Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts

℗ 2005 19 Recordings Limited

Some Hearts Tracklist:


Love this debut Album


This album is 15 years old and I still listen to these songs daily My favorites are 1. Inside Your Heaven 4/5 her Idol coronation song still a classic 2. Jesus take the Wheel 5/5 a very beautiful song and a classic that never gets old 3. Don’t forget to Remember Me ! 3/5 probably one of the most Country songs on the album 4. Before He Cheats 5/5 Carries biggest hit and A Classic song that withstands the test of time 15 years later 5. Wasted 5/5 A powerful Meaning ! 6. That’s where it is a New favorite of mine I recently started listening to again !


I love you


Her songs are the greatest and she is my Favorite of all time artist


This song was amazing!! She hit the notes perfectly and she has an amazing voice! Get the song you won’t ever want to turn it off!!!




You better tell him carrie


I carved my name into his leather seat


I have to say, I really put 5 stars for Jesus take the wheel. Carrie songs this song so good, and I feel like I can’t stop listening to it. Some other songs in the album are good, but none compares to this one

pokemon ruels

I love this album Carrie ur the queen of pop and country, I like the song before he cheats. I sing it all the time.


This is my favorite album of hers! It’s perfect summer-feel good music and I’m obsessed 😄💚


It is an amazing song


I love this great debut album! Heartfelt homeland songs like Don't Forget to Remember Me made this marvelous! Her first badgirl amazing song 'Before He Cheats' is great. Loved it!

Marik X

Like the title says usually she’s not my style but the song before he cheats makes an exception in my book

Reader Extreme

Before he Cheats is so funny and Amazing!! I also love Jesus take the wheel!


Carrie Underwood is a amazing, terrific, great, inspiring singer. I love all of her music so much and she is so pretty.

Veronica Marie Reyes

I LOVE all of your songs so much. You are my inspiration!!!😭😍😩🙏❤

Carrie fan56

I am speechless this album is truly amazin


Great album

The Miracle Squeeze-Box

To be Pleasantly honest, she has everything you need in a true Country/Pop success story, and on her fantastic first Album "Some Hearts" this exceptional Oklahoma native proved once & for all that she's more than an idol; in fact, she's an amazing inspiration due to her faith, determination & the drive to conquer the impossible


"Before he cheats" is now my favorite song along with "Jesus take the wheel" Carrie Underwood is inspiring


Love Carrie underwood


What's really funny is seeing all of the haters come back to this album after years and commenting how bad it is. Just keeping doing your thing cousin.


This is on of my favorite songs ever I love Carrie underwood she is such an inspirational singer to me


Loving it!😍😃😍


For starters if your car is skidding off the road you don't throw your hands in the air while your child is in the back seat. You turn into the god damned skid.

Marinas Ethan

I don't buy anti feminist music. She's completely erasing the idea of strong women and telling young girls that it's okay to be pushed around. Not only that but also telling men that they can't have feelings too. Feminism is the belief that women and men and variations there upon are equal.


Hi your inspiration I love love love your songs people who say "she is terrible" needs to shut up don't listen to them your amazing can't wait till your next album love you your amazing I hope you will play for years to come u have talent don't waist it. not begin mean your amazing don't let anyone change that .I am your biggest fan by the way your amazing


I just purchased this album, again. I already own more than one physical copy. But for $5.99, I had to buy it!


Some hearts!


Seriously so good I can't decide which album I like most though

Chaseter 1

I have this C.D at home, and it's amazing!


I will always and forever love this album and Carrie Underwood. I wanna know why this album is listed under the Pop genre though. Uh, this is clearly not "pop"!! Country forever!


I LOVE Carrie Underwoods song Before He Cheats and Change!!!! Keep up the incredible work, Carrie!!!


This song has meaning for all the men/women who have and those who are thinking about it...don't. It's not worth it. Excellent song, excellent voice!

Love my penny

I have watched carrie on american idol from her this album till now (blown away). I have seen her 2 times in concert and she is amazing. She is even better in concert than on the radio. I love all of her songs even the ones I don't know when I hear her sing it I feel like I know the song and start singing along. Her voice is just amazing and she has good songs too. She is amazing u need to buy the whole album.


Best album ever! :D


I don't want to make this long soooooo I'm a big carrie underwood fan! So buy this album! Its awesome and shes awesome

Doris Sneed



These songs are so raw and original. I miss this Carrie, she needs to make more songs like these! They're awesome! 💜


Carrie is an amazing artist I love her songs

Can u take over

Love this album but the song "some hearts" won't play for me so I spent about a dollar on a song that I can't listen too otherwise I love this album! :-)


I love this album,and I love Whenever You Remember, such an amazing song! And Carrie underwood is just plain an amazing singer.Most songs have great vocals. <3 LOVE IT!


GREAT work! I LOVE this album! Keep it up Carrie. Happy listening.


This album is absolutely amazing, I love all of Carrie Underwood's albums. I'm not sure why it's listed under "pop" music... She will forever be my favorite artist out there, go Carrie!


I love all song this album <3

I'm a girl and I'm proud

Why does it say shes pop???


Wow.. This is amazing! She rocks this song<3 Its amazing! Very beautiful! I suggest everyone to get it! Its amazing! I just love it! YOU WONT REGRET IT!