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Anna Dragun

I really love this album. The music is really driving, energenic, dance-able, increadible, and engaging. He shows excellent technical precision. It gets better with every listen. I loved the collaboration with Wolfgang Gartner and Gerarad Way that he did. But anyways, just go buy it. It's really good.


More half-baked over-rated tripe. The lack of originality is overwhelmingly underwhelming. Wish I could refund my time trying to give this garbage a chance again and again. If he would go back to spinning other people’s creative content, he would at least have his fingerprints on something worthwhile. He had a few good “mixes” but I can’t waste anymore money on the hype.


It's like Joel was showcasing his ability to manipulate sound. In direct correlation to his personality, perfection was the goal, for every track. From the first track,(which darn near freaked me out the first time I listened to it on good headphones/speakers), to the end; it is a showcase of someone who would master the craft of 'electronic dance music'. The album is a lot to swallow, but his work has come a long way in a decade+.


You have to listen to closer


I love this song it’s really good I listened to it 4 times non stop. Keep up the great work DeadMau5. Really Enjoy Your Song Professional Greifers. 😎 🎵🎶😎🎵🎶😎


His music is just like his personality


i dont like the tommy trash remix, or telemiscommunications but aside from that it is great. i love the itunes LP. The best song in this album is probalbly failbait, but sleepless is a close second.


see above


Honestly, this is probably my favorite deadmau5 album yet. I still have a lot to explore in the deadmau5 world, and despite the strange title names, I thoroughly enjoy these songs. To name a few, I commend Fn Pig for its intro and sweet bass drop. I feel like it almost tells a story. Maths, with its never-tiring repetition and build-ups. And, my favorite, CHANNEL 42!!! Fantastic build-ups and amazing mid-section with add-ons later. Even the mellow The Veldt, with Chris James' calming vocals and easygoing music. Keep up the mau5!


This album helps define the modern sound of progessive house.


i do admit some songs were not amazing but generally it is a good album

Anarchy II Review

Definatly what stands out as a deadmau5 album. Highlights here? This whole album. There's nothing much better than a dose of deadmau5 on a rough day.


Professional griefers, The Veldt, and October are all amazing and well done.👍


This album was pretty surprising since Joel decided to step out of dance and do a little of his own style. He has the ability to make ya move and groove with songs like Maths and Profesional Griefers to simmering down and relax with songs such as Telemiscommunications, The Veldt,Sleepless,October,and There Might Be Coffee. Superliminal has always been my favorite on the album idk why but something about it hypes me up. Joel has also included some hip hop in here with Failbait another one of my favorites.One of the most talked about is Fn Pig I had listened to it and generally the intro starts slowly building up with lots of melancholy and then to a sort of hip hop theme,the song was good but generally the intro was amazing.


Professional Griefers and The Veldt have quickly become two of my favorite tracks of all time


this is so cool! wonder what would happen if he made a video game...


I'd like to personally thank god for letting him to work with Gerard Way because I'm a huge fan of Gerard and he and deadmau sound great.


In this review, I acknowledge deadmau5 going slightly back to Get Scrapped era music. And it mostly worked! I really liked this album. This was my first full deadmau5 album. For the most part, everything was good. However, Fn Pig had too long of an intro and it was slow until about 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Then it got pretty good. But that's not why I rated this album 4 stars. I rated this album 4 stars because Failbait sounded too generic, just like a normal electronic rap song. I compare it to Open Wide by Calvin Harris featuring Big Sean. The rapping in either song was nothing special. Really. But why in the world would deadmau5 include ONE explicit rap song on this otherwise great album!? In short, don't get this track, if possible. However, on to the positives: Channel 42 by deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gardner was very good. I think Superliminal & Maths were pretty well built. The Veldt (specifically the 8 minute edit feat. Chris James) was very calming but still very good. And Professional Grievers (feat. Gerard Way from the now disbanded band My Chemical Romance) was done absolutely right. My favorite songs of this album: A dead tie between The Veldt (feat. Chris James 8 minute edit) and Professional Grievers (feat. Gerard Way), I just can't decide! My least favorite song: Failbait, without a doubt. My score for : 9.5/10. Comments: Great album, except for Failbait and Telemiscommunications (with Imogen Heap). I recommend this album (minus Failbait) to ANY EDM or House music fan!

J. Moses Boone

I like all the songs the way they are (other than Failbait because i am not a fan of explicit music). My three favorites are Channel 42, There Might Be Coffee, and the veldt (tommy trash remix)




This is very different from his previous albums, but you know what? I am loving it! Some songs took awhile to get to their amazing points, but you know what? It does not matter because I have grown to them. Best songs? Sleepless, Fn Pig, and Channel 42!


This is Joel's worst album to date. He got some goodwill back with while(1<2). He needs to go back to his Prog. House roots. That's when he was on top. Anyone that calls themselves a fan of deadmau5 would agree that this album is absolute trash. realkuhl is right in what he says. Most of the tracks on this album are let downs and complete fillers.


being the MCR fan I am I completely freaked when I saw the deadmau5 and gerard way collab. I really love the beat of the song and it's super catchy.

My Name Is Freeway

Great album, contains hits that's deadmau5's most played on Spotify. The usual long build up. However, the collaboration with MCR's frontman was great. A teen riot mixed with EDM. This is why deadmau5 is known for. 5 out of 5! Good job Joel!


