Dan + Shay - I Should Probably Go To Bed

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I Should Probably Go To Bed - Single Tracklist:


I’ll admit, I love Country music and I’m well aware the Pop-Country artists are becoming more and more popular in Country and I also understand where people are coming from when they say “this sounds Pop so it doesn’t belong on the Country radio or it shouldn’t be classified as Country if it sounds more Pop.” I agree with you but at the same time, if I hear a song with good vocals and I find myself wanting to sing the song I’m listening to then that’s a good song to me regardless of what channel it’s being played on. Commenting how horrible the song is or calling it trash because it’s not Country is just being hateful. When they play Christmas music on certain channels, I’m not calling it trash because it’s not playing the music I want to hear. If you don’t like the song, listen to something else. Why waste your time and energy hating on a song? The world would be a better place if people knew how to not be negative.

o christmas tre

Great song it’s my favorite don’t listen to the haters download it you’ll see






Embarrassment to country music.

maloree Endsley

I guess it’s not too bad I guess it could be a bit better but other than that I love it😁


What’s sad is this is actually an awesome song, had it been produced differently I would have adored it. Absolutely nothing about it sonically has any semblance of country music. I would dare argue that Old Town Road is more country than this cuz at least that had some country elements and instruments. This is a pop song through and through. Go back in the studio, take out the heavy reverb and the synths and 808’s and weirdly angelic backgrounds. Put some fiddle in. Real drums. Guitar. Instant hit


Great work love it my life in a song


Just trash


Love these guys! The vocals are 😍😍😍


It felt just on time I sleep at


Back off, HATERS! Dan + Shay probably worked so hard on this! Fergie7 , you are right! If you’re stressed, just go to bed! 👍

Hi people of the gaming world

Everyone is complain that this song is more pop then country. Which is true but I don’t care. This is an awesome song and I don’t care what genre of music they make as long as they keep up the good work.


They play this crap 15 times a day and it’s just Awful ❗️Maybe put a little effort into writing your songs 👎


I love this song sonically. But really dan and shay, you seem to know very clearly what you need to do! Why are you repeating it over and over? Just go to bed!! They seem to continually have this problem because I saw them perform this song at the acm awards also. I’m just like, you’re free to go to bed! You didn’t have to come sing about it if you didn’t want to! Everyone needs to sleep. We understand! 💤 💤 💤


It sounds the same through the whole song.... :/ not impressed. Booooorong


Queen meets country music


I love this song! I don’t a giant fan of country but this is like country mixed with pop. I’m normally more pop and alternative but this pop country is sooo good!


Stick to your Bieber pop


That’s all I have. It’s funny because it’s so bad😭😭


But 10000 hours was so much better, thanks to the king Justin Bieber ❤️❤️ Holy by Justin Bieber is coming next Friday 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


I love this song!


I love this song sometimes I think I should go to bed

Farmer bry

What genre is this?


Not all country needs to be hillbilly crap!!! Love this song and their music!!!!


I think I should go to bed 🛌


Different sound and I like it! Great vocals and harmonies!


This song is so great! The way they harmonize is perfection. If you can get over that it’s not “real” country. It’s more of a pop country song, it’s a really good song. Dan + Shay are so talented! Can’t wait for the rest of the album to come out!


Another stupid piano ballad


Love this song!


I was so excited for this but honestly it was so disappointing


This song will be a hit in their concerts. Great song!


This ain’t country at all.


Sad excuse for country music



Remington Campbell

I Should Probably Recommend “10,000 Hours” instead.


It’s so catchy


this doesn’t deserve to be played on country radio. Just switch over to pop if you’re gonna keep making music like this!


...will probably sound sonically different than this. Just wait and see... These guys write pure gold usually, so it's ok to have some silver in there every once in a while.

Fruit pop lover1218

Great Job Dan & Shay ❤️❤️❤️


put it in the dumpster


I am a huge fan of dan+shay but this is terrible. The lyrics stink and is this really country? Doesn't seem like it one bit


This might be one of my favorite songs by them!


Same same same


Amazing vocals!!!


It's a good popular catchy song, with a very cool video. Country can be so many different things.


So catchy! I love this. Not a fan of country music so i love this change in genre. Definitely downloading 😍


Look I think these guys are overrated af and they’re definitely not country at all. 10,000 hours is a garbage song and all their songs have annoying ass mid tempo snap tracks. But honestly sometimes these guys make a good song like Tequila. This song is honestly not half bad for a Dan and shay song. It’s pop not country I know. But like I think the vocals sound really good on this song. The production ain’t bad. Maybe I’ll change my mind and hate it once the radio over plays the heck out of it but as of now I like it and I’m giving it 5 stars


Average as heck and definitely not country one bit!