Clairo - Immunity

℗ 2019 Clairo under exclusive license to FADER Label

Immunity Tracklist:


Love it, still listen to it today 💙


Clairo will always have a piece of my heart. Her music is so captivating. I will never get tired of her art.


this feels more country and not as good for clairos voice, it just foesnt sit right with me

music city citizen

CLairo is my favorite of the new young women artists. Bags has such a cool groove to it, kind of a driving beat, like U2 maybe. For me, it's nice to know that I can like something that's brand new, instead of always relying on all my favorites from years gone by, does that make sense? Looking forward to new releases, whenever she's ready. This is good music for my biking trail in Tennessee with no headphones - I just blast everybody away, but they don't seem to mind.


everything on this album is done so flawlessly. the emotions in each song. it makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry (in the best way.)




i love clairo best album


I JUST LOVE CLAIRO SO MUCH & this album is nice My fav song would be “Bags” The only bad thing ab this album is using 2 much autotune in 2-3 songs.


cry. the woman that you are today... is just beautiful. your love is... is amazing. the way you love people is inspirational. you are the definition of unconditional love.


Very beautiful and peaceful


this album just makes you feel like you are getting a warm hug from claire herself... such an amazing album. thank you claire


Awesome song

Awesomeness nat

I love every single on this album and I feel like you can connect in some way to all of it.


I’ve been a fan of clairo for awhile now, but this is just disappointing. It doesn’t feel authentic to her style and seems overproduced. In 3+ songs you can clearly hear the auto tune which makes me sad since she has such an amazing voice. The only song that I really love is Sofia but otherwise it’s okay. Am I going to buy the entire thing? No. It’s just not worth the money.


In short: this album is boring. She can do better than this.

ten out if ten

This album is lit 🔥 🔥🔥🔥and the bomb 💣 by Glenn


literally her best album no cap


I personally like it and the vibe she’s going for. Can’t wait for more


Following Clairo’s first studio EP, Diary 001 (which is amazing), we get this terrible disappointment. Immunity is such a terrible album, the writing is done so poorly, the beats don’t really match with Claire’s voice either. My biggest problem is the autotune, which Claire does to her voice in three songs (or more, I forgot), it’s like she’s trying too hard to sound cool but it’s all just this hot mess. How Clairo’s music could’ve changed this much in two years is beyond me, but she’s going in the wrong direction.


my best friend showed me clairo and i instantly fell in love. Her voice is amazingly soothing and brings me so much joy. Happy to say she is my favorite artist and am fortunate enough to see her live soon!! 💗


Clairo has such sweet songwriting and melody lines - this album has become my favorite thing


losing my braincells

Dippy Dolphin

This record as a whole is so stunning. Clairo is such an incredible writer with such a unique vibe. I adore the authenticity and vulnerability she expresses in each one of these songs. I can't get enough of this album. She's an undeniable star.

alexander hamilton 3

this is my all time favorite album, i’m obsessed with her music. she is so talented, and every song is just as good as the last. this album is absolutely stunning.


OMG Bags um this a legend! Closer To You is awesome w/ the auto tune!!!!!!! I Wouldn't Ask You slaps, Sofia is so open, and Softly is amazing.


Give half the population a voice modulator, and a programmed beat, and they will be capable of creating a similar album.


Just perfect. Thank you!

FüZz Llama

I love the vibe her music gives off. Clairo has such a unique sound and style. I love it!


This is just..... amazing.


maybe a little overrated idk


Great album I’ve listened to it so much and love it already so much! Great work!!


This album feels overproduced, way too much auto tune. Compared to her other projects this album feels boring with little diversity between the songs.


this album has such a unique sound/style, and i love it. clairo is such an amazing artist, for sure one of my favorites. :)


So relaxing to listen to

anna aoü

Clairo is sooo good


ive waited so long for this thank you baby benz


there isn’t anything bad you can say about this album. the flows, the runs, the notes, the lyrics, the sounds, the aesthetic, it’s all amazing. Feel Something and Alewife are my holy trinity 🧡

Andry Salinas❤️❤️😋

This album is so chill and it’s so good for road trips I love meeting new artist and their talent it’s a journey ❤️😁


decent album though



emiwy pwince



love this unique style of music!


I love Clairo. She’s just so great and I’m so happy I found this artist because she’s so calming and she’s helped me a lot. All of her songs are so beautiful. I’m glad that not everyone sings about fame and being popular, because in reality that isn’t what matters. But what does matter is how many people you can help along the way


Simple yet so complicated. Such soft tones covered by her velvet voice works so well. Truly something different.

Rich bob of never land

i love this album sm and have been counting down to it. love u clairo🥰🤑


I really enjoyed the album. It shows a lot of growth from her last efforts. It’s definitely worth a listen!!!!




Lesbian or not


she really tried new things with this debut album which i LOVE 10/10 would recommend giving this album a listen