Ed Sheeran - Afterglow

An Asylum Records UK release, a division of Atlantic Records UK, ℗ 2020 Warner Music UK Limited

Afterglow - Single Tracklist:

Swiftie #275868094

usually i don’t like *d she*ran, but for some reason i like this...

Iced rocks

I love his music, written from the heart. I can’t wait for his new album.


One pandemic at a time please!!!!

Only good writing

Not my absolute favorite of his but it is good! Not sure why he gets so much hate, he’s better than most of the artists on the charts.


This is a nice app


Like it a lot


People being hateful and saying this isn’t creative are really dumb and inconsiderate!!!! This is Ed’s style if you don’t like it DONT listen!!! ITS GREAT


i expect more

[email protected]&

This song just isn’t doing it for me. Doesn’t really have any outstanding parts in it like some of his other songs. Just kinda the same guitar chord progression in the background the whole time with the verses and melody and Nothing special to differentiate it from the rest of his songs. I may have enjoyed it more if the melody wasn’t as simple as it is. Spice it up a little next time. I’ll be listening 👍🏻


The whole indie and folk genre is becoming more popular and I’m thriving for it. Ed does an amazing job in my honest opinion no one does it like him.


Ed is amazing. This is amazing. His next song will be amazing.


I’ll say this: Sheeran does sound like he’s getting comfortable being himself again, rather than chasing pop hits and collaborating with people he has no business making music with and it turning out horrible. This sounds like an Ed Sheeran song, and that’s good. It’s very spare, acoustic, and has surprisingly great melodies. Not much else to it though. It’s not the best Ed Sheeran song, but it’s definitely not the worst or least inspired. The lyrics are boring and really corny, but the rest of the song’s kinda there for me. It’s fine.


I love him

Loco Rodriquez

Keep up the great work my brother

Metal Abe

I think this is one of his best songs of all time. Epic.


Ed at his best once again!!


His music is AMAZING

Ravens vs 49ers g

Nice and relaxing


This song is so beautiful! I think it’s missing something tho! I did a karaoke version and posted it on YouTube and I honestly like m version better after hearing this Tone!

Esme Fi

The white gays seem kinda mad and its funny cos Ed doesnt care😭😭 anyways stream Afterglow






Not sure why this is getting so much hate. So what if it’s not his best song of all time. It has cute lyrics, a catchy tune, and Ed’s beautiful voice. That’s a good song to me.


Beautiful! Can’t wait for more!


Who willingly listens to this?


As much as I like Ed Sheeran (I listen to mainly his first 3 albums), this song is nothing too special. It’s good, but not memorable, nor a hit. It’s simple, which is not bad, but simple can only take you so far when it comes to diversity and originality

Fire 404

Why do people promote old music I don’t understand. He’s not original at all everything he releases sounds the exact same how can you be like “omg I love this song”they all sound the exact same there’s nothing new and nothing impressive stop promoting boring old music in this country it’s killing the music industry.


I love this song sO much it’s beautiful, can’t wait for what’s to come!!


Beautiful song. I love it!


This is so basic it sounds like all his other songs just please stop or start being creative for once


I like it


another payola song


No catchy hook


bad song


Haters gonna hate but this song is FIRE! Hope the live acoustics becomes available for purchase too. Love Ed and all his genres. So excited he’s back and has heartfelt stories to tell through beautiful melodies. This song is good in the first listen and then quickly becomes stuck in your head as you hum it all day by the next feed listens. Definitely leaves me wishing it was twice as long, but there’s always the repeat button!

Legend Reviews

Why must this exist

florence klinghoffer

this gonna cause another world pandemic. dear lord please stop him


His music was way better when he wasn’t as popular here in the US

miracoulus ladybug

i like the guitar melody but the lyrics and song sound itself makes me wanna sleepy. ok, i would listen to this again but i would listen to this during a slow dance at a wedding. i was looking for something more exciting with twists, and turns. so it could reflect on the year “2020” itself. Ed, you can do better! this song is just overall a flop. if ur looking for something that’s a snooze, boring, and sounds just tired, this is the song for you. disappointed. 😐

Mahim Mathur

This is beautiful. I think this is a sneak preview to his next album, which will be one critics can't trash on.


Love it! It is so beautifully written. We all need a song like this. Thank you Ed!


Please not another song that will play nonstop for 5 years on the radio


Me sis says dis needed a five star. Haven’t heard it yet. Lol.


Ed came out of hibernation with this incredible song. It is uniquely him and perfect for this time of year. Nothing makes me melt quite like his music and this single is no different. Treat your ears to something incredible.


It’s the gift we didn’t expect nor know we needed until we had it - beautiful!


Ed dropped an awesome Xmas prezzie for his fans! Have been listening to it nonstop 🎶🎶 Ignore the Twitterbrats that purposely go through other artists reviews and give them one star in the hopes of lifting their faves up 🙄


This is a beautiful song that made me cry. Anyone who doesn’t like it is without a heart or soul, or has never felt deep emotions like love, lust, or loss.




I actually really dig Ed Sheeran I think he’s super talented. But this song is way overproduced and unexciting. So bland. Say what you will about Shape of You, it gets people dancing. Castle On the Hill was heartfelt and had an anthemic chorus. This is just autopilot Ed.

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