Lady A - Own The Night

℗ 2011 Capitol Records Nashville

Own The Night Tracklist:

Shelby Thatchergood

It’s really amazing that their vocals are sensational. They also apologized to both Anita and their fans to make up for the name incident.


Love that song!! Gorgeous vocals!! Bravo! 👏💕


Music as bland and plain as their white sheets.




you aren’t fooling anyone with your fake wholeness and trying to steal a black womans name. pathetic people.


They can’t even stay true to their “wokeness” So silly and ridiculous.


Must be nice using your white privilege to sue a black artist whose has had the name since 1987.


Must feel good suing a black person for the name LADY A just so you don’t feel like racists but knowing your still a racists cause you took the name from a black artist that owned the name for 20+yrs.


I am off to find the real Lady A .


Bad music and bad negotiation. I’m off to find the real Lady A. ✌🏾


This is an awesome album , the titke track "We Owned The Night" is my favorite song by Lady A, the harmonies are some of the best I've ever heard! so glad they arn't buried in production, The whole album is a masterpiece filled with addictive songs and flaless vocals! Fantastic


go listen to the real Lady A instead

Ender daimand

Sorry my phone is messed up and i can only click 1 star but i think this deserves a 11/10 :) again sorry i cant do five stars i can only do one but i am going to get fixed soon

Norah Doll

This is one of the best Lady Antebellum albums ever.