Thomas Rhett - Life Changes (Deluxe Version)

℗ 2018 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Life Changes (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


I love all these songs 💕💕💕


This song is amazing . I love it . When I hear this song it makes me happy.

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l love it 👍

I love Thomas song and that is why l gave it five stars.


I hate the people who are keep on saying that it’s not country no one cares.They are saying that life changes is not a country song.And I’m just laughing because it’s so stupid what people say,THE SONG IS ABOUT HIS ADOPED DAUGHTER SO TAKE A CHILL PILL!


It’s real country

Mr. LeviMoore

It Goes Like This was actually a country album. And Tangled Up wasn't a bad album at all, it actually was pretty good, but this album was just terrible.

pokemon ruels

Love his song life changes my family can’t stop listening to it because I love to here his new kid name on it. Plus it also has a nice beat to it


i love thomas rhett so much! i’ve been listening to this since september 2017 all the bonus tracks and everything! so happy it’s finally on itunes! my favorite is country gold


Love new songs and they new words to life changes he is my favorite 😍




It's blah. It's the umpteenth edition of Nashville formula. It sound like pretty much everyting else coming out of Nashville....mediocre song writing coupled with an obvious 18-24 target. Yeah, it's marketed as country with an effort to program the younger demos to believe that this is really what country is in the second decade of this millenium. Imagine, if you did that to R&B or, God forbid, rock! This is perfect for mindless, unimagintive concert robots. I guess it sells. So do hookers, cocaine, bad weed and cheesy sitcoms.


TR always puts so much thought into his songwriting. His fresh sound is revolutionizing and progressive. For those saying this “isn’t country”, do you realize that Johnny Cash and Garth Brooks were told they weren’t country and now are considered to be classics? Time marches on, sounds change, things evolve.


Is not real!!!!!


Country gold is a little too poppy for me (which is why I gave 4 stars) but its still a good song and the other ones are great too! I have my favorites from him but I don't think I will ever absolutely hate anything from him! He is a great singer and song writer! Keep it up TR!


Why this is considered country is beyond me. Like most of the new wave of so called male country music its more like the Back Street Boys than the Oak Ridge Boys.Not a bad bubble gum pop album but don’t call it country


This is not country at all! This is a disgrace to country music


Even tho these 3 new songs were on the target edition, they are still amazing songs! At least I can play them on my phone now!! 🎉🎉🎉🔥🔥🔥


Re-package it however you want, this album is still a pile of trash. NOT COUNTRY!!!!!


I like some of his songs but after awhile they all sound the same musically and content wise

Denial FTW

TR gained popularity by writing and recording actual country music. Now he’s just the male version of Taylor Swift. Just switch the genre to Pop we don’t have to see it in country anymore sellout.


my favorite record yet! my favorite is When We’re 80. Can’t wait for next album! LOVEEE Thomas Rhett❤️❤️❤️

Luv Addict

Country music has ripped away any evidence of sounding unique. This computer generated collection of songs sounds as fake as Milli Vanilli! The most shocking thing that could come out of Nashville is for someone to make a real country album.

Cops matter too

On release day target had this way before anyone else