Kenny Rogers - The Best of Kenny Rogers: Through the Years

A Capitol Records Nashville release; This Compilation ℗ 2018 Capitol Records Nashville

The Best of Kenny Rogers: Through the Years Tracklist:


Kenny Rogers God rest his soul He knew when to Hold’em and knew when to Fold’em and his music worked when you Were in a country bumpkin mood!


Nah fam.


This is so terrible :(


Rip but where were y’all at when he was alive

R. Pickles

Gift to music


Hit after hit, excellent album!


RIP Kenny! Grab those top spots with your amazing music! 🥳🥰

The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man)

One of the greatest singers of all time.


I forgot how much I loved these songs.


Just no


All of these songs remind me of my time in Texas as a little boy..We lost a legend and icon of country music today.. Soar with the angels Gambler!


Ok but why is this on the top pop songs list


Had not listened to Kenny Rodgers for a while, and forgot how much I like his music and personality. I bought this album and played it and my wife heard it and we both started reminiscing about all those 80-90s memories captured while hearing his awesome songs. He will be greatly missed....

Black and Yellow Lil

These tunes remind me of what my dad played growing up. After visiting Country Music Hall of Fame —this was a must.

Don Buffalo NY

Missing some classics on this Ruby Tennessee bottle goodbye Marie Reuben James Kenny wasn’t just a elevator music creator.

Music Album of Kenny Rogers: