Jason Mraz - Love Is a Four Letter Word

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Love Is a Four Letter Word Tracklist:


Robbie Stanton

Has one of my favorite songs “ I Won’t Give Up”.


This is a feel-good album that is filled with quality songs from start to finish, which is a rarity these days. Usually you only find albums with a couple good songs. This album as a whole seems to flow as a single unit with exceptional lyrics that are simple yet deep and profound, which demonstrates Mraz's musical gifts. He is a very unique and underrated artist in my opinion.


I first heard his voice on a cut from Christina Perri's Album. So I checked him out. Jason has a very easy listening, clear and soothing tone to his voice that had me wanting more. I will be happy to purchase this album and check out some of his other records! I was very happy with this. XXOO SUZIE Q

He did it again!!!!

great songs!!! he can never disappoint me!!! love this guys voice!!!


Takes a different beat than normal, but that's what makes a great artist! Albums that don't all sound the same! Great work mraz, keep em coming!!

SoulView singer

I am newer to this guy's catalog, so I'm not preferential. I bought this release on the strength of "I Won't Give Up," which, in my humble opinion, is one of the best love songs to come out in a very, VERY long time. Anyway, the entire album has really organic, almost totally analog sound, and it evokes the feel of the mid-70's singer/songwriter sound, while staying contemporary at the same time. After listening to some of his earlier work, I can see how many of his fans are confused by his supposed change of course, but I think it's really a means to stretch and flex his creative muscles. I'm excited to hear what he's got next! I think it's a great album!


I won't give up is my favorite song they have


Don't let I won't give up fool you.... This cd is pure Jason. He's very talented and can do so many different sounds and types of music you never know what you're going to come up against! this is pure downhome jams, And it shows. Great job.


I know many are upset that this is not necessarily identical to the older Jason Mraz albums, but artists sometimes change style - that's just what they do. No matter what, no artist can make an album exactly like their previous one. Jason is an amazing musician - he is a great singer, and he experiments with different styles in his music. Take the track "5/6" for example - that song is in 3-3-5/8 time, which is a very rare time signature. He moves from big horn backups like in "The Freedom Song" to soft acoustic guitar in "I Won't Give Up", to very jazzy like in "5/6". This album, to me, was a huge success, and deserves some credit!

Random 898765

I love all of Mraz's previous music, but this was so disappointing.


Oh my goodness, when I first listened to I Won't Give Up I swear I could've just cried right then and there because I totally thought, "This is what I say in my heart all the time. Nobody listens but me." This song, thanks to Jason Mraz, is my new favorite love song. Your words speak to me and tell me a story. That's what songs are for. Bravo.


I always have heard of Jason Mraz but I never knew he was this good! I love his voice. Beautiful! He needs more attention if you ask me.


I am sad to see some reviews of this album being so critical. I will admit that on first listen, I wasn't sure I would like it as much as previous Mraz material. However, I then thought that I felt the same way about We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. That has become an album I can listen to over and over and always catch something new. This album is much in the same vein. The songs are very different from his previous studio release and reflect a much happier and peaceful Mraz. It would be easy to dismiss many of these tunes as sappy love songs at first listen, but that would be a shame. Mraz can turn a musical and lyrical phrase unlike most of his contemporaries, so that the soul and emotion of his words become almost transcendent. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite recordings by ANYONE! It truly is a great album to listen to from start to finish. However, to me, the standout tracks are: Living in the Moment I Won't Give Up 93 Million Miles Everything is Sound Hidden Track And if you want a great track from the deluxe version and are not offended by profanity, I also recommend You Fckn Did It. Thank you, Jason, for another great collection of songs. I will see you performing in Charlotte, NC in August!


This album follows the unstoppable pace that Mraz is setting for himself. Hope he keeps up the great work.


There's not one song I don't like on this album! worth every penny. I especially like the Freedom Song, I Won't Give Up, Everything is Sound, and Living in the Moment. The cover art is so creative. who woulda thought a rectangle, circle, triangle, and square could spell "love"


This album is like most of his to me. Some awesome songs and solid lyrics, but nothing beats Jason live or acoustic with Toca. Once he drops a live album with some of these songs on it, all will be understood. ( Live at Navy Pier ) example


I love his voice and choices of melody, no matter what he does, it's always interesting. This album has a "jazz" feel and i LOVE it!!


he has some great songs in this album but they aren't the best he's done. what frustrates me is that a ton of people (especially teens) never heard of him till the song "i won't give up" and now they claim they love him. what most of those people don't understand is that he has soooo much better songs and he is great with his metaphors and play on words. i seriously think he left his teachers speechless as kid during the poetry unit. anyways, he should have put songs like from we sing we dance we steal things into this album. not only would it make the album better, but it would also introduce people to GREAT song writer.


