Blake Shelton - Based On a True Story... (Deluxe Version)

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Based On a True Story... (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:

🦄🐈 mileyyyyy

Great!!!! I LOVE Blake Shelton!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Just listened to a couple of previews and honestly Blake is trying to make the transition from ok country singer to rap singer with his filthy songs. As one other reviewer stated Blake, and a lot of other singers, need to get out of their limousines and get back to where they came from and go back and learn again what makes real down home country singing and topics and cussing and talking about spitting definitely is not it.


Best singer ever


Some of his best work to date!! I can’t quit listening to so many tracks!!


Hi seeing that she couldn’t sit still that way she looked I was so embarrassed of her words she used what she said about a son he was married to what she said about any grandfather this song couldn’t be any true what she said about me was devastating grandpa and her are using Street judgement because she does know what she does know what has been married for about three months now


Awesome music great voice thank you very much so sorry but I am already committed to someone else he wants me marry him

Shelton the best singer

Boys round here is probably one of his best songs, I love the beat.

The Kids Right

Mine Would Be You is a great song on this CD. Makes me think of that special person in my life. : ) Hope you like it as much as I do.


Love it, Blake!!! Every song is amazing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Done like BS anymore. His music is going downhill. Boycott bro country.

Elizabeth the best the beast

That song is so true ,I live in bean station,TN and that is the really country town...and this song discribes all the country people


Blake Shelton has such a distinct sound. I would know his voice anywhere! Love this album! It's my fifth so far!

Enzo A

This is a wonderful album: the voice, the stories, the music. A+++++


I love his voice! ❤️


This album is truly one of my favorites love the way it's put together, the sound, everything about it is perfect and it has Blake's face it doesn't get better than that


Love it!


This is probably one of Blake's best albums! Lots of songs with a lot of meaning behind them! Love the song Still Got A Finger I find that song hilarious! This whole album is great! It's hard for me to say what my favorite song is off this album but I would have to say Country On The Radio that's a great song! Also really like Granddaddy's gun, do you remember, frame of mine, mine would be you


This sad song reminds me of my ex ; (


Me and some of my exes and colleagues sometimes like each other and sometimes not with the song says a lot for 11th


blake is DEF beeeeefyyyy


Can we all just take a moment and appreciate his hard work and amazing voice. I mean really!!


Best song ever/best singer ever


Love the album! Naysayers go away! I listen in my car all the time! My kids listen to way worse!


The music is crap, sounds just like all the other crap song and music coming out of Nashville. The only good music coming out of there is George Strait, Alan Jackson, and the older artist. Why because they won't change and it's real country music. Black Shelton use to be in that mix until he sold out and start pumping out crap. Just because you put country terms and words in a song doesn't make it country! Don't think I'll ever buy his or his butt buddy Luke Bryant music again.


I 💚 Blake Shelton!! He is an awesome singer!! Love your album!!!!!!!

silverman silvertown

Awesome tune Blake ! I sure wish i-Tunes would get with it and be family friendly like the radio is and offer the "radio edit" version. There marketing department is VERY SLOW ! They used to offer radio edit versions , what up i-Tunes ??? You would make more money if you were family friendly like say .... every radio station in America ! If i was the CEO of apple , somebody would be losing their job ;) I Know, Right !! C'mon i-tunes , I know you can do it ... It's more money guys, if you like that sort of thing.


Mr. Shelton I love your new album. Nothing more than amazing. The songs speak volumes when you listen. It is my life, my friends and family. Can't wait to put the head phones on and let memories float into my head. Thank you for my vacation to the ultimate life time affairs. God bless you and Ms. Miranda.


Horrible message to his songs

This is worth the buy

This is worth the buy. Shelton has a real grasp on songs and while not all are perfect for my taste, all are true country.


There are some songs on this album that are really really good, but having said that, some songs are not good, plus some songs have explicit language and it doesn't say so, so you don't expect it.


That's what Country Music is all about - and Blake puts his heart and soul into every song he sings! I absolutely LOVE this CD! I purchased it on iTunes the day it was available, whenever his CD's are available...It's the first thing I do - he's an amazing singer, songwriter and overall individual!!! #1 BS Fan here!! Love ya Blake!!


This is the best county album from my favorite country artist


Love every song on the album!

This app 4 star

Somebody plz tell me if we can listen to the music on here before we buy it so we know if we like it or not ?


a True artist.


I thought I disliked country music but I heard this music and I realized I love it!❤️ It is the best and so is BLAKE!!


Love this album! Best album from him yet! Great job Blake!

Dj Freeze 68

Man what a great singer but why the EF would you auto tune such a great voice? very disappointed. WOW.


His voice>>


I'm not a very a country person but this album is an exception! This album makes it in my top 10! Blake has done an awesome job!

This isn't country music.

This is country music? George would cry if he knew this was "who's gonna fill their shoes"! Why? This is pure garbage.

Night traaaiiin

Boys round here is a great song explaining how us country boys do it hey if everyone would check jk lawhorn out please great singer


Blake is awesome! I guess people are jus complaining a lil bit to much.




Blake I love your music and this is a great album with great songs but dude you need to go back to the old days of Ole Red and Heavy Liftin'. Your changing to what's "hip" and "cool". You want become cooler to me you need to go to the outlaw club with Hank and Waylon. Less country pop More southern rock And to that one idiot and to iTunes S*** IS NOT EXPLICIT ITS A SLANG TERM FOR CRAP THAT IS A CUSS WORD ITS NOT EXPLICIT UNLIKE F***


If you listen to this… you have no taste in music, art, or culture. Definition of meaningless tripe.


Listening to a sample of each song and every one of these songs touch a part of my soul, I've never been into Country music but listening to Blake Shelton is changin' my mind....oh and one more thing "He is Hottie, Hot Hot"

Jake m 11111

This is a really good album, with some really good songs. Doin what she likes is amazing! But if you really like "Granddaddys Gun" then get the original version by Aaron Lewis


He did a great job with this one. "Country on the Radio" and "Boys Round Here" are the best!!! Worth $7.99. This was a beast one, Blake. I also suggest Riser by Dierks Bentley.

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