Kenny Chesney - Hemingway's Whiskey (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2010 Sony Music Entertainment

Hemingway's Whiskey (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:

Trust and Us



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it is a very motivational song i love it


The album is great. My favorite track is "Somewhere With You"


Sings them and I believe them ! Writes from the heart ! I book I could read and listen to for ever! Thanks for sharing life !


Kenny is just amazing. But all these songs are so emotional and real. And most keep their country roots. Love it. I love all his albums, but this may just be my favorite. Every single song on here is great!


I bought the song coastal and it will not play on my songs for NOTHING! What's up with that??

Hey this game is terrible

The video is as great as the song he needs to write more songs like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))

Ian's reviews

Five stars


Got me thru my stay in Pennsylvania along with the Steelers'. The food ain't bad either.


I love this song! He's amazing!

Jeff Gliwa

the boys of fall - 9/10 live a little - 9/10 coastal - 9/10 you and tequila - 9/10 seven days - 9/10 small y'all - 6.5/10 where i grew up - 8/10 reality - 10/10 round and round - 9.5/10 somewhere with you - 10/10 hemingway's whiskey - 8.5/10


I want Kenny babies


Love this song!!! :)


He could do better, but I like it(:

country boy 3

i love kenny

Meow meow 333

I love Kenny Chesney especially the song live a little. My favorite song of all time


I love this album


I am like Kenny BIGGEST fan.He sings my fave song called There Goes my Life.If I could I would rate this 100,000,000 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!


This album is spectacular


Puts a smile on my face !!!!!!!


Its amazing


Are you the one how wrote "It Felt Good on My Lips"? Plus the rate I put is real it needed me to choose one. Plus I'm 12 and your a good singer and my mom goes head over heels for you. So if you read this maybe you can give me two tickets for my birthday. One for me and one for my mother. She has been dieing to see you. If you could you would be amazing!!!! Well you already are amazing but still. I'm just begging you. From, Casey

Bryson m

I love this artist I love u




I love almost all country singers and they are the best I mean really come on there good so that's my review

J Sobbell

im not a country fan whatsoever. i actually disliek it. but boys of fall is the best song ever written hands down. i lovge high school football more than anything and it makes me appreciate it that much more

Michael W from St. Louis

This is why I listen to Kenny Chesney. The songs that he puts on Hemingway's Whiskey just goes to show that even a country music legend like him can still make great music although he doesn't win the awards that I believe he deserves. Recommendations include song numbers 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.




Great album amazing feel to it worth the cost

Michael Lindgren

It's good stuff but the oldies were where it was at.


Kenny C, from East TN, Gibbs high school, GREAT JOB!!! I live next to him. He has been a great influence in my music career. My favorite song on here would probably be "Where I Grew Up". It explains my life too as well as his.


There is music and then there is country music. That's how I would sum up my feelings after listening to this album all the way through. Best songs include hemingways whisky, seven days, where I grew up, and round and round. There is only one country star better than Kenny Chesney and that's Tim McGraw. So he's 2nd to 1.


I had some friends who saw him in concert awhile back. Sure, they got stuck in nosebleed seats but they said that hearing him was worth it...of course it was! And this album, I remember buying Boys of Fall when it was just a single. My other favorite song is his duet with Grace Potter:) However, if you've got the money, go ahead and buy the whole thing. Because Kenny Chesney is worth it.


I have always been a KC fan and sanf along to his music. This songs stands out very different from the others with the musical style. I have to say I absolutely love this song, as one of my favorites of his. The guitar riffs are awesome. I am so happy I was finally able to purchase it so I can listen to it anytime I want to now.

diana roberts

I have not heard the album BUT i heard the single SOMEWHERE WITH YOU and did not know 6 months ago when I first heard it who sang it or the title. Heard the song 3-4 times after the first time and wanted so much to know the singer and title, but radio stations no longer tell you the titles or artists. Wanted so much to know!!!!!! Today after 7 weeks of treatment for cancer I heard the song, I felt finally like dancing, so I asked my husband to dance and it came to us..... the title must be Somewhere With You, and then my husband said, Kenny Chesney! Tears were in my eyes because for the last 6-8- weeks with my cancer I did not feel like listening to music (and I love music and dancing)) BUT today when the radio station played the song I asked my husband to dance with me (he does not dance) and he accepted and we danced and cried. THANKS KENNY for this most beautiful song!!! And for me finally feeling better again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I swear that you know what music I want to listen to!


Kenny has had three # 1 singles from this album ("Boys of Fall" "Somewhere with You" & "LIve A Little." "You & Tequila" is still climbing and is at # 3 currently. News just broke that he is releasing "Reality" as his next single. "Reality" truly is a great song, but it sounds A LOT like "Live A Little" and even has the same message as "Live A Little." "Seven Days" would've been a better pick for his 5th and most-likely final single from Hemingway's Whiskey. He likes to release singles in a fast/slow/fast/slow pattern, and "You & Tequila" was a slower song so I get that "Reality" is the next best fast-paced song on HW, but "Seven Days" would've been a homerun no doubt about it. I'm sad that the people who did not purchase HW will not get the chance to hear what a beautiful song Seven Days is.


I have not been a fan of Kenny pretty much since his first album ever. I was tired of Mexico and reliving his teen years. Finally Kenny got it right and did some songs that didn't sound like he just wanted to be a frat boy again. Way to go, Kenny!! I may just be a fan again!!


**** best album ever!!!!! ****


Really brilliant and relatable lyrics! Takes me back every time I listen to this album! Also, just saw his show in Portland! It will blow your mind! :D


During a pretty low time recently, the 'search' button found a country station. A song was playing that literally took me back to simplier was "You and Tequila"...I had only heard of Kenny Chesney..never listened to him, nor had any desire to. I immediately bought the CD (am ol' school)...and it is by far, one of the best I have listened to in almost 60 years of me, it ranks up there w/Tapestry and Pink Floyd classics. This guy will be around a long time..and will definitely be a legend. Thank you Mr. Chesney for converting this ol' rocker ...


Somewhere With You: this song is meant for my only true love, anywhere you go I want to be there with you.

Erika seaboch

I love him and hate anyone who hates him


Love the music and lyrics so far. My first album of his is Hemingsway's Whiskey, and it'll make platinum for sure. One thing is I wish he would write more lyrics to the actual song and not sing it twice in the same song... as he seems to be a great writer


awesome tune , kenny does some great songs.................................


Im just in love with Kenny's music! All i ask Kenny is that you keep the good music coming! His musics makes you feel and i love that! :)

Happiest Tapper

Amazing! Absolutely love it! Great!


Another all time great from Kenny chesney


Sorry. It's just allright for me. Kenny keeps bouncing in-between country & this laid back beach feel. I like more when he separates into different albums. Some definite great songs on here. Just didn't do it for me as a whole.