Cardi B - WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)

℗ 2020 Atlantic Recording Corporation

WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - Single Tracklist:


literally trash and overly inappropriate and now kids are listening to this garbage she’s trying to make kids sexual


Almost everyone is complaining cause they heard their daughter play this trynna be cute on tiktok CARDI B DONT MAKE MUSIC FOR KIDS AND SHE DONT MAKE SONGS FOR YALL SHE DO IT CAUSE SHE WANTS TO LOL This song is poppin the beat knock and Megan held hers down too. Y’all keep trynna say she ain’t good but I don’t see y’all on iTunes or tv commercials or with millions of fans screaming for your attention so take several seat with the D.A.P. And we females that don’t take thing seriously all the time will enjoy the song with our W.A.P.


Do not purchase any of her music. Getting fans to purchase a $15 single with you autograph and it turns out to be auto pen.


No just no


This legitimately might be the worst song I’ve ever heard.


I don’t see how people like this. It’s a lyrical disaster


this song is awful.

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Nasty terrible lyrics kinda funny tho


she did that 💖💖🤑

Jr ツ


empress Ava👑👸

But suresly almost all songs of rap are about pleasure and gangsta But don’t get me wrong I love gangsta hate all the sex content


About time we get some good music. Can’t get enough of this. And I’ve tried.


I like the beat though but y’all can’t rap at all


I like lots of different types of music (even a small amount of rap...!) but this is distasteful.

Ry:) :) :)

How is this okay? This is incredibly derogatory, and straight up disgusting! This is not something anyone should take pride in listening to. It’s not even shocking to hear something like this, similar stuff is played 24/7. Never liked her when she first appeared, and still don’t understand how people can put up with her whiny voice.

Legend Reviews

I don’t love ke the lyrics, but I admit, it takes balls to make this, let alone put it on a record.


To many bad words I would rate this a zero star ⭐️ if the could but the clean version is trash to


I love how uplifting and inspiring this song is. It makes me and the world want to be better and really sets a high standard for women and girls everywhere!


I wish people like Cardi and Megan would stop being into pornography and sex but I guess I will keep dreaming. I hate people like this. They misuse women for ho’s and sex users. This song is valid proof of that.

Howell Apple



Yeah but it’s OK for other men rappers to talk about it, but when there’s female rappers out there talking about it and everyone starts hating up on them, that’s when I’m like why are you hating on them but then there’s sky rappers out there just singing about it. So whoever is putting one star you’re technically a sexist.(please don’t judge my spelling it English also run on sentences😂🙂😳)


They went off🔥🔥


Explicit lyrics


THIs song is gross horrible to many bad words also this song is dumb btw sorry if this is racist but only white people Like this song I saw on tik tok this white girl was jamming to this song -_-


It’s funny get over it 🤣🤣


All I hear is strong black women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it and get it. Men do the same in music and life and there’s no issue. So there shouldn’t be an issue with these ladies. Ladies ignore the haters. Love the song.


This does not Empower Women, and any Man Writing garbage about women like this. In no way is this a Sexual Revolution listing to this, it is just being a Humanoid that thinks the whole world revolves around SEX. No wonder we have so many Pedophiles in the world sending messages like this. Learn how to write something with meaningful lyrics. Change the world in a positive one. Not this waste of energy.


You sing very nicely you have a good voice for rap


Women are amazing and complex, but this song reduces us to a singular body part. This puts us decades back in our fight for equality.


It’s fun raunchy but super catchy song. It’s one of my favorites released this year. It’s one of my top 3 most streamed song haha


who even listens to this it aint even that good

Awesome MAN💪🏻

Don’t support these people if music actually means anything to you and you aren’t some 13 year old on tik tok

i love roblox arianna salazar

This is just gross she needs to understand that some kids like her music. She really needs to ask like a grown up she has a child like wth man. Talking about sx and py is just gross especially the dance


This is my theme song, I plan to have played at my home-going. The people who bash the song do you not know there’s a mute and an off button? Try enjoying your life instead of being a hater. The lyrics are explicit and labeled as such so you know going in what’s up and can operate accordingly. Loosen up that “WAP” you’ll feel better!


She is disgusting

Princess Meem 💖👑

This has nothing to do with women empowerment. Disgusting lyrics, and absolutely vulgar music video. How do people listen to this?? I’d rather die than hear this song. Anyways, stream BTS’s new album called BE. You won’t be disappointed. It’s so much better than this trash. 🤢💀


Disgusting garbage. Trashy lyrics. And for those of you who say artists have been objectifying women’s bodies for years, most of that was probably trash also...but I guess this is a race to the bottom for these skanks?


This song is awful is feels like I’m listening to porn but in the form of music. It’s terrible and I don’t know how anyone could enjoy listening to this.

Annie laBanc

Very inappropriate and not for kids, this is not even talent, this is just some 7th grade boy’s notebook.


They look like their WAP smell like fish


The lyrics are gross 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢


No one that is a decent human being will say this is a good song this nothing more than a joke that everyone is laughing at horrible rapper because she’s never been an artist or singer she should go to jail for all this provocative material she keeps spewing out of her toxic mouth!


This is disgusting!!🤢


It’s wrong disturbing it’s sad cuz the today’s kids generation has to listen to this




How is THIS dumpster fire a song about female empowerment? If heard better tbh. Oh well, people who like trash won’t change their minds. It’s like they say: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”; although I don’t get the treasure part 🤦🏻🤣🤣


Well it’s not terrible but it is everything ratchet as $ slanging banging as can be. Does it scream empowering idk but it’s not a lie. These guys out here are doing the most to help out woman wit banging pung pung. These haters on here are just that haters! Sexual exchange baby! Duces to those not catchn these coins .

kris < 3

This song is truly just gross and it’s hard to believe that this is allowed to be put out there. I can tolerate a lot but this just pushes it to far. Additionally, this just makes Cardi appear unintelligent and lacking any class.


It’s not empowering to be a s/≈t, it is trashy and disgusting. The fact that this keeps on topping charts and that kids rap along to this is too awful for words. This crap should not be promoted as good or empowering, it’s anything but. Parents gotta teach kids what trash is so they can figure it out for themselves

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