If you go through any reviews on any deadmau5 album you will see a bunch of people whining about how " deadmau5 has changed " or " not as good as I remember." Listen. Change is good, change entails learning something new. Just because deadmau5 doesn't sound that same way he did in 2004 doesn't mean he is bad. Maybe you don't like him anymore and that's fine. But don't go around saying " if you are a true mau5 head then you wouldn't like this " it just shows that you have the maturity of a toddler. As for the album, it's good. Keep It up deadmau5.


Upon listening to this album I was left with so many wonderful emotions. This album had surpassed my love for 4x4=12 with its unique new vibe while still maintaining his style that we have come to expect from him. One thing that set this album apart from his other albums is that the songs dont maintain a certain style and are very different from one another. While I do enjoy when his albums have that continous mix style, I find this to be quite refreshing as there are so many different beats that are great in there own unique way. There Might be Coffee to me is my favorite in the whole album and feeled like an instant classic as soon as I first heard it. I enjoy just about every song in the album except for 3. This is definately not an album to glance over as it is home to some of my favorite mau5 songs yet, well done Joel.


Telemiscommunications is a masterpiece. I had to get used to the rest, and when I did, sleepless stood out.


i love deadmau5 and i respect his work and to be honest this album is what got me into edm so to me this album is a 10 out of 10


One of the best mau5 albums. The veldt is so good.


SCREW ALL YOU HATERS OF THE KINGMAU5!! Pretty cool name huh? He should make Kingmau5 his next album title. Adding King Arthur in there... one sec... Ah! >The Once and Future Kingmau5< deadmau5 wins. He is the same awesome deadmau5 on this album, if not better than before. Again, screw the mau5haters, and I CANT WAIT FOR A NEW ALBUM!!!!


I understand if u don't like the music just because you don't like the music. But to those giving 1 stars because this is "too mainstream" I should smack you across the face. This is a good album even if some of the songs are sub -par for mau5 but that doesn't mean he deserves all this hate from his fans.

🎵ITunes player🎵

I mean, whats the deal with it?, it's cute,... but whats the history?.... i have a feeling that this cat is inside this dead Mau head,.. cause it's in a disguise,.... to go into the mouse world,... like,.. a high advanced mouse world,.... and this cat's pretending to be some sorta DJ robot cat,... and when all the mice are busy dancing,... the cat is busy collecting unsuspecting mice,... and before you know it, there all gone,... and the cat finally gets respect from it's master... sounds like some sorta odd movie,.. haha!, but it also sounds cool...


Best deadmau5 album to the date. I'm a die hard deadmau5 fan and Joel has done a great work of producing new, and recognizable music in this album! 'Superliminal' is very minimalistic but by the time the outro comes in, there's already a smile on your face. 'October' and 'Fn pig' are both big hits of the album. Great progressive trance tracks. 'Professional griefers' is one to remember. Great track with upbeat lyrics and melody. 'Closer' has some innovative chord progressions in it that I enjoy very much. 'The Veldt' and 'Channel 42' are quite enjoyable. All in all the album was great but the Cypress Hill track, 'Failbait' disappointed me. That's not the direction deadmau5 should face in my opinion. Final word, Get this album!


Half peaceful, half intense. Great album. Not his best, but in the top.


Don't get me wrong this a great album,but with all that said most tracks feel out of place.Like failbait is awesome but its a rap song not dance.The thing that made me rap my head around is the fact that it came with: 1.A live version of strobe 2.One remix of both veldt and professional greifers 3.Two music videos. Keep up the good work and make your new album Another Random Album Title.


Armed with a collection of adrenaline-pumping beats and diverse vocal appearances, it's a musical force that continues to establish Zimmerman's place among the house music greats.


This was very disappointing


Love this...Love Deadmau5


Dear person below me, Shut up. This is an amazing album. Albeit, I have only been a mau5 fan of 2-3 years now, that has been enough time for me to decide that most if Joel's work is amazing and this album is absolutely amazing. The songs are all that I have expected. This is a great album and you know it.


People who don't understand mu5ic won't like this. Deadmau5 has great melodies, and talk about bass when it comes to the intro of Superliminal.


Amazing and worth it


This album is crap. I personally expected more Joel. You can make some amazing music but you simply have failed here. This entire album save 1 or 2 songs is the same tripe every other untalented and lame electronic musician pumps out in a few minutes. Nothing at all new. You are better that scrillex. You got your fame because you made music people hasn't heard before. You used to be in the same league as Daft Punk or Justice, but that was when you made interesting dance tunes. We need new, exiting songs that still have that heavy bass and killer synthesizers that made you. Don't just put any old thing out there. I'm not saying that I could do better, how ever hard it may be to write music if its not better than everything else you won't get much attention.


I love it

Glee Peepz

dat Gerard song<3


Deadmau5 rocked it!! His music is solely consistent to the dance genre, which is perfect cause he scathes Dubstep, & so do I! It's pumping energy without the alien sounds to boost it!


I'm an edm veteran and have been a loyal fan of the music I love, not the dj's. (Hint, hint). Anyway, I have to agree with the three star rater... This album blows. Two potentially great songs aren't even finished. It's like Joel just put this out so people who don't know about edm can buy it. Well, you didn't get me. I bought but one song, so I would be able to review this album. Don't buy the album.


Listen to real dub step


Ive read a lot of reviews about this album and most of them are low because of the order that the songs are in but who cares about the order if they are all god songs


In love with Channel 42. Overall great album.


I absolutely love this album

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