Brandi Carlile - By The Way, I Forgive You

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By The Way, I Forgive You Tracklist:


She is exceptional. There are only 2 albums that I have listened to in my entire life and have loved every song. Now I can make that 3. Exceptional. Phenomenal. A must have.


How can people be so dumb? 1 star reviews??!! The Joke alone, is worth it all... 6 Grammy Nominations, I believe...3 Wins, only because it was a sub category...EVERY Late night / Day Time show, went wild for it...Stern, Ellen, Seth Myers, Kimmel, etc, etc. Amazing, Powerful, Monumental, Brilliant song....The Joke....

Daryn K.

Simply put, Brandi is flawless. What a great album.


The voice, the arrangements and the quality of the songwriting. Blew my mind!


Listening to this album reminds me of hearing Adele for the first time! Her voice is so full of raw emotion and talent, you just know you are hearing greatness!!!!

Terri Ames

Really enjoyed her Grammy performance so decided to buy her album. Wish I hadn’t, wasn’t anything special.


I literally can’t write down in words well enough how amazing this album is. I’m so happy to be living at the same time as these incredible artists because this music is life!


This album inspires me. Brandi Carlile inspires me. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

Nc quilts

Loved seeing her at Red Rocks & thought her Grammy performance of this song was amazing.

Fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t even fathom how someone could not like this album. If you’re looking for something truthful, something that’s not over-edited like everything in top 40, some brilliant song writing and melodies - you’ll love this.


Nails on a chalkboard, another Trisha Yearwood...nothing but a shrill type screamer that the sheeple fell for.


Best Grammy performance of 2019! Stellar!!

Amazing Getaways

I ❤️ her voice!!! And she’s fighting for a good cause.


This album is so amazing and we feel all the emotions of this amazing artist with her inspiring lyrics. Thank you, and we love you as queer people ourselves!


Long time fan stopping by to show my favorite female artist/songwriter/producer/creator. This is by far and wide the best album of her career. Seeing her get 3 Grammys for it was something I will never forget. I finally got to see her in concert this last August and was BLOWN AWAY by what she does on stage. Incredible doesn’t even begin to cover it. Hell. Yes. Brandi! CHEERS TO YOU! 🥂


I heard this song the first time it was played on Sirius XM and I absolutely loved it. There’s so much to this song that it’s hard to write in one review. It’s one of those songs that will be remembered for years.


I am in love with your voice!!! It is beautiful! Keep making such powerful music!


You’ll never be the same!

Tyler ☺️

I love this album. It speaks to my soul in a language I didn’t know I knew.


Absolutely in love.


Hey I don’t know what to say about it all..... but it’s not really that hard to understand how it ended up this way ! I’ve been with her for almost 13 years and she is still has my heart .. I’m Assuming that you knew that this was a possibility... since I Was already in a serious relationship! McotrmnLVS ATM2776

[email protected]

This album delivers on every single track the raw emotion that Brandi Carlile and the Twins, Phil & Tim Hanseroth, have to offer. Their success is only shocking in that it has taken this long for their peers in the music industry to honor them with accolades. Brandi’s voice is so pure and soulful. It can not be pegged into one box - perhaps it’s unboxable character is what has kept her from a genre category win. This album is somehow a step above her others and a mountain above most. The BCB’s heart is in it - not to win it - but to share something real, something that will change you, something that could change the world if given ears to hear the love that vibrates from the angelic pipes of these three rare individuals. Do yourself a favor and explore the other albums and enjoy Mainstream Kid and The Eye to get a sense of their range. The power this band and the fans she cultivates possess is as magical as the force they sing with. Congrats on your overdue & well-deserved Grammy wins, Brandi, Tim, & Phil! This is my ALBUM OF THE YEAR! Thank you for creating the soundtrack to my life. I cherish all you have to offer. See you at the Gorge 6/1/2019!!!!