Very enjoyable. Mraz is one of the few commercially successful talents in today's pop music scene.


I've loved all that Jason has done to date, and love this even more. Seems some love and some don't dig this album, but I am one that totally gets all four letters of that LOVE! It's a great piece of work that has made my summer a VERY happy time... can't wait to see you at PNC, Jason. Thank you for everything, the music and the advocacy on behalf of Marriage Equality. You are a truly amazing man!


From start to finish, this is a fun happy album. LOVE IT!


Jason Mraz is such an inspiration and continues to inspire with his music the lyrics are phenomenal and I can't stop listening to it!


What a lame album! Seriously his old music was amazing and then he comes up with this lame album! What a dissapointment!


I'll be honest - it took me a few listens to appreciate the complexity of this album, and I'm guessing the lower-starred reviews are from folks who have skimmed it rather than digging in. It's worth your time - without a doubt. Definitely less word play, but these tracks are lyrically very strong. Interestingly enough, if you focus on the slower tempo songs on Waiting for My Rocket to Come right after listening Love is a Four Letter Word, you'll hear a lot of similarities - so much do that the latest feels like the "grownsed-up" sequel to the first. Five stars on this one is a no-brainer.


I love all these songs!!!all I can say is...amazing!


Right after we sing, we dance, we steal things was released.. I watched an interview of Jason with Perez Hilton which included discussion of his next album. Jason stated that he planned to go a lot smoother and I'm glad that years later, he released an album that was exactly that. Each album he's ever released has differed in style from ones previous. It'd be an understatement to say he grows as an artist with each album. He explores so many different avenues while still holding true to his roots. I think some may be disappointed because this album is less catchy and radio, and the songs that ARE popular are more repetitive than his older songs. But each song on this album is so deep. Even songs such as everything is sound and frank d fixer which are more light hearted and fun. I think he is incredible and way under appreciated. He is a true talent both musically and in song writing.


I don't know all of Mraz's songs except for a handful and I love them all, but this album is full of a ton of songs that I love. I think the direction he went with this album and the writing is amazing. I am really enjoying listening to it no matter what I am doing. I think it is his best so far and will be in my car all summer long to jam out to!


Artists like Mr. Mraz evolve..they change….you either choose to evolve with them….or stay as you and the artists was…if you have chosen to evolve..you will like this album….if you haven't….the choice is yours…..my choice has been to evolve….and love the artist for his evolution…not what I think it should be. Cheers Mr. Mraz,


Go Jason...I love I Won't Give Up, but I was pretty dissapointed in the other songs, which are not like his old albums. Where's the old Jason? I would not buy this album, even though I support J, this is just...blecchh. But I Won't Give Up is great, that's why I rated it 3 stars.


Let me start off by saying Jason is my all-time favorite artist, but the new direction this album took is not the sound I fell in love with years and years ago. I bought the album as soon as it was released to support J, but after one listen, I couldn't stand to have it on loop like some of his older music. What's so great about the songs from the older albums is that they were multilayered. It takes a few listens to understand and with each additional listen, new meanings can be put to every lyric. The message in this album is redundant and the songs are, dare I say, "cheesy." It hurts me to say that because I really did try to like it, but to no avail. I want to hear about his pain after the big breakup. I was waiting for songs like "The Only Life You Can Save," "When We Die," and the hundreds of other heavy songs I'm sure he's written to make an appearance. At least we got a little more of the old Mraz on the live EP. "You Fckn Did It," like "Dynamo of Volition," is a favorite. The compilation is also very scattered. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. It seems as though nothing will be as good as WSWDWST. After a four year wait, it's hard not to expect a lot from the man, I just know he can do better. This mainstream sound is not you, Jason! Until next time...

Theatre Guy

Jason is my all-time favorite, but i was extremely disappointed with this new direction into the more mainstream, commercialized realm. Come on, Jason.


how could u not love this music? Its peaceful, calm, but powerful, sweet, and its REAL music. Mr. A-Z, keep up the good work :) I still love you, more than ever.

