Tay Money & Saweetie - Bussin 2.0

℗ 2020 Tay Money

Bussin 2.0 - Single Tracklist:


the snappery ✨


I bought this song instantly because I like Saweetie and I think tay’s music is pretty good for the most part, but everything about this was disappointing.😒😞 I really did not care for Saweetie’s verse and to be honest tay’s was weak as well. The music video was all over the place and had no real consistent aesthetic. Tay has a beautiful natural body, but the wardrobe choices made for her did nothing to accent her features and of course Saweetie was half naked, which brought all the attention to her when it was tay’s song... I felt this whole thing was just quickly thrown together and did absolutely nothing to help promote Tay like it should have, if anything I’m a little embarrassed for her. I wish females that come into the game in their own lane and with their own style would stop selling out to make a quick buck. I get sex sells but not everyone wants to hear it 24/7. Thank goodness for females like Snow Tha Product!!


Some of the worst music ever created