Justin Moore - Late Nights and Longnecks

℗ 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Late Nights and Longnecks Tracklist:


JM is under appreciated in country music.

hates Why We Drink

Why we drink screams alcohol issues. It’s disgusting hearing. To say you drink to everything and would rather drink than talk to a therapist is awful and quite frankly detrimental to our society. You are a leader.. start being one.


The most amazing real country album to come out in years. This Rivals Luke Combs! No pretty boys singing pretty songs on this album. 'Never Gonna Drink Again' is the most perfect song to come out in ages! Justin had to postpone his Minneapolis show cuz of the bug but it's rescheduled for December. I'll crank this album all summer in my truck! I've found my summer 2020 soundtrack!!!!

JohnK reviews

One the most best songs and I listen to it quite a few time. Impactful song for me back then when I was younger


Justin Moore is my boy! I have listened to everything he puts out. This one has to be one of my favorites. You can never go wrong with the good ol country sound of this album.

Wolf Kawia🐕🐉🐾

This song really touched me because my mom works at the hospital and having two parents that both work isn’t very easy and a little stressful.This song made me feel better about myself


It’s nothing but outlaw & and true country music.


Enjoyed the return to a more traditional sound! Hope he makes more albums like this one!


Other artists take notice … There is still a market for TRUE country music!


Justin keeps it country once again. Love the song Some Day I Gotta Quit


First, I’m not knocking this album at all. I really enjoy/ed it. My ONLY complaint is that it is a pretty short album. My least favorite song is Small Town Street Cred. It still gets played when it comes on but it’s not my favorite.

FlipSavage 54

Thanks for going back to the sound that made us fans and making some country music! 1000 times better than the last album.


Listening since the beginning! Awesome! He does it again, bringing country music back to the world! JUSTIN MOORE IS THE MAN!


This song is good


After an album or two that were way too pop for my taste, it looks like Justin Moore is back to his southern rock ways. Lovin’ this album

Mr.macho and awesome

Not my favorite compared to his past albums but his voice is still best in business


The whole album is amazing.. Justin keeps providing us with great country music but never gets recognized by any awards show.


Justin is highly underrated but he is one of the few artists sticking true to his roots and providing some great country music. No country pop here.


Some straight country here! Solid rebound from the last album which i have to admit was a little poppy. This comes out swinging with concrete honky tonk! Love it all

ETC/GS fan.

I have been waiting months for this and Jon Wolfe’s new album to come out. Been listening to it nonstop since Friday. Lol.


Tough to say because he’s put out some great country music, but this is his best to date. If you’re a fan, you’ll love it...if you’re not, you’ll still love it. Keep it up!


Better than old town road that’s for sure


Justin is an absolutely amazing country artist. Like everyone said he’s bringing country back. George Strait, Alan Jackson, Hank Williams jr, Hank Williams sr are some of the best country musicians (just to name a few) that are out there and I believe Justin can be like them. He could be someone that everyone remembers a century later. He could be someone we listen to when we’re old. I believe he’s done something amazing. I love ya Justin.❤️


What a great and refreshing album! Thanks for putting this out, absolutely love it!


Glad Justin is back from his pop BS!


It’s wonderful, just like expected. 👏🏻🤩💙


This album not only shows Justin in his glory, it shows the range that he and his band mates have. From Roger and Chris making the twangs, David’s deep bass and the piano from Corey to the drums that keep the beat. I even recognize the swing from the steel, this is what country music should be and even the “veterans of country” could learn a little from this album. Very personal songs again from the guy that sings about hometowns, personal times and growing up. I’m so excited to get to see these guys live in concert for my 7th show! Thanks for keeping your true self on this album! Dusty Boston


As he always has Justin delivered again!


What a great refreshing country album. Justin Moore hits it out of the park with this album.

dancer and softball

I grew up listening to country music. I grew up In the country and he is all I listened to you. When I say all I mean all y’all. He is all I listened to. Little nas x tried country and couldn’t so we need to keep country the same no more rappers trying to be country.


Absolutely love this album!


Absolutely love this cd!


Everything Time he comes out with a new cd all the songs are great! Keep it up!


I’ve been a huge fan fan for years and think he is the closest person to the great ones that I grew up with. The last album there were only 2 songs I could get behind, the rest of it I thought were record company forced pop garbage! Maybe he pulled a Waylon and said my way or the highway or maybe the record company figured it out to leave him alone and do his thing because it works!! Love it so far Justin stay true to yourself and your roots and you’ll stick around for awhile. Do what these other guys are doing and you’ll have a couple radio hits and fade-away like the rest of these pop-country guys! I just picked up my copy(yeah I’m one of them that likes to hold it in my hand and read the whole jacket)! All I can say is effing yeah he’s back and with a vengeance!!! All artist are entitled to one mistake in my book and that was the last album, he has found himself again and then some!! I absolutely love this new album👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻. Thank you Justin!!


Thanks for getting back to COUNTRY, much needed relief. Solid from 1-10. Hard to pick a favorite

Country Guy4587

Amazing work Justin


Justin always putting out good music.


I thought I had already heard the best of country music. I was wrong.


The award show needs you and save us from this pop country! Can’t wait for new CD to hit the stores.Why We Drink should be the next single.. love the album

Tipper Mom

I will buy anything Justin puts out there but love that he is back to what made me love his music so much to begin with. Love each song released so far. Hope he can stay true to this sound and his roots. This is what made his fan base. Love Love Love!!!


Take note “country artists” because Justin Moore just reclaimed the genre. This is an evolution of country music that makes sense. It feels right, it feels authentic, it feels like country music. Listening to this album is a relief - finally somebody has delivered something that’s real and doesn’t make me double check to see if I’ve accidentally landed on a pop or hip hop radio station.


Real country right here ol son


ACTUAL👏🏼COUNTRY👏🏼MUSIC👏🏼 Much better than some tracks on “Kinda Don’t Care”, Justin. THIS is the kind of country music we love and want from you! Don’t screw this artist up, Big Machine


J Moore is at it again!!!!


Justin Moore done got his groove back.

JB 1979


bulldog yall

The song ones who didn’t make it back home is so sad just actually listen to the lyrics you could cry.


Anything Justin Moore puts out is the best of country!


Thanks for not sounding like this new pop country!! We love ya down in BAMA!!


Another amazing album, finally something I can really get into.