Kacey Musgraves - Rainbow

An MCA Nashville Release; ℗ 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Rainbow - Single Tracklist:

The Saints go marching in

I love this song it’s so pretty🤗

major lee hard

It’s either this or listen to non-stop fart noises from my 3 kids. Kacey Musgraves has proven to sound considerably better than an orchestra of farts.

sorb t

your voice is amazing


This song will make me cry but it also reminds me when I got to miss school to hold baby bear cubs. So that morning while me and my mom were waiting in the car I looked up at the sky and saw a tiny rainbow while the song was on. So now every time Kacey Musgraves song Rainbow comes on I know that the tiny rainbow and baby bear cubs are always with me even though I can’t see them face to face. 🌈❤️🐻


Golden Hour is one of my favorite albums this decade.


Musgraves complains country stations don't play her, well, that happens when you do not come up with country music.

las mm

Ya got some stuff from the store


Absolutely love love this song


I started crying in the middle of a 7-11 listening to this song. Thank you, Kacey.


Amazing 🤷🏻‍♂️

Moving Forward1

This definitely reaches the soul and soothes the pain of whatever is happening in your life. Sweetly done in a beautiful voice. Instills hope and makes taking that next step possible. Well done Kacey!!!!!


Listen, I get when people listen to this and say it’s “not country.” It doesn’t sound country, but the story behind the song is what makes me love Kacey and this whole album. Country isn’t just about the sound but the feel and story behind it. Country artists, in my opinion, will always be known as the best storytellers in this business!

Moises S.

Just beautiful ❤️


All of her music sounds the same...mellow and boring. She has a nice voice, but would like to hear songs that are more expansive such as the type of music Miranda Lambert or Carrie Underwood sings.


Whoever said this song is terrible is an a$$hole. So what if you don’t think it’s not country the song is beautiful and so is her voice.

savage 💩🦄

Kacey is awesome she is a great singer and is very talented!🙂🙃

Paul Richie

Kacey deserves all the success 💛

Mr. LeviMoore

Boring as hell. And not country at all. All I can say.


I just heard this song on the Grammys. It is the most emotional and meaningful song, and it really touched me. As I cried — and smiled — I realized what a gift this song will be for so many. It certainly is for me. Thank you.


This is really special. Her voice, the words, the soft production.... makes me cry every time. One of my favorite songs of all time. Kacey was made to sing this song and share it with the world. Thank you. It’ll all be alright 🦋🌈🌈