Bruce Springsteen - Letter To You

℗ 2020 Bruce Springsteen

Letter To You Tracklist:


A modern day electric Elvis. A real American with plenty of gas to keep ripping out true rock n roll. Like a loyal soldier, his E- Street army still believing in their captain’s rock-n- roll campaigns! No surrender- !


Thank you so much for this recording Bruce. It is what we need- maybe not what we deserve - but what we need. You, your band and family are a blessing. Thank you for giving us something to look for and celebrate. Man is it appreciated!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Bruce is a true legend. His new song only gives us a hint of what’s to come, and I can’t wait. The album will be near 1 hour long. Most artists now are doing 35-40 minutes if lucky. Bruce is a class act. Thank you! 🙏 New song Ghosts 👍


Another Springsteen record where he fantasizes about being a regular working man. He slams the American dream, but that dream has been pretty good to him. Limousine liberal.


Bought both songs and love them! Looking forward to the rest of the songs next month!

Tired of FB Abuse

Will go down as an all-time great Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band song on the level of The Promised Land, Born to Run and Thunder Road. Seriously.


Letter to you is good and intentionally simple. Good to hear the band again, there are going to be some gems on this album.

deaf moon

Bruce is still singing ‘Life is Hard, on The Boulevard.’ Give it a rest.


That classic & signature sound flows freely into my soul. Gently closing my eyes, I sway, I feel, and I reminisce...Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album 🎶

Ben Buitenhuys

Bruce is back


So far, "Letter to You," sounds like the old NJ Boss. I havent liked what he's done for a while now, but this sounds like the songs of my youth in NJ and I like this song, definitely gonna give this record a try. In other news, look at all the toothless inbred fascist-followers coming here to dump on record and an artist that questions their cruel and ignorant agenda. Get a life people! get an education! Marry someone you can't call "kin."


Heard one Springsteen song you heard them all ! Nothing changes with this guy

Lisa Hartmen

Western Stars was a masterpiece . His best record since Nebraska in my opinion. This new record is gonna be gods old fashion jersey fun . We know he can write , now he what’s play music with his friends. Warms my heart .

smoky banjo

There is a sweetness in his voice that we've known for so long. Right now, we need to hear from our warrior artists, who have fought for good. God Bless Bruce Springsteen. Timing is gratefully perfect, his voice sounds healthy and the melody is classic Bruce. Bravo!


Never liked Springsteen.


In my review to you, Bruce it’s time to hang it up.

rolling stoone

Go away.

Electric Skydog

Working men & women, hot coffee, pick up trucks and day by day life rolled into a musical sound. Been wondering when he would show up and put one over the fence.

Ralph and Martha Wright

No synth washes, no dumb politics, no fussy overproduction or trend chasing, he’s not doing the cowboy shtick, no Woody Guthrie pantomime, and no Patti vocals! Sounds vintage and great, although no sax. Recording quickly and spontaneously, like Dylan, suits Springsteen. This is awesome.

Meredith in KC

I was hoping it really was to me, Bruce you left me behind in 1985. It was in Kansas City and I was the one with the long blonde hair and big brown eyes who knew every word of your lyrics. At least that’s how I remember it. You make great soulful stuff and this is no exception. Thank you.


I love people that rate this before they have heard it.I gave it 3 stars because I like Mr.Springsteen’s music but not his politics.The dum-dum that thinks this is the bleakest time in American history should read a book.Great depression,Civil War ring a bell?


E Street Band returned back to their roots!


Rockin ‘ Bruce! Yes! Can’t wait for the rest!


I’ll be honest, I’ve not been a fan of much of what the boss has put out as of late. I do like this first song of his new upcoming album, though. I hope there is more like this to come.


LONG LIVE THE BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a great song! The E Street band along with Bruce produce an unforgettable sound. A sound that is timeless yet refreshing. Can’t wait hear the whole album!


Thanks for the new album Bruce! Much peace, happiness, and love to you brother! Cheers🌅


It's good to hear an old familiar voice in these crazy times. Good old rock n' roll that doesn't sound like soulless computer music of today. Real Music, Real Talent, Real Soul!!!!! Thank you Bruce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Eddie G.

What did you expect, we all know who he is & what he does. He still does it well!


Ok ok maybe I’m just jaded from the horrible year 2020 has been that I’m picking on little things like a disappointing CD cover with no mention of the E Street Band on it. But I digress! At 71, Springsteen no longer has the luxury of taking 3-5 years to record an album Done live with the band in just 5 days, the first single ‘Letter To You’ is the tight performing and familiar voice of a rocker without peer, coming to the rescue to avail us with another gem during the bleakest time in our Nations history. I can’t wait to hear the rest. Curiously missing in action in the band photos in the video is saxophonist Jake Clemons. Does this foretell a vacancy?


Thanks, Bruce! Can’t wait to hear more.


This song is classic E Street Band material ! I can’t wait for the album..... has been a long time coming ! Thanks Bruce . We all need this right about now.


Boy, we need this more than ever. This song delivers. Plain and simple.

Lucky Town Steven

Great song for Bruce fans

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