Kygo - Golden Hour

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Golden Hour Tracklist:


I listen to this album on my walks and when I work out. Keeps me motivated! So in love with the album!




The production is pretty bland, Stream world war joy for better dance music


Another great hit

100% heartie

I love the song broken glass!


Never change, Kygo. Don’t get lost in today’s era of music!


I love this album and the fact that he did a collab with my pop prices Kim Petras is literally killing me!!!!!!!!


Can’t stop playing all these tracks in my whole day...❤️❤️❤️❤️

Irish DCD

LOVE these tracks!! Don't stop making music!!


Kygo does it again. Love this album - perfect for the summer!


Queen Kacey musgraves album is the only golden hour


Amazing, can’t stop listening ❤️❤️great summer hits, the music and lyrics work great together

T.Hizzle 66

I love Kygo’s music and all his albums!! This does not disappoint


The guy is a talent


KYGO is the best producer in the game!


...if they had listened to this album it would have been. One of the best albums I’ve ever listened to in my entire life. He brings forth so much talent and adds his mix, melody, and genius to make music that touches the soul.


Kygo killed it. My favorites are broken glass, the truth, and I’ll wait


this is so good! the vocals, the music everything! kept it up kygo💛


Kygo killed it!


Nice tune


Kygo is truly a musical genius and an inspiration for me. I adore this album and can’t wait to see him on his tour.


These songs are great; there is a deeper meaning to each of them, and they are very pleasing to listen to. However, many of these songs are very similar in structure and style, and it gets very repetitive. I had a hard time listening to more than five or six songs at a time, but I can't ignore how much I like them individually. This is a 9/10 album, which rounds to five stars.


Amazing Kygo, love it! Great album.


Wow! This album is incredible. Kygo’s music gives me so much energy, & every song is very uniquely produced. I love it! Keep up the good work Kygo ❤️

M V 97

I first found Kygo in 2016, and I fell in love with his so-called tropical sound. I loved, and still love, his Cloud Nine album. Kids In Love was okay, but I feel like it was a bit rushed and too short. This album, though... Wow! It's truly magical! I'd hoped for maybe fifteen, sixteen songs at most, but Kygo surprised us all with eighteen songs! My top three favorite songs on this album are "Could You Love Me", "Broken Glass" and "Follow". But, I also feel like the rest of the songs are so beautiful in their own way, which really makes this album a special one. Kygo really worked hard on this, and it clearly shows. 🎶


For me, Kygo has always been between ehh and that’s pretty cool. But this album is actually really enjoyable to listen to. Good work man


Lol I love seeing these idiots hating on Kygo knowing they are just unhappy delinquents


Kygo's collection ensures we all get a fun virtual Day Club experience no matter where we find ourselves this summer.


I literally have had this album on repeat since the day it was released! It is full of really satisfying songs 😎


Nice try on the release date

Qasem mahmood

Broken glass is my favorite


Another example of how uninventive an artist turned mainstream can be. Nothing at all I can say I like about this. All the sheep will buy it though - have fun.

guy that rules

This man is the only person who can carry on avicii's will.


Absolutely never disappoints. Kygo nails it on every song and leaves you wanting more and more every time. Guy’s unbelievable. 👏🏼 Much love. 🙏🏼

pats 911

Impressive - nicely done!

Efrain Charlie

“The Album of An Exactly An Hour Brings a Golden Moment of Listening Something that is Tropical House Fuse Into Pop and Electronic but in a Smooth Way that Everyone can Enjoy with Singers never Heard and Some from Avicii’s People that Exactly Help Bring Something Beautiful. Every Song has a Unique Way to be Listen in that way even though is not Innovated it can still Channel a Good Vibe Around because It’s About Being in the Moment which can be About Love, Yourself, Life, and Motivation of Your Entirety which is a Unique Concept Behind it that Fans will Enjoy much Between where is Came From and What is the Result of Everything Put Together for People to Choose.” 9/10 It Almost had Everything but it Needed a Better Push to Make it Stand Out to be Interesting for People to Find which is Needed for to be Discover in the Future.


As usual 👌


Kygo has always been one of the absolute best producers of EDM & Dance music in history, and this album is second to none. Packed with 18 incredible songs and a full hour of beautiful music that hits you right in the heart. There’s a mix of sound variety and something for everyone to like. Lots of emotional songs about love and heart break but also good hopeful and feel-good jams as well! Not only is Kygo talented, but he’s a good man and fully worth supporting. You won’t regret it! 🌴🔊🎵


Woke up this morning, depression eating me alive. (Turns on Kygo new album) emotional roller coaster of emotions. Revelation: I am worth it, I’m gonna be okay., music heals scars. Music save lives.


Best album!


New sound but still familiar, some truly beautiful music KYGO! Thank you!


This album is definitely a bop


I think this album just completes my life, it will get me through the hard times and it throws me into another world, IM LOVING IT :)))

عبداللهہ القميل قداً :$

So good, Kygo. Hope you cooperate with Selena again. ❤️❤️


Im not a big album fan but more so a song here and there however Kygos unique style is inviting and creatively differentiated to make me feel like I’m partying on a beach all the time. Whitney Houston’s Higher Love is the highlight here but 4 songs id purchase on their own. Only knock is sometimes he holds too true to his style and the songs blend together.


The album is a total vibe


.... makes me so moist.


Love the new sound of this album!

Lauren fideles

I’ve waited so long for this to drop, and as always, Kygo kills it🔥🔥🔥!!!! His talent is unmatched! 18 songs!!!??! Giving us life Mr. Kygo!

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