Blake Shelton - Happy Anywhere (feat. Gwen Stefani)

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Happy Anywhere (feat. Gwen Stefani) - Single Tracklist:


Absolutely terrible 😂


When I heard this song on the radio, it was just a simple love song. I honestly love how it came out and how I can actually feel the real music that’s being played


Best duet


I really enjoy this song and the message that comes along with it. Very fun and upbeat!

Bri L Johnson

I listen to this song so much during the day and all of your other ones Blake! I love when you and Gwen duet together those are my favorite too 😊 I hope you guys are doing well though this COVID 19 season and I also love watching you guys on the voice! I love when Blake does the finger pointing so he will get the singer on his team lol or when he shows his voice trophies to Adam and the rest of the team it is very funny thanks again for making wonderful music 😊


Can't help but dance to the song. So catchy and lightens my mood every time I hear it.


You two are awesome together. Had Nobody But You as my ringtone, now this is going to be my ringtone. God bless both of you and keep you safe. Can’t wait to see you on The Voice.


My heart melted when I heard this song. We thought true love was gone forever, but just like that Blake and Gwen show up to remind us that it is alive and thriving. I pray their marriage lasts, and does not end in divorce like the one with Miranda. That would be very very sad, but let’s hope for the best and not for the worst!


Love that they make so much music together but they all sound the same....


Great song takes your mind off the drab reality corona has put us in and makes me think of better days gone past and look forward to them again...the best songs do this and this is one of the best


This song makes you feel Happy and I love their voices together!!

wordt movie ive ever seen

They somehow song great together and their songs are cute. Obviously they are both trying to capitalize off one another... which is basically a cash grab. I’m fine with that though. It’s still a cute song and they sound good.


Love this song! It’s such a happy song.

The Dean and Professor

Love this song! We have written five books about love and marriage. They capture the essence of love!

Remington Campbell

This song is way better than that other one “Nobody But You”!!! 😃😃😃


Just can’t stop listening to it....

Okie Bev

I swear Blake, you are like a fine wine - the older you get, the cuter you get!!! Beautiful singing together!! It’s the gospel truth, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have - what matters is who you’re with!! I really believe in this song as we will celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary this fall at Lake Texoma!!!


Love it!! ❤️ Absolutely adore these two! ❤️


Love it what a Wonderful Song. Wow 😁😁😁😁😁😁👨‍🌾🧑‍🌾 please keep singing together thank God I found you. Hell right nobody but you. *5.


Can we not? Garbage.

Warm hart

Such an uplifting,toe tapping song.Great harmonies.Love it


Absolutely love this song! Such a happy vibe!! Number one on my list!!




Ehhh noo🤷🏼‍♀️😂


Pure LOVE Country!!


Truly beautiful. Pure. Refreshing. Setting a standard for being human these two people are doing.


great duet by two incredible people




🤮🤮🤮 this is not country. They do not sound good together. Not worthy of a top 10 on the charts. If I could give 0 stars I would.


my ears are bleeding


The song is so awesome and happy, Gwen and Blake are such a cute and talented couple 🎶💕


Love the song, Gwen and Blake sound great together ❤️ 🎶

Mr. L A

This song is just happy and simple. Expressing all the positive feelz in the simplest form.

Texas Glenna

Great song from Blake and Gwen! Love the words and the music! Great job y’all!

Fire 404

I’m not a big fan of the song but if anything this proves how toxic Taylor’s fans are


They need to do more songs together!


This song captures what I’m feeling now. Positive and upbeat. Filled with love and gratitude for my partner despite what’s going on in the world. Love is the answer!




Bring back the old Blake Shelton, it’s just been lost we need more of the old music loved ol red keep the tradition alive


I can appreciate that Gwen Stefani, just like any of us, needs to earn a living and provide for her family. But this review is not about Gwen's life choices, which I would not judge. Rather, it's about this God awful song. Anyone who came to love No Doubt in the 90s (or anytime, for that matter) could never have imagined Gwen doing a twangy country duet with her country singer boyfriend. I'm sure it's very lucrative, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.


Love it so much

Tracie C



What is this


I like Gwen but honestly, her voice sounds awkward in a country music


Love this song! So catchy, Blake and Gwen’s voices really sound great together. What a fun, happy song that we can all use right now.


Blake and Gwen are always awesome together, it gets better and better every time!!! Such a great feel good tune :)


another hit


Wow! Another hit for Mr. Shelton. Beautiful song & beautiful featured artist ;)

Kenny 07

Literal legends!! Imagine being in a relationship like theirs. They’ve gone through so much and today they are so happy and living their best life’s. PERIODDDDDD!

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