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Slide on the opps side and flip the block back yea yea my junior POPPED on him left him lopsided yea yea We spin his block got da rebound denis Rodman you fool me one time u cannot cross me again twelve hunnid horsepower I get lost in that wind if he talking in the yard the pen dawgs gon take his chin maaaaaaybach suv for my refugees buy block is da hood put money in tha streets I was solo when the opps caught me at dat gas station had it on meh thertie thous thought it was my last day but theynt even want no smoook if I had 2 choose it murd wot she wro o o o o ote

sub to fake clan

Good if u want to listen to the same thing over and over again


Rockstar is a bop but the rest is eh it all kinda sounds the same


Rest is garbage

whas su du

The only to good songs r rockstar and can’t stop

.).&/[email protected]

It’s party rap not meant to be analyzed


Same old click sound music. Tired old sound.


Ok here is what I think the box was ok and rockstar just seemed like total tik tok and u seem like a guy who got tik tok famous and makes some people like your songs but there bad also why does every song have to cuss make a clean album

I know songs.

I think this song is sooooooooooooooooo trash that I think it should be call Dana by is trash song. That’s what I have to say about this ugly trash garbage song.


When is Eminem gonna diss this winey baby


Literally only one song. He’s a good artist but this isn’t where his fame came from.

Im ur dad (obviously)

yes, nasty is not a great song but this is a masterpiece. a lot of growth, some flow switches, and a very solid singing voice for a guy who is known for his amazing rapping voice, which he also shows. awesome album overall.


yo why u guys hating on him it’s lit


Bland and basically the same lyrics over and over again. Nothing original

Nick Muszynski

Stupid Tik Tok ruined this song for me




Straight mediocre. It's not awful but the fact that it's not good either just makes it forgettable. Yawn.

a true gaga fan

It all sounds the same... Experiment with different sounds


not good


This out


Every song on this album almost sounds the same


I’m mean I like it it’s just not for kids like me I mean I have tic tok the like first part is on tic tok but for kids like five nah

Jakobe James

Dababy they cant stop me either this album fire dababy is a beast


Who loves this not me don’t listen to him terrible voice why does my nana loves this when its playing in the car she turns up the volume and its stupid I HATE U DABABY

dj yeet

☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️🈚️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘 I give a negative 500 to u


Poor production and bad lyrics 🤮


Ok so is anyone gonna talk about how there’s a clean version of this song and also that this is an awesome TikTok song ?


Contributes nothing to society, go stream real albums, whether it’s actual rap//hip hop or whether it’s grunge, metal, anything but this. There is no emotion to it, sounds like nothing more than a corporate sell out attempt at making a hit song that sounds the exact same as every other popular rap “song”


ROCKSTAR was good That is why I gas so five stars But eh bboooooooo


Total garbage


Basic rap, overused auto tune and trash lyrics. 👎👎🗑

Clout Anus Rats

Stream Trollz and Move Ya Hips 🦄🌈🍭❗️

I L❤️ve Kane brown

Love rockstar ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

just a lil kid

Man good song but he can’t stop talk’n about crap says to much stuff he ain’t need to


This sounds like what a wet fart smells like!


The only good song is rockstar.

si da guy

I LOVE rockstar and the rest of the album 😄😄

hrshs mgakejsbuajdjfjbd

So much haters this song is🔥


Bad 😑


Bad 😑


are trash just like this person. 🤗


What is this garbage? Honestly this song flat out stinks. It has zero melody and zero chorus. A toddler could make a better song pounding on a Casio keyboard


I mean, bruh. Come on man. Have a little bit more creativity. But to all the people who are actually being mean for these reviews... we may not all like the same music but you don’t have to be a dick head about it.


i liked vibez but this is just repetitive stuff. pls dababy make good stuff


Im not gonna lie his sound and flow getting played out and boring I don’t think I’m a fan anymore. 😔


Idk why this is popular

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