Blake Shelton - Red River Blue (Deluxe Version)

℗ 2011 Warner Records Inc.

Red River Blue (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:



This song was really helpful when one of girl broke up with me and it was a hard couple of weeks. Then, I heard this song (God Gave me You) and it lifted me up and now I have the best girlfriend ever.


This is one of my favorite’s!! All of the songs are great!!!!


Awesome music great voice thank you but I am very sorry but I am committed to someone else he has asked me to marry him


I love all his songs I’m glad to be a huge fan I ❤️ Blake

Shefani fan

It's a great song


Blake Shelton is a great singer. I like his music and I like the song God Gave Me You . It is my favorite song on this album. It is a great song.


His songs are so real and have so much depth! Then he goes and writes fun dancing at the bar music too!! ❤❤❤


I did not know I liked country music. I love this album. You are so great on everything you do!




Okay and so what if he didn't write this song he was given PERMISSION to make his version. Beyoncé (who is a horrible singer and just ew) didn't write Crazy in love and everyone wanted to but it off the 50 shades of grey soundtrack

God My Lord Almighty!

Ur song God Gave Me You has realy snatched me up and helped me through my hard times!Thank u Blake shelton,keep on making those albums!


Blake didn't write "God Gave Me You"...... Just sayin.


Love this album! "God gave me you" is an amazing song! Another awesome album by an awesome artist! Great job Blake :)


This is one of the best albums of all time. Keep it up

Call of duty ghost2132

The beast song

Kloe Elizabeth Halligan

You rock love all your songs




This is by far the best album Blake has come out with in his career. "Red River Blue" feels more refined and energetic than his previous work, but it is also not over-processed like "Based On A True Story..." His underlying passion and powerful vocals shine through on nearly every track, especially on "Addicted" where he so perfectly captures the darkness of a song that is not a typical BS track, but is a powerful ending to the album and a true testament to his versatility as a singer.

Danielle is great

I love it


This album has some really great songs that will melt any girls heart. Blake is pretty freaking awesome.

Dr. K man

Blake how DARE your god gave me you from Dave Barnes


Best country singer


I was never a fan of country but Blake's awesome songs changed that for me and now i see a different side of country music now so thank you Blake Shelton your my favorite country singer. =D

Idgac. I don't give a crap

Amazing as always! Wouldn't expect less from Blake :)

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