Keith Urban - THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1

A Hit Red Records/Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 Hit Red Records, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1 Tracklist:


P!NK Yes Ma’aM


Not his best...


Now, I am a country music fan, and I don't believe there has ever been a Keith Urban album that I simply didn't love. But this album, "The Speed of Now" is absolutely incredible and I will venture to say that of all the albums, I love this one the most. Not only is he daring to crossover genres, but the lyrics are more powerful than ever. "Say Something" caught me right out of gate. At first, I was just going to buy the one song, but after previewing it, there was just no way I could live without in my repetoire of Keith Urban music. Keith, you are absolutely awesome, and I applaud your movement. I love it... All of it.


Not sure what has happened to Keith Urban. I used to like him but this is no where near country music. So sick of crap like this being labeled country.

Luv Addict

Sounds like Keith download a music app and made an album. Far cry from country and the quality songs he once put out. Leave county and claim the pop scene, this is awful. Unfortunately it appears there will be a “Part 2” in the near future. 🤦


You roll down the windows of your car, drive and are dancing/singing/beating your hands on the steering wheel to the beat of Keith Urban. Gawd, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this entire album. I especially love that he’s combined his talents with other artists. It’s like he’s growing with the rest of us and isn’t afraid to try new things. Seriously, this album makes my soul smile.


Keith excellent job . I get so sick of people telling artists that they should do this and they should do that This is an excellent album it allows Keith to explore his artistry . They are called artists for a reason , Let them be artists and stop pigeon holing them and open your minds and all of you who give 1 star should just go away because it shows just how ignorant and closed minded you are . Keith keep doing what you do best .


I would think if people like Pink, they would like it. I like different collaborations like this one since I like pop music and country


I was hoping after the debacle of the Pop albums of Ripcord and Graffiti U, he would go back to Country music. I was dead wrong, this is more pure Pop music than the previous two albums. I hope there is not a "Part 2". Keith used to be one of my favorites, but not even going to pay his music any mind moving forward. The Country music genre has been obliterated and watered down with Pop, Hip/Hop and R&B.


There is not a single song that I don’t like in this album! It is great. Can’t wait for part two!!!😏


Haven't listened to the album but I love one too many!! So so so good!

Country Guy4587

The P!nk collab is amazing. Other great songs on here as well. Give it a listen and don't waste your time reading negative Nancy's in the comments lol


Did Keith download a music app? How many tracks used a drum machine. He's good, but quit calling yourself a country artist. Go ahead over with Taylor.


Please come Keith This is terrible

Ash West

I know artists change and evolve; but I just haven’t enjoyed Keith’s music ever since Defying Gravity came out. There have been some amazing songs but that’s it, not great albums. He might as well call himself pop or alternative because this isn’t really country at all. I miss the sounds he had on Golden Road


Y’all remember the Keith Urban that made “you’ll think of me”? That belonged on the country charts. This song does not.

Thomas Chris

Just by seeing the cover of this album, I can already tell it’s not real country. I wouldn’t buy this if you’re a real country music fan.


So good! Love every song on this album! Hope it stays at #1 for a while because he deserves it. Also the duet with p!nk is crazy good!


Call it pop, Edm, Rock, rap, hip hop. Anything but Country

Mr Tigertail

I’ve always liked Keith Urban, but now that he thinks he needs too sell out to the mob by changing his talent and standards, just to stay relevant in today’s so called Country music. I wonder why he doesn’t understand that he didn’t have change his style of songs.The truly great Country music stars like Alan Jackson,George Strait and Travis Tritt didn’t change,they continued too do their thing,like Keith should’ve.


I’m not a long time fan of Urban. I’ve enjoyed some of his songs here and there on the radio, but that’s about it. This album popped up on Spotify, I was in mood so checked it out. Enjoyed it from top to bottom! Great set! A total hit!


Love Keith and the way his music has evolved over the years! It’s fun, heartfelt, and just an all around beautiful album.

Jason Cannon

Thanks Apple music!!!!! I love this song. I was OBSSESSED the first I heard it. 🙌🏽🙌🏽


Phenomenal! Keith is a true artist and musician. I can’t stop listening to this new album. I LOVE IT!!! ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏😍😍😍


I"ve seen Keith 14 times in concert, bought every album and we considered him to be our favorite entertainer. His shows had so much charisma. Then he started making this horrible drum-machine laden pop. The last concert my husband and I attended was such a disappointment. I haven't bought the last two albums and I won't be buying this one. Nothing wrong with pop music, but this is just plain bad pop music. Gross.


I love it


There isn't a song on this CD that I don't love. Can't stop playing it. I thought his last CD was awesome but this one tops that even!


