BTS - Dynamite

℗ 2020 BigHit Entertainment

Dynamite - Single Tracklist:


Very apparent


I’ve been an army since 2013 I love them💜💜

salisa colmenares

I love it love it love it thank you BTS!!


i was never a bts fan at all, i didn’t not like them i just never thought i would be interested. The VMAS was the first time i’ve ever seen them perform a song and just perform in general, so i was very curious to see what they were like...i’ve been OBSESSED ever since. This song is great and this is the first song that got me into them!! they are an amazing band and deserve so much and more💜




This song is such a comfort upbeat tune for the current life situation. Thank you so much BTS for this mood lifting song!


Very bright and makes me feel like dancing or going on a road trip perfect for these sad pandemic times💜✨


immaculate ✨ bts could never release a bad song


Instantly makes me want to dance! Love this happy song! :)




Yet another amazing hit by the boys!!




Retro vibes. Yes!!! Bts world domination LETS GET ITTTTTT @WHODATYOONGLES on twt find me !!


Haha seems like the boys can't stand criticism of their BRAND and my review got deleted even though it hasn't violated anything. Oh well, here I am leaving another well-deserved one star review for their highly unoriginal generic overproduced pop song. Good luck with your next endeavor boys and don't get discouraged by one negative review!


As an avid fan of following which music is "in" right now, I wondered how a K-Pop boy band made it to #1 on the Billboard charts. I did research on the background of the song. The boys wanted to use their platform in the hopes of bringing more positivity to world and that's exactly what this song did. From the vibe to the lyricism; it was thought through very well. This being their first single in english also breaks the language barrier which adds to why the sing is a hit.


Always gets me in a good mood.

ڤيان 💜بانقتانية من ٢٠١٣

BTS لن تتكرروا سوى مرة بالعمر افتخر كوني في زمنكم 💜💜💜Love you all Your my words and my life and my family and my friends and my everything love you so much 💜💕♥️


dynamite soty bts aoty dynamite outsold dynamite #1 BB Hot 100 nobody does it like them


Baby’s if you ever read this know that this song is a banger, don’t believe those Hate reviews because u know this song slaps and that’s why it’s 1 on the billboard top 100. There’s always gonna be hate in this world witch is sad but u made this song for us to bring positivity to this situation. We love you and thank u 💜

This song was made to uplift people’s spirits in the midst of the pandemic. It is a funky upbeat song that I can jam to every time. The gesture that it was made in English so that everyone can listen to it is also very thoughtful of them and they did so well the song overall was a masterpiece. I thank BTS for this amazing song, they never disappoint me💜


Dynamite is just as good as any of the other songs they have released so far in 2020. the message is beautiful during these hard times. I also think it was a unique choice to keep the song in english and it worked out perfectly for the boys, the song is amazing !


I was anxious since this was their first english single but the lyrics were cery uplifting and the overall vibe was very cheerful. Every time I hear this song it puts a smile on my face, just what the world needed during this hard time! Spread love💜


I’m not an Army but this song was very good. This is because this song reminded me of Michael Jackson in general and had many of his famous dance moves. Also these boys can sing as well as dance. Pleasantly surprised and am considering listening to more of their music.


you won’t regret listening to their music!! they’re seriously amazing 🥰




This is the song that 2020 needed!!


The song is just right to get anyone in a happy mood

Nochu Dumplings ^ - ^

I like this song a lot and I am an army so I’m not going to criticize this song at all because they work very hard on it for the fact only one member speaks English fluently amazes me the other six member probably didn’t understand what they were saying at times most likely but not a one made it sound like they weren’t fluent in English This song is my hype in the morning Bts in general makes mee know I’m gonna have a good day!


they just can’t compare




Dynamite is life

Khloe O

BTS did it again !


This song is like listening to pure joy. With all of the chaos, fear, & darkness of 2020, this song makes me forget about it all. Smiling & happy dancing come from listening to this song & it’s as if you’re in an uplifted world all of a sudden.


We love it makes our heart flatter i love it so much


I seriously can’t stop listening to this.


I'd heard briefly about BTS here and there but when I saw the NPR performance I was just in awe of the live vocals. I found Dynamite and instantly fell in love. Consider me a fan now.


hot #100 singers!!


This has been one of the most challenging summers ever. We have been inundated with stress from a global pandemic, civil unrest, horrible, divisive politics, and financial instability. Dynamite has been the one bright spot. This song never ceases to lift my spirits and give me the energy to keep working hard and moving through all of the challenges that come my way. I am grateful for this song and for BTS.


Beautiful, amazing, extraordinary, leJINdary, lovable, remarkable, exceptional, astonishing, astounding, marvelous


Great song for when you need to feel happy and cheery. Definitely not my favorite BTS song out of their whole 150+ discography but it definitely makes me happy in this while awful pandemic era lol. Give them a decent chance. You’ll love their story and their message. And to all the haters giving one stars? You’re only making us stronger :) 💜


love it. amazing


A wonderful song to cheer you up in 2020.


This song gives me so much serotonin! I love it.


The best song of summer 2020!!!


phenomenal show stopping never done before one of a kind best seller never seen before amazing god like can never be done again


This song will make u jump up just to dance! A late summer banger


Very catchy. It makes me want to get up and dance whenever I hear the song. It’s also mood-booster whenever you’re feeling down 😂💜

give bangtan views back

Dynamite is a really inspirational and happy song. This whole year has been disappointing and sad for me and a lot of other people.. but Bts brought us another amazing song to help lift us up in times like these. I hope many other people find Bts when they need them the most <33


Honestly the perfect song for me right now. These past few months have been unprecedented and troubling but it’s great to see them put out such uplifting and cheerful music!

Liana Russo

This song just makes you happy and in a mood to dance this band is the best for even doing a full English song they sound fluent.

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