deadmau5 - For Lack of a Better Name (Bonus Track Version)

โ„— 2009 Mau5trap Recordings, under exclusive license to Ultra Records, Inc.

For Lack of a Better Name (Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:



Anna Dragun

I really liked the style of this album's music/songs. This collection involves a blend of rock, vocal, electronic, and pop elements. I especially loved how each tune merged into the next one. This album is more down-to-earth and low-toned and just throughly enjoyable.

its just someone you dont know

It was NEVER intended to be Dubstep, and to you moronic one-star raters, donโ€™t lose track of genres. Itโ€™s wrong to misrate things.


Can't beat strobe and ghost n stuff!


I honestly can't figure out why everyone loves deadmau5 so much. All his songs sound completely the same, except with different time lengths. That's another thing, too. The songs are all so long and boring as heck. I guess it might be good at parties, but to me, it only serves as annoying background music that never changes or drops or anything.

Starnight 9

I Favorite Song Is Ghost 'n' Stuffs,Just One Song,But It's My Theme Song But I Will Put On YouTube, I'll Get a YouTube Channel And I'll Make Video Called "Theme Of Nicole Manty", that Will The best Theme Ever That I Use Forever. But Thanks to Deadmau5, That He make Ghost 'n' Stuffs It's my favorite Song Of all time ๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


It says I've bought the album but it won't let me download it??


Favorite song? Strobe all the way. To this day, this is my favorite album. Every. Single. Song. Is amazing.


Wow they completely misspelled rob swire's name. That's so embarrassing


THESE BEATS R AWESOME!!!!! Btw this is good for intense gaming

An 11 year old


The 77th Doctor

Very nice


thhis isn't disturbing...


This album was amazing! I really recommend the song "moar ghost n stuff"


This is Personally my favorite album of all time! I'm upset that strobe is album only, I'm also happy because the entire album was worth it anyways.


Well done deadmau5 Well done 5/5


It will keep its theme through the whole album, and give you rushes and slow you down, it will play your emotions a bit, and will give you a good time when you listen to this. Not my favorite mau5, but not worth skipping :D


It will keep its theme through the whole album, and give you rushes and slow you down, it will play your emotions a bit, and will give you a good time when you listen to this. Not my favorite mau5, but not worth skipping :D


It will keep its theme through the whole album, and give you rushes and slow you down, it will play your emotions a bit, and will give you a good time when you listen to this. Not my favorite mau5, but not worth skipping :D

H-man number1

Really cool and very good songs


Is awesome and cool

[email protected]'s ml

I am loving the album


Did anyone come here for "Hi Friend"?


Oh my gosh I listen to it every day it is so legitimently awesome


Strobe, Ghosts n stuff, Moar chosts n stuff, and the 16th hour are all my favorites


Bot has more than 100 beats per min.


One of the best house albums I've ever heard

Why Gameloft...

I Believe this is one of the best dance/house songs out there more albums like this would be nice!!


This is way better than dubstep and skrillex isn't very good dubstep, knife party or kill the noise ect. Are good. This is house music much better

bulldog 135

For those of you 5 year old kids complaining this isn't dubstep, just shut up already. Of course it's not dubstep, it's not 140 BPM, and there's no wobbles or drops. It's something much better, house music! Get over dubstep, it's almost the exact same thing every time, only slightly different. Meanwhile with house, you can be much more creative. Now about the album, definitely one of Joel's best. Definitely recommend buying the entire album so you can have the masterpiece strobe, it's amazing from start to finish


This is the best techno music I've heard, and all u people who are mad this isn't dubstep, DEADMOU5 DOES NOT DO DUBSTEP!!!!


Ok all u this Is dubstep people get out. If u think this is dubstep go crawl back under your rock and shut up. I listen to dubstep all the time this isn't dubstep it's BETTER.


Guys, deadmau5 is not dubstep, and he's not supposed to be. He even says he hates dubstep. Dubstep is just a bunch of random sound effects. Deadmau5 is real techno music and it actually flows. So quit complaining


Love it


This isnt dubstep at all!! This is like techno the notes over and over again and no drop, the most important part. If u want actual dubstep, skrillex is for u

Epic ekt

I want the hard intro version for ghosts n stuff but anyway good


I have listened through all of deadmau5's albums, and this is the most unique and interesting. The first half of it rocks, but from the start of Bot to the end of Strobe, this is a PHENOMENAL progressive house album. I can hear a story in it. Like if you listen closely to the music, it's truly an incredible album.


I like a little more extreme dubstep like knife party look it up on iTunes! Knife party ROCKS:)!!!


I don't give a crap about if some hater says "It's repetitive" and "pointless" I like it and I'm giving it an honest review besides I saw someone who wrote a review who literally said "TECHNO IS POINTLESS" he works hard on these things and people enjoy it. So my opinion is I like this.

The N13

The N13 here.After reviewing some Daft Punk albums(Alive 2007,Human After All,Homework),I figured that it was time to review a Deadmau5 album. This album is pretty good.There are some very good tracks on here.Ghosts N Stuff is addicting.This album is almost worth buying for this.Why almost?Because the real reason to buy this album is Strobe.While it's very lengthy,clocking in at over 10 minutes,it is well worth the $10. My problem with this album is that there aren't many stand out tracks other than the ones I've just mentioned(not to say that they aren't any good,as they can be pretty good). I would have to say that this is a perfect album to play at parties.This album is recommended to electronica music fans and Deadmau5 lovers(such as myself) everywhere. 7.5/10 Download: Ghosts N Stuff Moar Ghosts N Stuff Strobe

Nerdy cookie guy

I have to complaints. It would be MUCH better if it had no words, and some of the songs like bot it's the same thing over again!

More than 1 but Less than 2

The beats in 90% of the songs in this album are identical, and they're not all that complex, the general vibes of the album are almost all the same, and they don't progress at all. This entire album is B-side material, and it's not the good kind. The first song I heard by Deadmau5 was "Ghosts N Stuff" and from that second I wanted nothing to do with him until I heard "Proffessional Griefers" and I tried out a few other songs by Deadmau5. Compared to some true music like 4x4=12 or , this album should've stayed a single. Don't waste your time on this one, but check out those other two albums instead.


I wuv this guy! Deadmau5 is awesome!!!


the title says it all...

Super Hangover

I love this album Ghosts n Stuff is probably my favorite mau5 song and the Nero remix is pretty sweet


Great artist, visionary, and super attitude! Keep up the good work Joel......loyal fan here :)

Ninja Lief

Although it doesn't give u the original ghosts n stuff. the album is a decent pick. I didn't like half the songs but I got into the song Strobe after hearing a part I had never heard. I am a judge by cover type of person so when I listened to the 1st minute, I thought it sucked. Don't do what I did. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8:)


Nero, what have you done to ghosts n stuff???!?!?!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?


Great addition to my Library!


Although only certain songs are popular they deserve every penny they make by far, who ever put a negative comment is plain wrong cause this is the best artist that ever lived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,=,o <----- this is a turtle =D

Super mine crafter

this album has the best song deadmau5 has every made if your thinking about geting a album get this one because ghost n' Stuff and Hi Friend Are Amazing.

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