Carrie Underwood - Blown Away

℗ 2012 19 Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Sony Music Nashville, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Blown Away Tracklist:


I love see you again.


DEFINE BLOWN AWAY!!! She has a lot of little hits and the deep cuts are amazing as well


My Second favorite album after Carnival Ride 1. Good Girl 4/5 I love this country rock song great opener 2. Blown Away 5/5 the best song on the album 3. Two Black Cadillacs 4/5 this is an interesting song with a movie like story ! 4. See you Again !! Such a beautiful and uplifting song 5. Thank God for Hometowns 3/5 a Beautiful tribute to hometowns most country song on the album


This album is my favorite album of Carrie Underwood it’s so good and so touching my favorite song is literally all of them but my absolute favorite is See you agin!!!! Way to go Carrie !!!!!


Anyone 2020😂

Hershey Kind the fifth

All of her albums r amazing


Please play the entire song please


So many amazing songs and she is one of the most amazing artists!!!!!

Yorick Delano

Face it, anyone who qualifies this as good music has FAILED to develop a real personality

Tristan cloyd

The song blown away when carry made that song I thank she will never top song but she could one day and will be hard for her. Blown away is my favorite song by her!!!!

Taylor swift fan41

You have an amazing voice, never let anyone tell you you dont



pokemon ruels

Omg I cant stop listening to it I love the songs Cupid’s got shotgun,see you again, blown away, and two black Cadillacs. Thank so much Carrie your my fav country music star!

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Mal rae

I love Carrie Underwood I love music and I want to be like her one day keep doing what your doing girl love you!


This album is awesome carry Underwood is one of the best singers I've ever and she makes the best songs my favourite is blown away

Reader Extreme

I like some of the songs like Blown Away and Two Black Cadillacs and Cupid's Got A Shotgun but the rest aren't the good. I loved every song on Carnival Ride and I loved Storyteller so I checked this out and it's just not the same quality. Her songs are kinda boring and annoying on this album, nothing against her, I love her and her voice is the best, but most of these songs just aren't.


Carrie Underwood is a great, inspiring, terrific, amazing, awesome, special singer. I love all of her music and she is really pretty.

Game critic03



The Blown Away era was such a beast, this album is one for the books for sure!


Each and every original song is amazing. From her rockers (Good Girl, Cupid's Got A Shotgun) to her romantic, loving side (Wine After Whiskey, Do You Think About Me). This is truly an amazing album!


You make me smile when I listen to you!! I love you so much and I love this album so so so soooooooo much! @carrieunderwood


Great Album


Amazing songs! Blown is Amazing! In this album Carrie proved she was the QUEEN of Country!


okay this album is good but it is not pop sooo😂


Carrie Underwood is unstoppable!! I have this album and it is simply amazing!! Every album she has made is done to perfection! I LOVE BLOWN AWAY!


I loved blown away and Carrie's other songs she is my favorite singer with a lot of my favorite songs. So all y'all Carrie haters keep your opinions to yourself.

CD is ok but

not sure why she feels the need to scream in everysong

Classic Wifu

I liked this album more adult sound

Cherry 27


CarCar (Carly)

I live in Milwaukee, so I go to Summer fest a lot. I went to Keith Urban, Rolling Stones, lots! I also went to Carry Underwood. I LOVED IT! All her songs sound amazing! My three second favorites are Little Toy Guns, All American Girl, and Jesus take the wheel. But my favorite is See You Again. Her voice is amazing! I wish my voice was that good. Well, my voice okay, but not nearly like hers. Some people don't Understand what her songs explain. I will explain a few. First, Little Toy Guns is a girl that overhears her parent's fighting, and wished words were like little toy guns. If they hit somebody it doesn't hurt, and she wishes words were like that. They don't hurt anybody. All American Girl is that if you are wishing for a gender of baby, and you don't get it, you will probably find a way with either. Jesus take the wheel is if you need to help, you can just pray. See You Again is if you lose somebody you love, or brake up, there is always a possibility you will see them again.

Shawn McCue

I hate this album I hate the song blown away I don't like anything about this album do better


All of her songs are so amazing I wish I can see her concert. She has the most amazing voice and she loves to sing. I hope Carrie underwood will make more songs my favorite is blown away, two black Cadillacs,how great thou art,good girl,before he cheats, cowboy Casanova, and Jesus take the wheel




Carrie Underwood never disappoints. Not to say I loved every song, but the musical talent keeps getting better. And I loved most most of them. I always look forward to her next album and she has yet to disappoint me.

