Chris Stapleton - Starting Over

A Mercury Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 Sound Records, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Starting Over Tracklist:


He makes great music AND respects human dignity? Sign me up!


Loving this album already, thank you Chris for some more awesome music!! Hope to see you on the road again very soon.


Starting Over is a good song, waiting to see how the rest of the album is. This guy really needs to put out a blues album though.


So happy to finally hear some new music! Never disappoints! Keep it coming!


What Chris Stapleton actually said was, “Do I think black lives matter? Absolutely. I don’t know how you could think they don’t. I think we all have a lot of work to do, you know, as individuals and as a society. And if you don’t think that, I think you’re not looking.” He never offered his support for BLM. He didn’t endorse BLM. Keep the excellent tunes coming, Chris!!

Roth Baby!

Terrible downfall


Song sounds good. Gonna wait for the entire album to make up my mind. Really wish you would’ve never did that CBS interview. Not sure if you said America was a myth or a mess? But you let CBS put ya in that position. And ALL LIVES MATTER


If you’re rating this bad because you’re against BLM, you’re an idiot. Plain and simple. Chris Stapleton is actually for equality, and it’s sad some of you losers are against equality.


Politics aside, this stinks.

Braxton branham

BLM endorsement sums up this song

Jaded Conservative

Sounds like what you need to do with this album, Chris, if this pedestrian single is the best you’ve got. Oh, and I refuse to support anyone who supports Marxist terrorists who hate America. Buh bye. Say hi to the [Dixie] Chicks for me. —Former Fan

JB's Bay

What a great song! Saw him live and it was a fantastic show! Sad to see so many racist comments on here. Leave your predetermined hatred and lack of social understanding of issues to yourself! You fake fans advertise your ignorance more than your lack of intelligence realizes. Kept going strong Chris Stapleton!

Angela 218

Great song. I’ve always enjoyed your music and like you even more now that you have taken this humanitarian stance. Don’t let the racist get you down.


I can’t wait to hear the whole record! It’s also nice to know you are a compassionate human being, who isn’t afraid to speak out for what you believe in. Keep it up!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Awesome music from one of the best voices in country.


Great song right where I am layed off due to Covid a nurse go figure JALrn


Great song. Sad when customer reviews becomes a platform for knuckle dragging, mouth breathers to express their blatant racism. News flash... Artists for decades have been trying to figure out ways to keep bigots like you out of their shows. Good riddance...


He’s one of the few people putting out real country music these days. Most of the mainstream country singers are posers who think putting country sounding words into their songs make them authentic. A shame that there’s so many whiny snowflakes giving this 1 star because they’re too stupid and petty to shut their mouths and listen to the music instead of worry about whose opinions they like. Sad.


I see the racists and right wingers out here hating because he chose to support people of color. Everybody can have an opinion til it goes against theirs. “Keep politics out” lol what?! Country always has dealt with political and social issues all the back to loretta Lynn’s the pill! Get over it, this dude makes great music and is a genuine person. Sorry he doesn’t fit your cookie cutter cousin loving figure.


Won’t be listening any more.


I can’t believe how many people think they are the only ones who have the right to comment on the country but because he is a celeb he doesn’t have that right. Agree with him or not he has that right.




If you’re bashing him for simply saying “Black lives matter” you need to work on your internalized and externalized racism.... cause y’all loved him last week..


You stated that you can write a song in five minutes. Yeah sounds like it here. I can write better guitar music than you. Yeah that’s right I said it. Watch me enter this arena. See you soon.


All the crying about politics is hilarious.


Would have bought it anyway but pre ordered, because you had the back bone to stand for something! Much respect


Nor next time. You’re done, you’re a myth.


starting over is a great song, classic chris stapleton - a great preview of what's to come with this album! and thanks for using your voice for what you believe in, despite the critics. excited for this new body of work from you!!


Love it.


One of the only country singers I can relate to and feel comfortable listening to in these wild times. Thanks for being a light and sticking up for us all


The “shut up and sing/play” crowd is really gross and tiresome. These artists do not owe me or you anything. Thank God for wokeness. Saying that - the new tunes are excellent.


I’ll purchase because of his decision to use his voice for something he believes in. The people saying stick to music, or stick to sports might have forgotten what being American is all about. Celebrate freedom, fight for those who don’t have it.

4S fan

YouSuck,ThisNewSongDoesn’t. ChrisStapletonKnowsGoodMusic, YouDon’t...


You had people that supported you bought your music went to your concerts no more for me I hate politics and you brought it into your music.


Love this guy! He’s so talented when it comes to singing and playing music. Can’t wait for the album!!


Pandering, fake, scratchy garbage.


Was excited until he went into politics! Doesn’t anyone ever keep their opinion to Themselves anymore. Feel guilty about buying his music now. I don’t agree with riots and destroying lives. Never will. Will delete all his music. He felt like he needed to say what he supported now I have to stand for what I do!

mimic vampier starlight

I hate you guys that don’t like it


Stop charging country songs pls. Thx.


Chris is back and I’m so excited ! Saving country music !

si da guy

I wish it was better


Just no


Starting Over is really beautiful

Ahlijah B.

soo bad!!! buy rain on me instead


Chris need to push a bit higher here

Gavin Beech

Great music as always from him.

M & J P

We can’t wait to play each and every song!!! Chris, Morgane, and the band are apart of our family when we are relaxing and enjoying the evenings. Every single song is a hit in our house! Exactly the country music we want to hear. The music brings us right back to what matters in life. Thank you for sharing with us. I pre-ordered and can’t wait to be able to play them all!


Keeping country, country. Thank you! Some of these others need to take notes....