Lee Brice - Hard 2 Love

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Hard 2 Love Tracklist:

Country life_jonahkatybay

This album is absolutely amazing. It speaks to me sooo much. Just listen to the lyrics. You would be surprised how many lessons you can learn from country music lyrics. ❤️👍🏻👍🏻💕

chad everdean

By RoskstarGames

Morgan dent

Love it 💕 seen him in concert he was so sweet



Peewee 72

When we are at the NASCAR events this album gets the infield cranked up.

Jack's 'Pad'

Amazing album

Maddie Dryden

"A woman like you" is one of the sweetest songs ever❤️


I bought I drive your truck and I wanted to use it song to make an edit but Facebook took it down because they said I couldn't use that song but I thought I could considering I payed for the song can any one tell me if Facebook is right or if I'm right


Better than Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. Pretty decent.

Leaaah (;

Lee Brice is simply amazing. Love him & his songs💖


This is one of the best albums. There are great songs such as Friends We Won’t Forget and I Drive Your Truck, some songs aren’t as good, like That Way Again, but hey, the albums is till amazing!! This is definitely his best album of the three

Girly7181 :)

This is like me my grandpa he died In the war. :(


I love all of his songs! Amazing country artist!

M.J. Johns

Let me first say that I drive your truck stuck a cord with me. The song might be about his father, but I lost the love of my life to suicide and I can’t listen to that song without tearing up.


The first time I heard this song I cried. It has such a powerful meaning that speaks to so many people. I can listen to this for hours on end! It's literally my favorite song ever


It won't play it barely played when I got it it kept freezing


There isn't anything Hard 2 Love about Lee Brice! Repeat for hours


I love your music! I find myself singing along in the car and look at my screen on the radio, and there it is..."Lee Brice"! You are incredibly talented and love your music. Keep it up!!


Whatta Looker he is. And to hear him sing, well he's all ACES in my, favorite Tune book.


Song is awesome!!!


Such a fun song!

Katiebug tatum

Love this song !!!!!!!


omg i love this album !!! hard to love and i drive your truck are amazing i can listen to them ten times a day !!!!!!


This song was played at my cousin's funeral


Love it


Best song ever


Omg such a great song! Not relatable to me but still touches me...

SSG Awesome

An album that's definitely worth it. What a load of awesome tunes all the way through. It's been a hike since a dog got personal for me, thank you for "I drive your truck"


Lee Brice nailed this song! Love it!(:

curnal sanders

I love I Drive Your Truck as well as hard to love he has to be nashville's next superstar country singer. :)


awesome song i love the song


I totally love Lee Brice and every song he has he is totally amazing ❤❤❤


I usually listen to rap but people like this wants me to listen to more country


I had previously downloaded the single Hard 2 Love and thought it was great, but hadn't downloaded the rest of the album. It seemed like everytime I had Pandora on, a song would come on that I hadn't heard and I would have to check who it was because I just loved it. It always ended up being a song from this album. Glad I finally bought it, it is great from start to finish. Hope this guy sticks around for a long time.


It's all about the song (I Drive Your Truck). Even here in the heart of New York City where angry war hating people mostly take the subway and probably never sat in a pick up truck. The song hits home and gets your complete undivided attention, breath taking Lee, 5 star no doubt.....




Can someone please tell Mr Lee that he has blatantly ripped off Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" with the first track on his album?


Best song I have heard in a while! Great album. Worth every penny


This album is quite possibly one of the best albums I have ever heard! I'll be stunned if Lee Brice is not one of the few country powerhouses within the next year or two! He is simply amazing! Keep it up Lee!

crazy with power

The song "I Drive Your Truck" is just amazing!!!!! I love Lee Brice's lyrics and his tone is just speechless it's AWESOME how he does it !!!!!!!!


He sounds really good and I love him!!!!!


The only thing better than listening to Mr Brice on my iPhone was seeing him perform the songs on the Blake Shelton cruise! I cry every time I hear I drive your truck, and I feel like some of the songs were written just for me. It's powerful when you affect your fans like that!

Shuger pie

When I go to put it on it goes to the next son and it won't play this one!!!! But other than that I love this song


I bought the album and I love it, Lee Brice is one of my all time favorite artists and some of his songs actually got me to think. Songs that will do that to you are few and far between but he's made an album of them...2 enthusiastic thumbs up!


I love all the songs!! Especially "I drive your truck"


Love it.!:)


Until I listened to Lee Brice, I had never been interested in country. Yet, as I listened to his songs, the emotions were so real and heartfelt. If I thought nothing could beat "More Than a Memory", I was wrong. "Seven Days..." and "That Way Again" are just unreal. His lyrics blow me away and his voice tells a story. I recommend this album to anyone!


I love the song hard to love It is a really good song people should buy this song

Virginia Firework

Love Hard To Love And Parking Lot Party. Great Album.


Lee keep up the great work and continue to make Clemson and S.C. Proud, I know I am!!!!!