Honest Editorialist

As I write each review for each of Carrie’s four albums, yes there will be a hint of bias because she is ultimately my favorite current artist of any genre. However, please note I will evaluate each work with much accuracy. “Blown Away” really signifies a change in direction for Mrs. Underwood (Fisher). She strips away a lot of her pop-anthems, in place of power-ballads that really empower her vocally. Key tracks such as: “See You Again” and the title track “Blown Away” highlight the reason she won the hearts of millions musically. Her more jovial side comes out to play (on an album where darkness in different forms is the main theme) on numbers like “Leave Love Alone,"“One Way Ticket” and “Cupid’s Got a Shot Gun”. Both songs are not typical of Underwood’s catalogue. Alongside those, the opening track “Good Girl” serves as a follow-up (as many have spotted) to her earlier work of “Before He Cheats.” Carrie most notably is known for her raw emotion, and with this album she sent the message that she wanted to heighten that element. “Two Black Cadillacs”, “Thank God For Hometowns” both create, in varying ways, a sense of mystery. Finally, “Do You Think About Me”,”Nobody Ever Told You”,”Who Are You,” “Wine After Whiskey” and “Forever Changed” all allude to wonder, awe love and change (whether it be for better or worse), that she understandably is known for, in packing an emotional punch; causing the listener to think internally. Carrie shows extreme maturity and strength as she branches out to new territory, experimenting with several appeals to reach a broader spectrum of listeners. “Blown Away” is well worth the purchase, because you will get a story encapsulating around a storm that is brewing and by the end of the album it feels like the clouds are parting.


I've been a Carrie fan since her first audition on Idol, which was also the first time I'd ever watched Idol. I lived and died with her that year. I fought with idiots on the Idol message boards who were all over her because she didn't move right, was too heavy. I said then, that when she had a personal trainer and choreographers, she would be all that she is. But for me, in the end, it was always that voice. I know it is hard to break into the music business and it seemed she'd given up on her dream, then came Idol. I fought idiots on those boards and got suspended twice for doing so, in her defense. When Simon said that he not only thought she'd win but that she'd outsell all previous winners, people hooted, but I believed. I think she's outsold all since as well and that was season four, don't know what season they are on now, I stopped watching after Crystal Bowersox's season. I have, sort of, kept up with Carrie. I am not a country music guy, but I have her first two albums, and now this one. I know she's been recognized in huge ways by the country music fans and stars. I know she's been hosting events, I don't watch awards shows (isn't it silly how the entertainment business seems to spend more time patting each other on the back than entertaining?) but I've seen ads where she is prominent. I always admired her selflessness on Idol. She was the ONLY winner to ALWAYS come back, maybe she still does, and was so selfless in her appreciation for the break it gave her. But this girl has always had it in her, I am just glad she's gotten to show that to the world. I had reason recently to purchase an Ipad, car only has one cd at a time player and I don't listen to the radio, I'm a reader. But I was looking for music for my Ipad and had her first two albums, so came here and found this. Amazing. Her voice has only gotten better. In simpler words (I KNOW you said, HA) she is still wonderful and this album has just Blown me Away.


I love it!! <3



Brooooooooooooke (:

I've been a huge fan forever of Carrie and this album just slays everything it's perf🆗✌️

Kate Seena Williams

Love all of these songs


I love it


For 7.99 this is a steal! Love her music and her.


This is a great album and the company likes it too the team is loving this album so much we really want Carrie to join us at 904-535-7902


I love carrie underwood and seriously think she is the best country singer! Sorry Taylor swift!!! She rocks! I mean this is one of her best albums yet! Can't wait for the new baby! I love you carrie underwood!!!😘😘😘😘


Carrie Underwood's album Blown Away really blew me away. I love all of her music and this album is my new favorite!! ❤️❤️❤️


Ok so I personally love Carrie she is very inspiring for me since I want to be a singer and haven't accomplished it I want to be like her and she has a lot and I mean a LOT of emotion in her songs and I love her songs so many great and amazing ones just like blown away or good girl and even two black Cadillacs I love her song I will see you again because it is sad but not completely It's happy because she has her confidence built up and saying I WILL see you again but it's just sad because he/she isn't there anymore and Carrie is sad and looking but I love this album and went to see her in concert (blown away tour) and she was amazing It felt like forever ago and I wanna see her sooooo badly again Love u carrie! 😊