Ozma's Grandma

Country, pop, rock ‘n’ roll, mother, activist, organizer, genius and all around sweet soul. Brandi has it all.This album is golden.


Gosh I love this album


I saw her years ago at the Hampton Beach Casino. I know it’s not the best venue. She opened for Indigo Girls and she was as good as they were. I fell in love with her voice and have been waiting for her to get to the point of winning a Grammy.


Such a beautiful album inside & out. Brandi’s vocals are perfect, especially on The Joke!


I listen to her everyday. The up songs, the down songs, and everything in between. Their voice and lyrics are so amazingly true I couldn’t love their music more. She sounds the same in person as she does on the albums. Its amazing.


She does it once again. This album is so satisfyingly good. Love it!


She's deserved the recognition of her amazing songwriting and singing and playing for years. Now this album has some nominations. I hope she wins every one she's up for! I always think The Story is the best song and album, but these are great too.


Brandi Carlie is one of those singer, songwriters that America should treasure. Her voice and lyrics always impress and hit me in the heart. Thank you Brandi for keeping classic American songwriting alive!!


Take everything that came out this past year and it still doesn’t compare to this release. Every track from top to bottom is a winner. This is clearly an artist who is hitting her peak.


Best album so far so heart felt


Not really the best of her work

John Fargo

In my office I have probably have about 300 vinyl albums - and this is one I listened to the most. I was familiar with Ms. Carlile before buying this album, but now I comprehend her talent. While “The Joke” may be the only song I hear on the radio, there are so many that are hits to me. My favorite is “Most Of All” - and be prepared to be touched if you are a parent and/or miss a parent, if you really listen to the lyrics. Other favorites include The Joke, Every Time..., Hold Out Your Hans, The Mother, actually really all the songs now that I try to list them. I look forward to seeing her perform live someday.


This album is fabulous!! “The Story” was a masterpiece, however, this album is glorious from the first track to the last...I’m a fan!! 😍


...Profoundly dear.


This is one of the most solid albums front-to-back that I've ever heard. Of course there are songs that stand out, but there is no filler. Her voice is amazing as always, but there's something about the way this album was recorded that is so.... alive. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but you know it when you hear it. Some of the songs start in a deceptively simple way, but build to an amazing crescendo. And the harmonies are like pure sugar. I don't know exactly what makes a song resonate with me, but whatever it is... this album is full of exactly that. I can't not sing along. It's like a therapy session in musical form. Simply amazing.


This is a beautiful album.


BC had a great run - awhile ago. This is getting more and more complacentwith a serious loss of emotional energy and just vibe. I feel very little listening to just about every cut on this new release. Take a breather, do more shows in places you have not been - Europe? Open up you eyes and see more passion and feeling elsewhere in the world - get some good songs back into your rep.


Brandi always impresses me by not settling. She continues to try new things and has created a work of art in this new album. I am so very thankful for her music. It speaks to my soul!!!


This is an amazing listen. Very inspriring and rolls with any situation you happen to be in while listening to it. The best is when I hear 'The Joke' and catch another person lip syncing the words. It just grabs you. Her vocals are beautiful and every instrument on this album is played with soul! I can't wait to hear more.


Love her music!


Simply. Thank you. You’ve been missed.

J Barclay

This is a ridiculously good album. I can't stop listening to this... every single song is a masterpiece. Thank you Brandi! WOW! Nuff said...


I must admit, I'd never heard of Brandi Carlile before her recent Howard Stern interview and performance, but I don't know how I missed her! The songs and that voice are so powerful, beautiful and just amazing! This new album is a must buy. How she is not selling out stadiums is beyond me!


And never been a county music fan but Brandi and the twins changed all that. Everything they do is magical! Heard these on Austin City Limits live stream last night. Ty @Acl! Amazing performance


Her voice, full of pain, hope, desperation, and love.

Diesel Marie

Fell in love with her voice and style years ago. Very thought provoking.