JESSIA - I'm not Pretty

℗ 2021 JESSIA Music

I'm not Pretty - Single Tracklist:


I love this song!!


You guy killed it. A true bop.


You guy killed it. A true bop.


Loved that you guys shared this process with everyone! It makes the song feel different! Such a great message and a really fun sounding song!


Absolutely love this song and the lyrics!!


Love it! Good Job!!!!!


I’ve been watching the evolution of this song on TikTok and waiting to buy it Bc it’s exactly what I need and it is the best kind of ear worm. Yay!!!!




Love jamming to this song.

Shirly (",)

Your brilliant composition and Elijahwoodsmusic made this piece awesome!


Jessica music and Elijahwoodsmusic did such and amazing job working on this together!!!


It’s a bop!!


This is the best thing you could give the people with a belly and a bum. 🥳

Thanks you i’ve had it stuck in my head for the last week and a half


Such a good song! A real bop!


I love this song so much!! Seeing it be made on tiktok is just insane! Absolutely love it!!


Making tiktok music in a week. Ok.

Karina Abbigala

very catchy w nice message


This is such a bop. Her voice is smoky and soulful. The lyrics are fire. The production from Elijah Woods is the icing on the top.


First heard her sing this in her car on Tiktok and so glad she was able to make it a full song!! Can't wait to see what else you can do!

Lia Marie 90

This was made in like 4 days and it’s a masterpiece!


I love this song so much! It’s going on my regular playlist.


Lovely and a catchy song!


So happy I came across Jessica and Elijah on Tiktok! This song has a great message, was made so quick and I’m so impressed! Download immediately!


Great beat, great lyrics and i love it.


Yesssss more please!!

Kaity Mac

I can relate to this song so I don't even know how to explain how much this means to me.


Download it! It’s great!


You did it, Girl! 🤍 keep working on your dreams!


I saw this song created on tiktok from start to finish. Absolutely in love with the song, and now the story behind production. Wishing you all kinds of good things in 2021!


Started as a little video on TikTok, add millions of views and this is what you get. A song that girls can understand and feel because it’s how they think. This song is so raw and beautiful, we all have our imperfections and this song makes it okay for us to recognize them. As a women in her early 20s I feel so powerful from this song and it has made me feel better about the body I’m living in. On top of that it shows me that I’m not the only one in this world struggling with self image issues. I waited till midnight just so I could buy this song and listen to it finished, I’m truly happy I decided to do that. Now I’m currently sitting in my room and just finished getting ready for work after have this song on reply as loud as it would go. I’m ready to start my day and who’s to say that this won’t be my daily motivation song. Thank you JESSIA & Elijah Woods for giving me something to look forward to and making a song that’s a total bop.


I watched this whole thing unfold on TikTok and I have been obsessed with this song. It is stuck in my head, but I’m not even mad about it!! I love it and it’s the perfect song to listen to on repeat!


I'm in love this song, it is literally perfect and so catchy! Y'all did so great!!!


This song will absolutely be a radio hit shortly.