Thomas Rhett - Center Point Road

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Center Point Road Tracklist:




Beer can’t fix is horrible!!!


Most of this is just pop about his wife disguised as country but what disappoints me most is how good Beer Can’t Fix could’ve been without all the autotune and added electronic noises and stale lyrics for the most part of it, Pardi (or Midland) would’ve done a much better job just by himself and his/their producers and songwriters/songwriting abilities and made that song so good. Overall this album just falls way short and is very repetitive, hopefully Thomas’ next album exceeds this because I do like him as a person and as an artist. 🤙


The song up it’s uhhhhh.. well not good just horrible and he’s really bad I have all his albums on my computer and that was a regret for waisting my money on this guy

alex bold

Love TR SO MUCH. this album is so good


Love it


One of my favorite albums he has released totally worth it!


I love Thomas Rhett and can’t get enough of his music. Especially this album

Zee Dogg

Offensive to country music.

Ms Michael

I love this guy and his songs!!! Screw the haters! They are just jealous because they have no talent.


Why tf do you care if it’s labeled as country? Would you listen to the song if it were labeled as pop like you want it? Or do you just not want songs that you don’t like labeled as country? Are you simply too uncomfortable listening to songs outside the country genre? Why are country fans so stingy about their favorite artists becoming more like pop artists? If you hate the country-pop evolution then why don’t you go find more country music that you like? A genre is just a label for heaven’s sake, it’s not meant to govern what people listen to, just to help them find a style that they like and help them to find music in that style. I like Alternative and Pop a lot, I’m a fan of Rap/Hip-Hop, and I’m interested in Country. Binding yourself to one genre is simply stupid and you miss a lot of good songs by doing so.


Most of the songs in this album are amazing.I lOVE Up and I don’t see why people care that its not country


I for one love your music! It makes me want to sing and dance. Just Happy! Glad to see a family man exists these days. Thrilled to see you at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

miss meliss 123

T.R. just keeps getting better and better. “Look what god gave her” should be #1


More pop country crap. When will this Nashville nightmare end ? This is just awful. I've pretty much switched to listening to Texas Red Dirt music. Those artists at least have steel guitar, fiddle, etc. country music. I'd rather listen to a fart in an empty bucket than Thomas Rhett.


Love Thomas Rhett every time I’m having a bad day or in a bad mood I know who to listen too! Keep up the great work! I can name every song just by hearing the first bit of it. lol don’t stop the great work!! ☺️😊


Not the most “country” of albums you can listen to, but I’m not complaining. I like Hardy, Canaan Smith, etc. and Thomas is up there with them. Great music! 👍🏼 👍🏼


I hate this album


Love this song! I recently lost a dear friend and this song says it all. Who cares if it’s country or opera??? This is an artist with a heart.

riden high

Baddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

[email protected]

Thomas, you never disappoint. This album is amazing. I’m watching the CMT Artists of the Year award show, and I am in no words for what you just did. Thank you for sharing your love of Jesus Christ with the world of country music tonight. Thank you for praying for Kane Brown and his family. That was amazing.❤️


Thomas Rhett’s been headed down this path for awhile, so I think we all saw this coming. The writing in his songs is pretty bland, not much imagery whatsoever. Just the typical check listing. Catchy for awhile, but not much substance.

magnifacent music

TR your a great singer and I appreciate what music you have put in my life sometimes I feel depressed and I just go to Apple Music and listen to you great songs who cares if it is labeled country it only matters if you like it or not remember the saying don’t judge a book by its cover? Well people keep doing that. TR you are a perfect singer and I love the mix of pop and country don’t listen to the people who criticize you. You are the best keep making music I love it and you could maybe sing something about life instead of just love that’s just a tip thanks for the great music and don’t care about the people who are judging it by its cover😁


This is awesome!!! For all the new country haters out there, we are evolving as a genre. The new music sounds a little different but it is still great!! Thomas Rhett is awesome and I love his music. This album does not disappoint.


Love it so much! If you’re in the middle of buying this you need to buy it! I am Thomas Rhett fan number one! But I know so many people who love it like I do! Every day I play the song at least once! It will be so worth it !🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

me god yeah

What does it matter if it is country or pop, just in joy what this young man has worked his tail of for all of you Gus to say , why pop, why this, why that. Like come on give some respect!!


People are nuts and I don't know why so much negatives so what some country have pop. I give the new album a try by listen to the whole album. I am amazed about it and love your new song Almost because some parts I can relate to in life. I would buy the album

# I love cars

Thomas you are awesome! You mix pop and country together which is where country music is headed. I ❤️ this new album! Sand, Barefoot, Look what God gave her, Center Point road, and Beer Can’t Fix are some of my favs. Keep collaborating with guys like Jon Pardi. Good job!

Cool cowgirls

This is an amazing song. It is my overall number one song right now. I don’t care what other people say about the genre, It is a great song. Go Thomas Rhett!!🎤👍🏻


Thomas Rhett... I cant even explain to you how much I love this album. Every single song lifts my spirits in a different way. I have been listening to this album everyday for the past month or so, and now I’ve got my mom doing the same. Every song sends such a positive message. I love it so much!

Tcu guy

What part of this is country again?

texas n8

What in the *NSYNC Backstreet Boys stuff is this?


I love this album!


Best album yet


Tired of his pop music - change genres please!

Nicole Lovings

Does it really matter what genre it is like seriously y’all calm down he can sing whatever he wants it’s his songs not yours and he can sing about his wife all he wants🙄 It’s great music with it being country or not


This is the best album in history. Your an amazing artist, I love playing this on my echo dot! Everyone deserves to be rewarded with your music. I’m a huge fan!


Can we just place this album as pop. There is nothing on here that says country. I HATE turning on the radio and listen to these “country” artists claim their music belongs in country. This is so bad!!! NOT COUNTRY!!! Nashville should be ashamed.


I preordered this entire album and and only got 4 of the songs. I want the rest of the album but i have to pay for it again:( But i love the songs!


I was swimming in the sewer one day and found this trash record at the bottom of the sewer with all of the other trash. A few rats were chewing on the cd and quickly died, however, this record works greatly as human repellent as nobody would want to be near this.


To all the people one starting it ... please die you are all awful ... Thomas Rhett is amazing and he sings from the heart if you don’t like it move on

Holly's horses

I’m loving this new catchy country!!


This album is the best especially Notice and Blessed. They are all amazing


I liked it. Good job Thomas Rhett!


This album makes me smile. The album is super cute!! Love it!! All of his songs are so good and I love that he sings about his wife.


This is the best album ever! Keep writing about what you love! These songs are so meaningful I love all of them!


TR is a good artist. But this music isn’t country at all. He sings about his wife and that’s about it. Other than that he’s a good POP artist.


I love all these songs! Country Music is changing. It’s not like the country music of the 90’s. People need to get over it. These songs have heart and soul and he is so talented. So what if he writes songs about his life and the people in it! That’s what makes it so good and relatable!!


Who cares what genre it is. Country, Pop or Rock and Roll. I have all of his Albums and love them all. I am a true fan and will probably listen to anything he makes and will love it. Keep them coming. One of your top fans. Screw the haters.


i love this!!


I was a little apprehensive when Look What God Gave You and Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time came out. They were a lot more pop than I expected but when I got the full album I LOVE IT!!! Center Point Road, Remember you young, and Dream You Never Had are my faves. Great job TR!