Hi mnas


Love this new album! Love the Spanglish concept and collaborations.

The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man)

GIRL LIKE ME was a good song until now. Lit song.


I listen to Black Eyed Peas’ more popular songs and they never disappoint BUT THIS ALMBUM is 🔥 🔥 🔥 from beginning to end! Made me move, dance and feel so sexy from start to finish! Love it! New favorite...!!

Amber (Sara)

How isn’t anyone appalled by this trash 🗑?


I absolutely love this new side of the group! It’s fresh and hip! My daughter loves mamacita! Now I love when Fergie was apart of the group but they’re good together or apart! It’s just a great album at a time like this. Just makes you want to dance and have fun!

The Drift Emcee

Black Eyed Peas came with fire!! and some Latin flavor... perfect combo!

The untouchable69

I love the Black Eyed Peas and I’m glad that they’re doing Great things with great people

Saab 9-3

When Fergie told the band that she was leaving for her own career and life, but wished them well this is the result. An experiment with multiple artists and multiple results. The good: RItmo with the services of J Balvin comes off as a good Latin tune which is the new direction of this album. Potentially Fergie’s eventual replacement, J. Rey Soul brings a higher caliber of vocal talent to a handful of these cuts, her complementary presence alongside Ozuna on “Mamacita” in particular. The rest of the album with Shakira (who is wasted on her song with them) is somewhat forgettable although the collaboration with Becky G on "Duro Hard" gets honorable mention for a good tune. The album is not at the height of their popularity with Fergie as it was on "The End," but there are a few songs that are worthy of the band's name and popularity. Essentially, they have too much talent to keep them down and if they can get another female lead singer like J. Rey Soul to join them their next album could bring them all the way back to the top.

Ny Tony

This production of this new album is officially the best so far of this Damnnnnn year. Black Eye Peas have truly reinvented themselves on some next level... This is definitely a party hard album.


Like a couple of tracks


THIS ALBUM IS FIYAH!!! Black Eyed Peas music is different and always good. I love the music on this album. Hits on another level


This makes my work out feel so much more better!


Digging the Latin twist


First listen I was like what?? Where is Fergie?? After multiple listens I’m like this is my summer good time album. The vide, the feeling labor gives you makes you wanna dance, and leaves me saying “Fergie who?”


Good album!


stick to what you know best.


They are clearly trying to profit off the Latino market and it’s just very shallow since isn’t even a Latino and delivers awful spanish bars. I just can’t appreciate this when they clearly have no connection to Latin music. It’s just plain disrespectful. They’ve never shown love for the culture but are targeting Latinos for profit, it’s disgusting.


Im enjoying the Latin flavor of this album. Great collaborations!!


Horrible and annoying album. Can’t cut it without Fergie.


Where is fergie


It’s ok but Fergie was like the best part of the group.


I’m so digging the Latin twist to this album! It’s so exciting to see artist evolve and take different risk with their music. It’s a great change...... I know it’s not for everyone and reading all the comments about missing Fergie. Let’s celebrate the guys and keep it positive and light!!! Especially from all the fans! Let’s show our support and Graditute for some fun music. Stop comparing and embrace the change! Felicidades! BEP on the new album!

Musubi head

Lot’s of people will always be negative,not I!! I firmly believe this album will be NUMBER ONE!! Your first track to that Movie Bad Boys for life RITMO is AWESOME!!And News Today is DEEP!!AND THE REST OF THE TRACKS IS LIT!!! Mahal Kita To you all!!




I honestly thought you guys would make something better. Just sounds like the same garbage that’s always on the radio. Nothing about any of this is good or unique. Very disappointed.


This CD is hot. Not sure what’s up with bad reviews. Love that they keep changing direction. Cleaning out my truck in the driveway shaking my ass. I’m about to to rhuba, lombada and some more.


I used to love this band, I grew up on them actually but this entire album is trash. Completely different vibes and sounds and not for the better. Fergie obviously was the only good thing that band had going for them.


The Peas are back!!! When I first heard, I was like no, too “Latino” and no Fergie. However, I stand corrected after a few listens. This album is on loop. The collabs bring flavor. J. Rey Soul is a wonderful new addition. It’s been a long time since I listen to an album that I enjoy every track like the old days. These days, artists put out music for streaming and not quality. I feel this album was made with time and quality. The Peas really thought about they’re audience. Almost each song could be a single, maybe would stick more in other parts of the world other than the states. 😒 This album is like a modern Spanish take of Elephunk and Money Business, which are my favorites and made me fall in love with BEP. 😄


it should be under latin/spanish music than pop even. terrible beats and songs... smh


What the hell !!! Same rythm. Repetitive Latino beat. Total lack of creativity. Time to retire Cuba.


They are trying to be a wannabe Latin Pop album.


Love it.


Wow this is it....on replay. So much talent. I can’t get enough for them. Love ALL the songs.(I miss Fergie though) 🙏🏼❤️😀🙌🏼👏🏼👊🏼 I hear you “Feel the beat” by Lisa Lisa. One of my favorite artists in the world.


Fergie went solo before and they supported her. Now,, Taboo and released this Heavy Latino beat and she supported them. No bad blood. Just enjoy the music.


When you have filet mignon why would you want good ground beef.

dj yeet

No explicit song please Please make appropriate songs for children


Love it


Garbage! A non English black eyed peas album


I bet they were trying to do something new. But this didn't work. And no fergie too


It slaps too hard

Sister Anna

Fergie left...she wants to be a mom, get over it and give the Peas some respect and love.


Love it and Shakira.


Not this time..Try next album.. I just wasn’t really feeling it.

No Auto Tune

Great Album


All the beats sound the same......all the lyrics sound the same!!! SORRY BEP.......That Is A Hard Pass For Me!!!!!


Black Eyed Peas are thee biggest sell-outs in Hip Hop history. Well, they Use to be Hip Hop. Before Fergie. And stop crying bout Fergie: pop fans 🚫