Five Finger Death Punch - F8

℗ 2020 Five Finger Death Punch, under exclusive license to Better Noise Music

F8 Tracklist:



Every song sounds the same. They lost me!


I’ve been listening to FFDP for roughly five years now. I’ve listened to every album and single they’ve produced. Let me tell you that this is an AWESOME album! I love the “F8” intro and how it perfectly transitions to “Inside Out”. Then I often listen to “A Little Bit Off” when I’m feeling a little bit off. My favorite song from the album has got to be “Full Circle”. Overall it’s possibly the greatest album FFDP has ever recorded.

Nick Lach

Feeling extra tough and edgy after listening to this album. Great pump up song for trying to fight girly men in the parking lot of Walmart over parking spots and own nOobs in Minecraft

Steven Rainmaker

Of all the 5FDP albums I own, this has to be the one I play the most. Definitely a step up from AJFN, and it’s right under WOTF


Inside out is decent but some songs remind me too much of Metallica’s St. Anger album


Yes !

Pizza face mcdude



I haven’t heard a song from them that I don’t like and I have all the albums


I enjoy FFDP tho a lot of people i know consider them to be “Kyle metal”. Inside out got me on this album but i couldn’t listen to the whole album because it sounds the same as every other song they have released. It’s boring. But the title goes with me seeing y’all get as but hurt as someone who likes TOOL when they have a different opinion on your favorite band.


Literally only one song on this that I actually like, but that's only because it almost sounds like what 5FDP was when they were actually good. Whether this is relevant to being an improvement or not, I won't say it is until they're actually what they are supposed to sound like. At least Ivan has the balls again to curse in his music.

kris < 3

absolutely in love with this album, every song is great.

To the unknown man

Curiosity after hearing one of my co-workers tak about them...Execrable noise. Most popular song is a ballad...Great! Haven't you heard this kind of music a hundred times already? All these guys sound the same, boring, sound is boosted far too much. Man music has taken a step backwards in the last 35 years. Go check Rory Gallagher '74 tour (the grey cover): That's music! Not this bubble gum.


Then go listen to the hits channel on xm. These guys know how to rock and still pump out quality lyrics. This band has come so far in the last couple years not musically but mentally as a band. And those of you who follow good rock like FFDP then you know what I’m talking about! Those of you who rated this with one star then here’s 2 of these 🖕🏻🖕🏻! Go rock out to Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber!


This album hits harder than my moms cast iron skillet!


This probably one of the best please be my guest and go listen to some pop maybe that’ll make you feel better about yourself.


Very awesome song


Sounds like an angry maroon 5... it’s not metal ... way of the fist was good, everything else is terrible. Wish I could have put zero stars

Total dr

Wow. This album is great. Brighter Side of Grey is great. Best one since The Way of the Fist.


Such a unique album 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻


Five finger death punch was the metal band that got me into metal. When I discovered Way of the fist, I knew right then and there, I was a knucklehead. Although Five finger’s progression and success has been musically disappointing to me, I am happy they are still going. This band was a huge part of my life during a difficult time and I will forever be a knucklehead.


never listened to it

The Waco Kidd

Just when you think they can’t get any worse...they do This album is pathetic. Ivan hasn’t put any real effort into anything in probably 10 years. Zoltan is trying his best, but the rest of the band is sounding tired and worn out... Maybe they need to look into a major overhaul and retool of the rhythm sections of the band, I know they haven’t had the best ability to keep members, but the current lineup just sounds like they’re trying to mimic the sound of an album from 5 years ago....over....and over...and over again I liked the first few albums decently enough, but no....stop forcing half baked (and lazy) covers down our throats and try to find that spark again.


Great album. My only complaint is that the drum recording could be greatly improved. This style of music needs loud heavy hitting kick drums. It’s just not there. It is there on their previous albums though.

Lindsay Elle

I have never been disappointed by one single song by FFDP, and this album has met all my expectations. Deep, and impactful lyrics across the board. Thank you Ivan for sharing your journey

krusty boi

Let’s be honest, the last two albums were a total disappointment and we all know that FFDP are capable of so much more. This album proves that they indeed are. From the vocalists of Ivan to the better sounding songs, this album got FFDP back on their feet and better than ever!! Rock on!!! 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾


This is the best album they’ve ever done


I've bought all 8 of their albums and I have yet to be disappointed by them. I love FFDP so much, they have helped me get through rough patches in life, especially in recent months with quarantine.

Erik Lensherr

As much as I like FFDP this album is straight up garbage.


I loved Got Your Six, but now with this album I’ve realized that’s about all I liked from them, they have good songs scattered around but those are mostly calmer songs, which is fine, it’s just they’ve lost that aggressive and powerful feel, Making Monsters was a big miss for me. Where’s the savagery of War is the Answer? Except that song was just vulgar for the sake of being vulgar. If you’re wanting heavy stuff, this isn’t for you, if you want more casual rock, this might be for you.


By far there best album


Most tracks have the same formula of simple drum beat and plain guitar riffs followed with a chorus near the end of each track that is only vocals. The album is way too repetitive. The best tracks are the bonus tracks. “A little bit off” has a “War is the Answer” vibe, but doesn’t save this album. Definitely could have done better.


The album rocks!


Just keep the music coming, and to hell with the haters!!! Have every album and Ivan sings to my rage and his voice keeps my hate warm! Hook melts away the pain with his riffs and Zoltan,and Kaelround out the sound. and Jeremy lays down the beat to get me ready to deal my day with 10 knuckles!!!!


I love there new cd so much it get through my bad days every time I listen to five figures death punch I now ever words in the song I sing all the song all the time every day all the time I love see five figures death punch live it the best time of your life to go see then live you will have the best time of your and the music is the to 100% buy all the song of this cd right now you will have fun with it now



shooter 2855

Classic sound with deep lyrics, I’m still a huge fan, I might be “a little bit off”. But I don’t think so!


Just because a band uses a formula, doesn’t mean every song sounds the same. Same thing with Slipknot; almost all their songs follow the same formula. This album is solid.


Would be awesome if they would go harder on vocals instead of holding back. This ain’t it chief


As a esteemed person that had heard every single one of their songs thus far, this album is awesome! Ivan's vocals are supreme! The calmer songs are good too! Don't listen to the people that tell you it sounds the same! It sounds awesome!


I don’t know what you critics are listening to but you obviously didn’t hear what I heard! Ivan is BACK! The entire album is AWESOME! Way heavier than recent releases. Thank you Ivan Moody and FFDP! AWESOME

Magickal Morphs

I’ve loved 5FDP for years. Excited as always to see a new album and couldn’t purchase/download it fast enough. I listened to the whole thing in one swoop, and am left wondering what happened to the band I love? None of the songs were catchy or memorable. Just meh. Won’t bother listening to it again, I felt it was that bad. Hoping the next will be better.


Pretty good so far 👍🏼


Haven’t had an album in a long time that made me love every single song almost immediately. Great mix of many genres of rock. Absolutely love this album


I’m a huge FFDP fan and I think this is some of their best work. Takes me back to American Capitalist and some of their old stuff. I’m so happy for Ivan’s recovery and keep rocking boys!🤘


Where my TWOTF gone :(

adj if k BF j

It’s wow

triksterxtreme rocking

Fantastic job, every song is awesome. They go farther on this album, there in there best on this one. By far the best album for rock and rollers everywhere...Keep rocking brothers and sisters.. hell yeah..