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BE Tracklist:


This album has so much emotions in it. BE is everything we needed to feel connected with BTS and with each other. Each song has such a different styles and they bring out different emotions. BTS out did themselves once again.

Jay jay mc.flappy

Listening to this playlist makes me feel like someone is there for me. The lyrics are always unbelievable. I have been listening to the songs over and over again but it always feels like the first time. Never failing to put a smile on my face.

Libby 💜 bts forever

I didn’t know I needed such a big hug from them but I was wrong! They have delivered a no skip album I can listen to for 50 hours straight! Love you guys so much and you deserve everything you have! 💜💜💜💜

Mr.E woman

ahhhhhhhh its so good

Serena Le

I love sad song so when i heard this it hits different


This album came to me as a surprise. All the songs were full of words that I didn’t even know I needed to hear, but after hearing them I feel warmth in my heart. Thank you to BTS for doing it again— giving us what we need instead of what we wanted 🤍


Another great album spanning different genres. Not everyone may get their appeal and that’s ok - to each his own. I didn’t get it either for the longest time but now I know: for ARMY, their music and each of them are precious. 💜💜




I love each song


same song over and over it’s boring af. no versatility no improvements from the last albums


Literally amazing

JeonVi 🤗

I can’t even begin to express how much this covid pandemic affected me. With school going online to losing a job and gaining two more, I became very stressed and eventually lost any motivation to work or continue school. When this album came out, I was actually excited to wake up in the morning to listen to something new. BTS always releases something at the right time, sometimes you don’t even realize you need it until they do it. Listen to their music, it’s worth your ears.

merrell twins for life

The music they release is always so good. I love this album with all my heart 💜


Headphones please listen with headphones, Even better sounding and you can hear even more all the little nuances in which they do when they record a song! They didn’t disappoint me. BTS just make all songs so unique and poetic. They’re voices Wow I love their voices. The little sounds they make with the way in which they sing in Korean (words in which they wrote with the intent of having meaning and a wonderful sound when you hear it) is just so brilliant and beautiful to the ears! The background vocals they do for each other and the ad libs are so awesome. There is just something so comforting about Fly to my Room and Life Goes On. Blue and Grey so very beautiful and the lyrics are so relatable. So many poetic messages in this album! I just love BTS! I could go on and on! I think this is one of the best albums they’ve ever done!


BTS has always annoyed me so much. But this is the first album I actually love. The chill and reassuring vibe is so nice!


An amazing work of art! This album is exactly what I need — it’s my comfort after a bad day, something I can turn to for celebrations — the versatility of this album is a clear reflection of the versatility of BTS as artists and I couldn’t be more proud to be their fan.


Such a great album!


Every song is worth a serious listen. Get the headphones & settle in, soak it up. As usual, the production of a BTS project is top notch, every composition multi-layered & so interesting. Read lyrics translations if you don’t speak Korean, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts... the feelings expressed are relevant & healing in today’s world situation, this is maybe the biggest triumph of BE. Life Goes On is very moving, a love letter to all of us bound by quarantinelife. Dis-Ease will cure most ills w it’s driving energy & funkiness, the horns in the bg, & that bridge! (even w the serious/biting lyrics)... & Blue & Grey... grab a tissue. I love this album. Thanks BTS


Nostalgic Vibes💜

Thank you Miss GAGA

bs music!!!! and you play for their music and you idolize their femininine looks. WHA!!!!!


Such a masterpiece!!


This is literally the only thing on the charts and it’s trash.

Diana frutsi

This album is everything! From the music to the box! It’s just wow


Seriously beautiful album. Every track is meaningful to ARMY 💜💜💜




This album is truly the hug I needed 💙


Such a fantastic album, love that they put so much effort and love into this


Absolutely not what I expected but totally what I needed. I gave it a chance and just fell deeper and deeper in love. Every song is special in its own way. “Life Goes On” is so timely and really expresses feels about the pandemic and the future. Telepathy is my favorite followed closely by tDis-ease. I can’t get away from the haunting lovely sadness of blue and gray. I LOVE this mini album. Please give it a chance it is wonderful. The chill attitude and how it the whole album moves from chill/down to upbeat fun is everything.