I'm a fan of Keith's music, have been for years. I personally enjoy the way he mixes country,rock, and pop. A bit of alternative too, and I laugh when iTunes labels his stuff country, but I guess they haven't come up with a better label for him yet. This is a good effort, with many good tracks on it. Skip the first two, and most of the rest of the album shines. Live With, Change Your Mind, Soul Food are my favorites.


I hate how artist still label themselves as a specific genre but it isn’t even the genre. I love Keith and he was my first ever country artist I ever saw. I love his guitar riffs, voice and songs. But his last 2 albums Graffiti U & this one, it’s very pop like (which I’m fine with) but don’t label it as country.


Great genre-defying album!! Keith Urban is a supremely talented musician & singer. Why do people have to define him by a category? He continues to explore music & collaborations that interest & inspire him and inspire us as well. He gives us insight into his heart in Better Than I Am, as well as a good ole time in Tumbleweed & Superman. Change Your Mind will break your heart. What’s not to love? Thank you, KU!!


All the reviewers saying, "It's not country enough!" or, "Pick a genre!" need to learn a little something about music, and about musical artists. It's called growth, and expanding your mind and horizons. Where do you think artists get their influences to become musicians in the first place? Just one genre? Pfft. Think of an artist being stuck in a genre as like eating the same thing Every meal, Every day. Boring! But I guess if you're happy being spoonfed just country music on lame country radio, there really is no hope for your musical taste anyway. I, for one, am glad that Keith has the courage and ability to make the music he wants (which is great, by the way), despite knowing that narrow minded "fans" are going to complain. I've been a fan of Keith's since his first album, and have enjoyed going along with his musical journey, wherever it went. He is a stellar songwriter, and this album is no different. People grow up, and change, and the world changes around them. His musical evolution has reflected that every album. There is strength in difference. And this is a strong album among his vast discography. I'm already looking forward to Part 2. Kudos, Keith.


This album does not represent Keith Urban. It feels thrown together and not typical of him. I will not be buying the album.


I’ve had this album on repeat nonstop since it came out! If you don’t like Keith, then you dint have to listen!!! It may not be country, but it is still a very good album with no songs to skip over. I especially love the opening track Out the Cage. Great job Keith!!!


Oh no, please don’t let there be a part 2 I don’t care for the evolution of Keith. Old Keith needs to return.


Amazing blending of genres while keeping the mainline of country feel! I know MANY will complain, the usual, trapped in a time period and where they want every artist and song to sound the same! Love this albums blend and some old style flashbacks of old Keith! Boom!


He isn’t himself anymore.

NewKeithUrbanFan NYC

Love this album!! I’m not really in to country music but l love Keith Urban.. my favorite songs are Say Something & God Whispered My Name!! Our country is going thru some rough times & these songs just brighten my day😊😊 Thank you Keith for bringing a little joy in the world😍


Such a fantastic new album!!! Bring on “The Speed of Life Part 2!!!” 👍🏻😎🤩❤️


Every Keith Urban album gets better & better. It’s hard to pick the best song because they’re all amazing!


So worth the wait! Can’t choose one song as my favorite. You did another great job Keith. Thank goodness for the weekend, I can listen to it for 2 days!


This album is lots of fun. Love it! It’s definitely not as country as we are use too, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with shakin things up! Keith could sing any genre.. I will forever be a fan!


This isn’t country. Keith urban went from songs like “you’ll think of me” and “raining on Sunday” to this?!? There’s not one good song on this whole album. This is a pop album, and a bad one at that.


He had developed so much as an artist. This album is not what we are used to, but it just goes to show that Kieth can and has expanaded his creative mind, and as an aritst myself, I can't help but appreciate that. Thanks Keith!!


Country is country. Take a cue from Josh Turner. He knows what country is. He's still country. Keith is poptry music now, just like most of the other ex country artists.

no nickname needed to express

These songs sound like if they were meant to be sung my Freckles the Clown- written by Clarabell the clown. Horrible music by a rug wearing has been. Not even Eric Church who I love can save this mess.


For clear skin!


Leave it to Keith for the best collaborations !!!

A Southern California KU Fan

Keith Urban puts out consistently great music, this album is no exception. The sound of the songs are familiar and comfortable and great from the very first time you hear them. This album is a mix of lots of different genres and as always, blazing guitars and ganjo. Thank you Keith for this timely and incredible piece of art.


Keith Urban has made and released an excellent album and it’s just what we all need now to help us feel better. Each song flows easily into the next one. Up tempo or slow and steady, there’s something for everyone. 👍🏻❤️

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