C is kool

Beautiful is all I have to say about this recorded love it :)


I am getting an error message / file is corrupted on just this track - all other songs are downloaded to my iTunes


Really Jason? This is the best you could come up with in almost four years? You win some Grammies and get complacent? Where is the word play dude? I bought to tickets for the 2012 tour before I got the album. Crossing my fingers he jazzes these beastly easy-listening tracks into something fantastic or I may have to give up my Mraz Fan Club membership.


jason is definatly my favorite musician I thought his otehr albums were sooo nice like he made all the albums really fresh. This is very boring I know there are some other songs he could use. The songs in this album are the same thing, they're so slow and feels empty and the th WAY he sings is also the same throughout the album. Theres no filling in the songs it feels like they're all the same songs. Im really disapointed. I know he could make a way more fresh sounding album even if he did want to go for that aquatic feel. Just because you wanted a aquatic soothing song doesnt mean it has to BE SO EMPTY and play all whole notes or something....there are other ways to make an aquatic song other then playing slower notes and have less instruments( although im not saying he's doing it, im talking in general of all musicians, but i am saying his songs are very boring). sounds very country too, thats not good, gets boring. I love jason mraz's song...im yours is my favorite song of alll time and i loved geek in the pink, wordplay, and lucky and everything. I just think that this album is very boring, this doesnt feel like jason mraz.


I LOVE the song "Everything is sound" !! And "Livin In The Moment" I like Mraz' thinking.


I downloaded this album after hearing sample iTune clips. I love Jason Mraz and I have to say that he has done an outstanding job on producing this new album. Every song is pleasant to listen to - very chill, very relaxing, and lyrics is great, too! This is a must buy!


I was super excited to see this album coming out. When the first single was released, I listened and didn't want it. Now I'm listening to clips from this one, and I'm sorry Jason...but I'm missing the Geek in th Pink...where is he??


Love it to death. Made love with my future husband to I won't give up. It sets the mood. Now I sing it to our unborn baby.


He is amazing in every way and this album proves it. There is not another performer that can captivate like jason and David Sylvian….


Very disappointing album!


Jason, you could sing the information contained in the yellow pages and I think I'd enjoy it.....I simply love your voice <3


Never disappoints - Jason is as versatile as they come! Here is the music for all of you softies out there. If you prefer his edgier style - this might not be the album for you, but don't dis the album because it is not your style! You can just wait for the next offering...


I love the song "I'm Yours." It is my all-time favorite song, and therefore Jason Mraz is my all-time favorite artist, but this album disappoints me. "The Freedom" song sounds like something that would have been popular in the '80s, which is to say, terrible. "Living in the Moment," "Everything is Sound" and "The Woman I Love," on the other hand, are very sweet and almost hit home with a catchy tunes that makes me smile. That kind of song is what made me love Jason Mraz's music in the first place. Then, suddenly, I am listening to "I Won't Give Up," "93 Million Miles" and "5/6" where he is crooning a song that has been sung too many times before. They are okay, but not the songs I was expecting from the wonderful ratings (at least of "I Won't Give Up," "5/6" not too much.) "Frank D. Fixer" is surpisingly a pretty good song, but not my favorite by a long shot. "Who's Thinking About You Now?" isn't "familiar like a de ja vu, familiar like a de ja vu" compared to the other songs by him I like and it definately doesn't "qualify, qualify, qualify" to be on my list of favorites. "In Your Hands" really is like "diving into a pool without water"-- It sounds pretty good, but then ends rather generic. There's not much there. Same with "Be Honest (feat. Inara George)," which sounds like they are trying to recreate the song "Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat)." "The World As I See It" is an okay song, and the repetition is catchy. "Hidden Track" is strange to put as the bonus song for buying the entire album, since the quality isn't that great. I fear that I will be hearing songs from "Love is a Four Letter Word" coming to all the elevators near me soon.


He has a voice that is so sweet. Love his acoustic type of music.


I found the music on Jason Mraz's latest album very refreshing. Judge for youself. Very well done!


Happy songs sung beautifully!


Keeping with the four theme I give this record 4/5 stars. As an avid Mraz fan, I find this to be a decent follow up to a "life changing" record he last put out. Due to the massive success of his last record people are going to expect the same thing again, and if you do, you must not be an artist yourself. You can't produce the same thing twice and call it a done deal. I like the slower side of Mraz, and you get this with him. I can only imagine the amount of pressure he had in writing this record based on "I'm yours" success. Job well done. On a side note, even of you are only a "somewhat" fan of Mraz, go see him live. Great experience.


People act like artists are always supposed to stay the same JUST to make the listener happy. This isn't about you. Just because he isn't the Mraz you "used to know" you've shut down your mind and heart to the message he is trying to send. Why is the whole world obsessed with upbeat stuff. Slow down. Feel the love in the world. Really listen to the lyrics. The album is beautiful and he still has his own sound. I haven't heard any sound like his and it's not even mainstream. Anything less than five stars is an insult.