Vy - Im bored

god, i'm so in love with this album. the whole concept and everything about this is wow! dis-ease has my jaw ON THE FLOOR what the hell did they put into that song ill dance to it anywhere?!! plus, blue & grey is truly such a comforting song and puts me through so much emotion. and for the other songs, i am in love with all of u SOO MUCH.. winks at to my room..and u too skit... i love it all soo much and truly aoty.


this was definitely BTS' most genuine album, in love 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


BE is so special in the way that even those who don't listen to BTS, can still relate to every single song on this album. If people took the time to understand the lyrics BTS present, they will understand why these 7 boys deserve all the craze and love they so rightfully receive. They are empathetic and understanding of so many situations that are so difficult to depict and interpret into words. Flawlessly, BTS deliver 7 precious songs and a skit that show how the struggles we have faced during COVID-19 were not faced alone. Thank you for knowing how I feel without me having to even tell you. There is not a single skip in this amazing album. I purple you for life Bangtan. 💜


either they’re serenading you and singing with you through bad feelings or they’re popping off with jam-out tunes. pure talent


A fantastic album that is made for ARMY but also feels personal. Full of heart. A total bopfest all the way around. So proud of them!!


This is one of their most heartfelt albums you can felt the energy and love that went into their music BTS has ALWAYS been about their fans and this album does not disappoint ARMY!!


Sweet and thoughtful lyrics that fill out the soul. Thanks BTS for making struggle times a little bit easier to bear.


Such a beautiful and deep album! Love the lyrics ( looked them up online) and flow of this album! I enjoy every song!


This is my favorite bts album, every song is amazing and has incredible lyrics. They are truly once in a lifetime.

Stephanie Lem

This album is just so comforting but also really fun. It goes from a calm ballad to hyped pop songs but it’s a cohesive journey and one that feels like you’re coming home


is immaculate, the entire album is immaculate.


I’m not really a fan of BTS but dynamite is fire 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🔥🔥


This album is so good I am so happy with it.


Just bad...


men who aren’t BTS, why?


I’ve been a fan of theirs for years and this might be their best album but also my favorite they really outdid themselves.


BTS have done it again! I love the cozy feel of this album!💜💜

perish all cops✨

yeah every song is just filled with pure love


It’s the comfort I needed during all of the chaos going on in the world. <3


All songs are great, but Fly to My Room, Life Goes On, Blue & Grey, and Telepathy are my favorite. I love the feeling they give me. I personally really love the lyrics of these songs too. BTS are just amazing people I just can never stop loving😊💜


This album is everything and more, while the world keeps turning in this never ending turmoil BTS gives us comfort in the way they know best. None of these is a skip, they will make you dance, cry and give you an overwhelming feeling that you are not alone, something 2020 so desperately has insisted on making us feel.

Music Album of BTS:

Make It Right (feat. Lauv) [Acoustic Remix] - Single
Make It Right feat. Lauv [Acoustic Remix] - Single (2019)
Make It Right (feat. Lauv) [EDM Remix] - Single
Make It Right feat. Lauv [EDM Remix] - Single (2019)
Make It Right (feat. Lauv) - Single
Make It Right feat. Lauv - Single (2019)
Old Town Road (feat. RM of BTS) [Seoul Town Road Remix] - Single
Old Town Road feat. RM of BTS [Seoul Town Road Remix] - Single (2019)
Waste It On Me (feat. BTS) [W&W Remix] - Single
Waste It On Me feat. BTS [W&W Remix] - Single (2018)
Waste It On Me (feat. BTS) [Steve Aoki the Bold Tender Sneeze Remix] - Single
Waste It On Me feat. BTS [Steve Aoki the Bold Tender Sneeze Remix] - Single (2018)
Waste It On Me (feat. BTS) [Cheat Codes Remix] - Single
Waste It On Me feat. BTS [Cheat Codes Remix] - Single (2018)
Waste It On Me (feat. BTS) [Slushii Remix] - Single
Waste It On Me feat. BTS [Slushii Remix] - Single (2018)
MIC Drop (feat. Desiigner) [Steve Aoki Remix] - Single
MIC Drop feat. Desiigner [Steve Aoki Remix] - Single (2017)