Jake Owen - Days of Gold

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Days of Gold Tracklist:


Not a fan anymore hurt me really bad bye bye for life time now and forever

Spicy Homework

Track 1 what good beach rocking tropical Song in the late 2013s


Not much to say here. Good singer, good music. Overall: 7.25/10 Best: "Days of Gold" and "What We Ain't Got" Worst: "One Little Kiss"


This song is great for summer! I could listen to this song on repeat for hours!

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This album is good... I just wish he would go back to his roots, like barefoot blue Jean night and startin' with me. Those albums are real regular country.


This is my favorite country album of all time. Every song is so good.


Drivin all night, Beachin, Ghost town, they're all great. I love it!


What we ain't got really hits home.


Here’s what we aint got until this album! A good song by Jake Owen. NEED More songs like What We Aint Got and less predictable lyrics


The song "What We Ain't Got" really hits home for me and I have fallen in love with it. The whole album is amazing!! Great job!! :)


Great album, Jake!! Good song and after song.


He's so down do earth and he means everything that he sings. If you haven't seen him live you need to!

Robb 6

This is an AWESOME ALBUM very proud to say Jake and I come from the same hometown!


You guys who do not like Jake Owen Are just a bunch of haters. I hate haters if you have nothing nice to say do not say IT!!!!!!!!!:(


Jake rings up another winner with Days of Gold. Continues to find ways to keep the sounds fresh!


Beachin? It's a pop tune!!

Savannah Shirley

I love this. The people that hate it are downright crazy. I can't wait to see the concert in August maybe!💕


If you are looking fit country western, go away. Modern country is not country western, just what it is. So many great songs, Jake has a great voice and is even better live!


I love this so much.


this is god awful. jake owen, you are not a country music singer and your music is terrible. PLEASE STOP BUYING THIS IDIOT’S MUSIC AND HE WILL GO AWAY!

Wild Texas

I love this album the song are the best and they are amazing

Wild Texas

I love this album the song are the best and they are amazing


i love it! all the songs are great and jake owen is my most favorite singer ever! i'm also a country person so thats a bonus. i really enjoy this album. ilysm jake owen


Beachin might be the worst country song I've ever heard in my life!! Just plain terrible! What has happened to country western!!


This is the best artist out there, he sings so good and he's good looking !!! His songs always cheer me up when Im sad!!!! I love you Jake Owen💗💜😘

Train simu

So…now days "country" people sniff cocaine? I hate new country with all it's hillbilly fratboys just trying to make a quick bicm


Everyone has heard Beachin on the radio, and I'm sure it will get even more air play this summer, but Tipsy should be the next single you hear because it's just as good if not better. Life of the Party and One Little Kiss are also standouts. Overall it is an excellent album.



Alex Forrest

Loved ghost town, the song made me feel nostalgic and happy at the same time. All the songs were awesome overall 😏


This is the song for my life lol


This is an all around great album!

Christine Som

Ugh I love his songs! What more can I say? Orgasmic! Haha

Yep I know

1st time I heard it I said "same tune as Shawn Mullins' "Lullaby"!! Don't believe me, go listen.


normally when I buy an album there is at least 1 or 2 songs that I will skip when I play the cd in the car... not this time!! I LOVE every single song on this!! its a must buy for any country music fan!


Jake brings a new fresh sound to country music. This is the album for the summer!


This could be my favorite modern country album ever…seriously


Jake owen is awesome! Very good album


Jake has done it again with another great album. 1972 and Beachin are two of my favorites. So many good songs, can’t wait to see him live.


Great album from top to bottom IMO well done!


Love every song.... Definitely my new summer tunes.


Awesome song!!!!


Great tune. A must download.


My boy JAREN JOHNSTON (and THE CADILLAC THREE-check them out!) let Jake cover their awesome song "Days of Gold" and he rocked it! Rest of the album is decent, I like the rowdy, more outlaw stuff but this album for sure has a chillin' at the beach feel you can't go wrong with. Love it!

Country Music Luvvr!

this album is amazing and the perfect summertime jam. from the goosebumps you get while listening to "ghost town" to that instant urge to find a beach when you hear "beachin" to how you want to get on a boat when you hear "days of gold", this album makes me want summer, summer, more summer and to be on a boat with jake owen <3 it's perfect and on repeat right now


I love love love Jake Owen’s “Starting With Me” album. The man can sing and he can sing well. But this whole country rap stuff has GOT TO GO. I had such higher hopes for this album. “What We Ain’t Got” is an awesome song though :)


This is his best album yet! This is the first time I've bought a whole album, I just just by songs in singles. But this album was so great I had to buy it! This is also the first review I've done as I'm only doing it cause this is such a good album! Especially 'Days of Gold' it kind of just pumps me up and gets me going! Best album!

Fun stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Love this album highly recommend it


Really good stuff. Songs all different and nothing annoying or too slow


I think this song has no tune. The chorus is OK.

Boss am

Good timing is the best song