Elevation Worship - Graves into Gardens (Live)

℗ 2020 Elevation Worship Records

Graves into Gardens (Live) Tracklist:

Storm boy 1000%

I’ve been somewhat disappointed with some of the more recent worship music released lately, but this song has some songs that I find incredibly refreshing & encouraging. Definitely check out Graves Into Gardens, which is one of my new all time favorite worship songs!


I have chills all over my body. This song is powerful!

Holistic Right

I didn't buy the album because something is not right. Both versions are $20!? Why? There are at least 3 less songs on the standard version. I don't know why all the music videos are on both either. $20 is a lot even for the deluxe version. The standard should be $9.99 especially if it doesn't have one of their featured singles. Doesn't make sense. Apple needs to fix the pricing. I rated for the pricing issue.


These songs...these lyrics...if my heart had a sound system into the world, this album would be playing on repeat 🙌🏻


I have been waiting for this album, SO BLESSED. 😭❤️

Trust and Us



not good. buy Charmbracelet by Mariah Carey #JusticeForCharmbracelet

Dave Ceja - Music Director

Thank you for this album Elevation Worship The songs are 🔥 the music is 🔥 Can’t wait to go back to church and cry out this lyrics at the altar! 🔥


Smoking hot 🔥 album - Absolutely transports me!!! ❤️🙌🏼✝️


This is the best album I have heard in years! Praise God! Rattle has rapidly become one of my favorite songs of all time. Thank you Elevation Church!


This is such a beautiful album


I say this with every new album, but this is my favorite album to date! It’s so spirit filled and speaks so much life over my life! God has been speaking to me a lot through this music and this music can speak to you as well! Do yourself a favor and feed your spirit with thus amazing music!


Elevation Worship has yet again, rose to the occasion. With the pandemic going on around the world, they couldn’t have been more spot on in giving us such a hope for the future. A big round of applause to Steven Furtick, Elevation Church and Elevation Worship for a job well done. Thanks be to God!


We need to hear a song like this one in a time of fear and panic we need to know that our risen Savior Jesus Christ is LORD HE is still in control, Thanks Elevation Worship.


I used to like Elevation but wow they really went shallow lyrically this time around. Where is the substance of Resurrecting or O Come to the Altar or even Do It Again? Not a single song here echoes the Gospel. It’s all about what God can do for you. Disappointed to say the least.


i have stated my case, Elevation Worship is beyond superior


Oh, this is sold out praise to the only One who saves! I pray for this to be on every mobile device and radio station. Praise the Lord and do it with all!


As others before have said. This song could not have came at a better time. My business has slowed down. I’m going through some personal issues. And it just doesn’t matter. There is NOTHING better than YOU! I thank everyone that had a part in this song.

S.C. Teacher

“Cause the God of the mountain is the God of the valley...”

kimani victoria

You realized the song on my birthday. It’s the best gift ever to here those lyrics and declare them in my life ... thanks elevation ❤️❤️


Yet another anthem of hope that points us directly to our Holy God!


This is my favorite new praise and worship song! Brandon and Elevation Worship are Spirit filled individuals bringing lots of love and hope to the world. This on is pure 🔥🙌


This song couldn’t have dropped at a more perfect time.

Meno J

The lyrics of this song is anthemic! The melody is infectious! Songs like this one causes the global church to feel intentional unity! Brandon Lake you have an incredible gift there bud!


This song is SO RAW, yet SO POWERFUL at the same time!!!!💥💥💥💥🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻Thanks Elevation Worship and Brandon Lake. Exactly what I needed during my present season.⚰️🥀


This song is so powerful 👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻

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