Disturbed - If I Ever Lose My Faith in You

℗ 2020 Reprise Records

If I Ever Lose My Faith in You - Single Tracklist:


Haunting Lyrics


Don’t Worry Be Happy? GMAFB


Disturbed releases another “ballad” cover. It’s an interesting twist on the 1993 Sting hit. We get both a soulful, simple melody ... and a touch of the Disturbed we all know and love. The more I listen to this, the better I like it. Whether you like this side of Disturbed or not, I believe it will rank as well as “Sound of Silence”.




Besides the cover which I really like, I do have some things to say. Bands eventually evolve overtime and change they’re sound up a bit. Just because they’ve never released ballads up until recently doesn’t mean that they’re not the same band, they’ll still have their heavy side and I think it actually breathes some fresh air for them, it’s not what YOU want, but it’s what THEY want.


Another lousy campfire slow cover song! These guys steered so so far awy from their Sickness type stuff, and are such sellouts. Boring.


Awesome cover!!!

I will be heard

Clearly they have lost their testosterone! They must’ve been high when they said Evolution was their black album. This is worse than anything in that. They’ve put out some of my fav music so love them for that but this?


I miss Disturbed,what happened to them?

Huber Scoober

Beautiful lyrics!!!

Snow Meister

How come bands never get heavier ?? This is pop...


This is a good solid sound and I love the chorus, but still prefer the original by Sting. Great song!


People really need to chill with all the hate for this band recently


I bet David could do any song if he wanted even from any artist let’s say ‘hootie and the blowfish’ or ‘nickleback’. Haha yeah man hooray.


Absolutely amazing and powerful cover!!!