Kenny Chesney - Welcome to the Fishbowl

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Welcome to the Fishbowl Tracklist:


I'm a Small Town is my favorite on this album.


This album makes my heart happy. Wouldn't want to hear any other voice coming through the speakers in my car. Highly recommend.


You just keep getting better and better!

Drusilla English

I really like the slow tempo even though most of his songs are upbeat, over 2 years since the album came out and I still love listening to every song

Cmpunk fan601

El Cerrito place is by Charlie Robison

Jet Pack

Country music is bad!


Absolutely no one is better then Kenny. His music is so heartfelt and pure. I listen to his music all the time and no one can sing better than him

Hop cap

I have always been a Kenny Chesney fan but I have more of luke bryan kind of guy or Brad Paisley or Tim McGraw . Or Jason Al Dean But I have to admit Kenny Chesney is by far my favorite so far but Luke Bryan's new song crash my party is cool But I cannot get over pirate flag it has such a good beat and it is awsome I also like come over El Cerrito Pl. and feel like a rockstar duet with Tim McGraw Kenny Chesney even though you're worth millions of dollars I am only 12 and I think you're awesome ps could you please send me a pair of coastas that would mean so much to me ha ha just kidding Keep rocking it Kenny Chesney and never retire Because you're one of the world's greatest country artist


The Collection: T.J. Huffman(@TPlayboy$


I have to confess that I have not been a huge Kenny Chesney fan. I have always enjoyed his hits and downloaded a number of them to my Ipod. After hearing Come Over and Whatever Makes You Feel Like A Rock Star i went ahead and downloaded the entire album and have been amazed by it every since. This is truly his least as far as I can tell. You know how some artists will have a hugh library of music behind them and then one of their albums makes it huge and causes you to go back and look at all their old stuff? That is what this album did for Kenny to me. I am going back and picking up some of his old stuff because of what I am hearing on this one. Great buy. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.


Freaking Awesome! Kenny's still got it!


I'm not crazy about the album in general, but El Cerrito Place is one of my favorite songs ever.


I have loved Kenney since I was 5 years old and now I am 12 , i have been to his concerts that were GREAT and I still love his music and him this album is GREAT too and I hope he makes even more GREAT albums like the rest !!! :-)


I love Kenny Chesney but this album was one of those people will forget or the radio will play the hell out of it do more stuff like pirate flag or even do more stuff like in the older albums


Kenny Chesney is one of my favorite country artists. This album is definitely on par with all of his previous efforts. I never like every single song on his albums. I don't think I've ever found a "whole" album of his. In general, though, each album has many great tracks. I usually go for the more beachy tunes, but Kenny's grown over the years into a master story teller and I've grown to appreciate most of his work. He's definitely not a cookie cutter "country" artist.The one thing that I love about his work, and this album in particular, is that he never sounds repetitive. There is no "it all sounds the same" feeling with Kenny. He's a true talent in that he can craft each song to sound unique. He doesn't get lazy with his craft.

the country guy

Usually like Kenny. I know El Cerrito place wasn't originally written by Charlie Robison, but I thought Kenny did a pretty bad job of trying to cover it. And to the guy who said were "jealous of Kenny's success" Ill tell you right now Charlie is 10x the artist Kenny will ever be and just because he doesn't bend for Nashville and pop Country dosent make him a failure. It makes him a hero.


This is an amazing song! I just prefer Charlie Robison's version :)


Keep them coming.


To those Writing bad reviews about El Cerrito Place: Charlie Robinson wasn't the original song writer. You should be thankful Kenny sung the song so others could hear it. Most of you are jealous of Kenny's success so much so that you hope your negative review could somehow possibly take that away. -Wrong. I would say Kenny knows a good song when he see's one. As far as this album goes, it's a piece of art. -It's also more country than half of the artists around now.


Don't cover anymore Charlie Robison songs KC!!! You ruined El Cerrito Place! That's Charlie's song!!! Sounds horrible.

