Sharon Van Etten - Epic

℗ 2010 Ba Da Bing!

Epic Tracklist:


We'll be seeing her in February at the Fillmore in San Francsico. This album is just about perfection. I put it up there with Mazzy Star''s, So Tonight I might See, The Verve's, Urban Hymnes, etc etc. She's amazing.


"Love More" is amazing. Seen it live before and gives me goosebumps every since...


I heard "Save Yourself" and others on a live set she did on KCRW and loved it. The album studio version is somehow not as the flourishes she gives her music at a live show, but, with Lex Land, she's the best new female singer/songwriter I've heard in a while. She's an honest and beautiful singer. If you like early Neko Case, Lex Land, or Jolie Holland, check out Sharon van Etten -- and try to see her live if you can.


This cd is absolutely amazing!


Please come over and sing the phone book or the take out menus or whatever. Lovely, lovely voice, and sweet yet understated music that just sneaks in through your ears and wraps its sad little sounds around your heart. I will concede Epic is not a great title.


hypnotic, immediately and viral upon repeated listens. i really enjoy listening to this record after dark.


Sharon Van Etten inspires me to write my own music. There is something so completely "open" about her sound. I'm constantly amazed at how she uses her voice in different ways to capture an emotion or use it as an effect. Nobody moves between the melodies and melismas the way that she does. So fluid and honest sounding to the ear. It's so haunting, captivating and utterly beautiful. I have to say. I heard "Love More" before the release of the album and it was the first song in years to have such a profound pull on me. I became an instant fan afterwards. Keep writing Sharon. I love your work and I find you to be completely refreshing.


I like the “reviewer” who put “Epic” on the bannished word list. I think “bannished” should be on it too. He probably wouldn’t like the Dear Leader’s “Stay Epic” either—a shame to miss good music because you don’t like the album title. (Safe recommendation: The Beatles’ white album.) As for Sharon Van Etten, she really does have a unique sound but one which grows on you. Some of the instrumentation on "Love More" reminds me a little of Sigur Ros, but it's the lyrics that carry the load.


what the heck is this! i had never had a album or song creep and scare me like this this is 100% trash if they had let me rate less than 1 star, like 0.0 i would have doen it! it deserves less than that! :( it makes me cry and gives me nightmares

Flash W

lush, delightfully sprawling, and at times seductive. compelling new talent. a winner.


feel the sarrow


She sounds like she is whining the songs


Guess why banished words epic epic epic wht ya gonna do, huh.


heard "peace signs" on kcrw . . . and that pretty much sold me . . . . and im a semi-jaded aging punker . . . .

Disnfranchised Youth

This is a tremendous album. "One Day" is one of the best songs I've heard in years and "Save Yourself" isn't far behind. Great things lie ahead for Sharon Va Etten!


Absolutely gorgeous music.

Nick Sanchez

She has a very unique sound. Not my type of music, but its still good.


This is a wonderful record. Sharon Van Etten has always been a great songwriter; now she has a full band! I recently saw the band in action and was utterly captivated! My favorite song on the new record is "Don't Do It" - haunting and beautiful.