Carrie Underwood - Play On

℗ 2009 19 Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Arista Nashville

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Undo it is like the best song ever. So is cowboy Casanova. But undo it is better. So recommend

Hershey Kind the fifth

I love temporary home and undo it


She never fails!!! Great album!!


My favorite songs this isn’t my favorite Carrie album but I do love some of the songs 1. Cowboy Casanova 5/5 one of the best songs on the album 2. Temporary Home 4/5 a Beautiful Ballad 3. Undo it 5/5 this song had remained as one of my favorite songs since the album release it’s so catchy 4. Mama’s Song 3/5 A little slow but a beautiful story 5. Someday when I stop loving you 4/5 beautiful song

Carly oconnor

This is Carrie Underwood’s best album ever. My favorite song is “Cowboy Casanova.” I still have that song on repeat, even in 2020.




I love the album and it is the best

Reader Extreme

My favorite is temporary home but I also LOVE mamas song, undo it and cowboy Casanova.


I loved it so much I am listening to this album as I type! From her sentimental songs (Someday When I Stop Loving You, Look At Me) to her steel hearted rockers (Cowboy Casanova, Undo It) she pulled this album off wonderfully.


Great Album


I love temporary home


Honestly this is probably her best album. The only great success from American idol


I am a hard rock, death metal fan. But this is very catchy, and will suit every music lover. Defiantly worth buying!!!


This song is wayyyyy better than that Kasey Musgraves! Why??? Carrie you have sooooooo much more talent then kasey ever will have! Carrie your attitude is much better too!!!!


I'm so grateful for her music, I have nothing negative to say about her music. Please make more albums!

I love Rottweilers

LOVE Carrie! I'm her BIGGEST fan! I think this is her BEST album! Change is my new favorite song!!!!!! You should soooooo get this album! I LOVE it! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 GREAT job Carrie!


Amazing Album!

BKT,awesome GAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie underwood is my idol I love her music and that will never change. Ill keep on playing on her music!!!!!!


This album is and will always be my favorite Carrie Underwood album! This is the album where she matured and change her music a bit. Although "Blown Away" is such an amazing album, this album will always be my favorite because this album made me become a huge Carrie fan and it is the first album I ever bought of hers! This album is amazing!


this is carrie singing dont come and compare other singers with her. she is a great singer and if you dont like anything then why come in the frist place.


Amazing artist I love all her songs. I really love 2 Black Cadalacks. Can't wait for more Carrie Underwood!


I love Carrie underwood's music is my favorite. She is what I belive, the greatest woman country singer of all time. NEVER STOP THE SONGS CARRIE UNDERWOOD! I want to see her in live consent, that would be EPIC!

Brecka boo

U rock I am your bigest littlest fan I love music .


And I still sing all these songs. I love this album, and her most recent album sucked big time for me. I miss her songs before. Now, she's more raunchy and edgy which looks good on Miranda Lambert. Her songs aren't as country anymore. =/


words can not even describe my love for carrie underwood & this, for me, is her best album. i love every song!!!

Little Taylor Swift

Everybody,stop comparing Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood to each other!!!They're both really talented!They don't need to be reading this stuff & people stop cursing at Taylor she's still young.She still is trying & they both do different styles of country.I'm sorry Taylor if your reading all those ratings. P.S. Carrie Underwood, your album is AMAZING!


Temporary home is my favorite :) 💖


Perfect dance song my daughter selected for us to dance to. Love it !


Luv it!! Carrie underwood rocks!!!


She is a vary good singer and has a great albam one play


I'm a country girl so I know good country music when I hear it... And Carrie underwood... Is amazing!


I love every song of urs on every album


i love this song it makes me want to cry and her other amazing songs


She has a great voice and she's really pretty I recommends this and all of her other albums to everyone!!!!


She has such awesome songs. I would recommend Cowboy Casanova and Undo It.


U r such a great singer I saw 1 bad review and they must be talking about there sister cause u sing great I love un do it my fave so I'm going to tell u what I told Taylor I love you but my family doesn't me go crazy

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I love all of carrie underwoods songs they are awesome!!!


everyday i turn on this album and start dancing in my room... randomly, Carrie Undrewood ur so pretty and talented!!! Keep the great songs going!!:)

Nat and Marsh

I think you have an incredible voice and,I love how you high you can sing your notes!I can not wait for your next album!

Lexa jack

Wow I just got done listening and I loved it I highly highly recommend -temporary home-


I'm tied between Carrie and Taylor love all their songs. I recommend : last name (not on this cd on carnival ride) undo it temporary home blown away (also not on here on blown away) cowboy Casanova and mamas song


I love this album!! It is my favorite! My favorite song's Temporary Home... She kind of upset me with Blown Away though... She could have had a better song...


Wow. How many hits does Carrie have now? I don't know. Too many to count!


I absloutely love the song "Someday when I stop loving you" I dont know what about it makes me just want to play it again and again and again! :)


Wow!!! I'm not a huge fan of country honestly. But Carrie Underwood is amazing!! Am in luv w/ Cowboy Casanova


Carrie Underwood has pulled it off for the 3rd time now!!! Words can not describe how talented Carrie truly is! This album is one of my favorites. Some songs I highly recommend you download or buy are Cowboy Casanova, Temporary Home, Mama's Song, Change, Song Like This, and Undo It! All of her songs on this album are wonderful, but those were the ones that really stuck out for me! Carrie Underwood is MY idol!!:)


One of my favorite CD's!!!


im not the biggest fan but this is epic


This has got to be by far the most amazing Carrie CD! It's my favorite! Temporary home, change, cowboy Casanova, play on, look at me, and undo it are absolutely amazing!