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Muan 73

Absolute best album ever made

Where's old tank??

Great mix of songs and artists on this record. Feel like Hardy is underrated as a writer and singer! First album in a long time, from any country artist, where I listen to the whole thing and don’t have to jump around to hit the good songs. Good stuff...


While I’m not typically a fan of pop country, Hardy does it in a way that makes it both meaningful lyrically, and just fun to listen to. The man just has a way with words. Hardy has a bright future ahead of him. Songs I liked the most were “My Kinda Livin” and “One Beer”.

Jus tennessee

Best album I’ve herd from start to finish. Should be number one on the chats!


Not a fan of the entire album but “No Place like Hometown” will be a huge hit next summer.


Brings great country legends together for a perfect album

Billy bob joe man

Love this whole album especially he went to Jared one beer and redneck tendencies it’s about time someone did a big album with a bunch of different artist


HARDY is the best young country songwriter and has followed it up by recording tremendous music like this album. Hop on the HARDY bandwagon now before it gets too full.


Hardy will be at the top of the game very soon, no doubt


Great album. Love every song.


Hardy is an amazing songwriter....but once again, another producers wants to achive that "wall of sound" and then compress the crpa out of it to help radio stations win the loudness war. There are few great songs but by the time to get to cut four, my ears are burned out with sameness and extreme compression. Too bad.

Country Guy4587

The artists picked for each song matched perfectly for the title. So glad to have new music


I really like this WHOLE album. It’s one of the best country/rock albums I’ve heard in a long time. Hardy has a bright future ahead of him.


Lol how do people like this! It’s not country!

Chicken Master Bryan

Hardy’s got so much talent. His voice and writing ability is amazing. Very creative project and I cannot wait to see what you put out next.


LOVE! nice to have someone sound like older country again <3! cant wait for vol 2!


Love all of the colabs, super creative.

matt hires!


Issued oxides

Fresh talent-great songs


Hardy shows why he is a rising country talent

Byron Bathory

This is not country, and it’s embarrassing that this even has to be said.


Hardy is the best!

Bear Hunt 55

Brilliant all the way around. Hixtape is all the buzz


Best top to bottom album I’ve heard in a while


The best song writer and one of the best albums out right now. Good work Hardy 🔥

Samcro Nomad

One of the Best Country music albums I’ve ever listened to!