I kick yo butt

Such great album glad to see all country singers aren't going pop

Lauren Vasquez

You want to hear a good song get ruined, listen to Kenny's version of El Cerrito Place.

Pick pocketed

I've tried downloading this one for two days, will not work but iTunes sure as hell took my $ for it

Devan Pifer

Just love it


Every song!!! Just breathtaking!!! Keep em coming KC(: this album is so worth my money. If you haven't bought it yet, what are you waiting for?!?


Ok, Charlie Robison wrote El Cerrito Place. He sold it to Kenny. Kenny just ruined one of my favorite songs,


Simply Kenny Chesney. Awesome album!! I highly recommend it! El Cerrito is nostalgic.


If you like El Cerrito Place, check out the original version by Keith Gattis!!


I haven't wanted to buy a Kenny album since "When the Sun Goes Down," until I saw his tv special about making this record. Fantastic songs. One of Kenny's best hands-down.


El Cerrito Place has already been done by texas country artists. TEXAS COUNTRY ARTISTS NEED MORE RADIO TIME. Besides that the album is pretty good.

Southbound + Down

Devastating. Buy it.


Kenny does a good job covering CharlieRobison's El Cerrito Place, though it does come off as somewhat hollow when compared to the original. Where Charlie sings his song with emotion and abandon, Kenny's rendition seems restrained and pedestrian, perhaps the passion of writing a song provides the intimate connection to the subject needed to deliver such a powerful performance. The standout on this album is a duet with Grace Potter, You and Tequila , that track's live recording alone is worth the price of admission.

Virginia Firework

Love Feel Like A Rock Star And Come Over. Brings Back The Type Of Feel To His Song Summertime. Great Album Kenny.


I've been listening to this album ever since it was released!! I love it!!! I love you too Kenny!! Keep 'em coming!!!


Kenny should have gotten entertainer of the year on the CMA awards. I love Kenny's music.


Amazing song . I keep it on repeat .


Besides for Come Over the rest of the CD is average at best. Not sure what he was trying to accomplish with this album. Almost like he was trying to get a new sound going, must have taken some bad advise. Only 2 songs have been purchased on it and after listening to it I know why. Only listened to it twice and was ready to throw it in the trash. He is still great in concert just hope he does not play much from this album at his next show I go see.

Pretty Girlie Girl

This is exactly how I feel about my boyfriend. Kenny couldn't have sung it any better. Kudos and God Bless you Kenny!Pretty Girlie Girl


Love this whole album but upset that there are two versions of you and tequila that are both live and sound exactly the same. Wishing one was the cd version and one live :(


OK..Sorry..but Rockstar?? Really? It's so bad it almost negates everything else Kenny (and Tim) has ever done. I seriously considered removing all the Kenny from my library because of it. Interesting that so many say this is the best album ever yet only 2 songs have really been purchased from it..


Keeny Chesney is a great singer, and this is a great album. However, El Cerrito place was originally sung by Charlie Robison back in the early 2000's. In my opinion, Charlie Robison's version was way better. Though it has the same beat, his voice is a better fit for that song. other than that, this is a great album.

Cpl bada55

it Awesome


We all know Red Dirt Country is true good country... Please don't tarnish what's left of good country music by stealing the songs, "popping" them up, call them yours, and try to sell it as your own.


You ruined El Cerritos Place... Just like Guy Clark's Himingways Whiskey... You and Taylor swift have ruined country music...


Great CD!


I love this song it makes me miss someone who I haven't even met , what can I say I'm a hopeless romantic *=)

Jeff Gliwa

come over - 9/10 feel like a rockstar - 8.5/10 sing em good my friend - 9/10 welcome to the fishbowl - 9.5/10 i'm a small town - 9/10 el cerrito place - 8/10 makes me wonder - 8/10 while he still knows who i am - 9.5/10 time flies - 10/10 - BEST SONG to get to you (55th and 3rd) - 9.5/10 always gonna be you - 8/10


KENNY CHESNEY<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333


Love this CD!

Hot days of summer

Sorry I purchased this album. It is not what I expected from him to depressing