Lily Rose - Villain

℗ 2020 Lily Rose / Back Blocks Music

Villain - Single Tracklist:


Love this song and the artist’s voice! #TNlove


This is a great song. It feels like my life story. I love her voice.


Lilly Rise wrote this song but It’s definitely the theme song for my life. It is such a beautiful tribute to all those who have survived and came out stronger after an abusive relationship.


An amazing song! Keep those songs coming! Such a talented artist!!

nicole prior

I heard her on tiktok and fell in love ❤️


This song hits home for me and I’m so many ways. It’s nice to have some of the original country music back.. you are definitely gifted....


Got chills 15 seconds into the song and HAD to buy the single.... my new favorite... I’ll be blasting this every time I get in my car and in my home gym!!! And her voice 🥰


My Aunt and her two little boy came over and just out of the blue she said listen to this song she said my little cousin was singing it the other day while he was pooping and I busted out laughing and I went on YouTube and listened to it and I was like OMG I love this song. It was so funny. LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂


Love Love Love this song keep on going Lily you have a beautiful voice


This song is amazing and addicting! On repeat

Jaiden Raleigh's Mom

Beautiful voice! My new favorite song!!


Best Song I’ve Heard In A Long Time, Keep It Up


Cannot wait for 2 lonely people to release as well!


Love this so much!!


Lily Rose knocked it out of the park!


Another independent artist proving their incredible talent by hitting a home run right out the gate. This young lady obviously has not only an incredible voice but the ability to create a song that millions of others can relate to....I def look forward to hearing more of her music;0)


Love this song! These words the beat everything about it!


So much talent so much truth and love in this song


I absolutely love this song! It’s my new favorite. Really wish it was a ringtone also!


I’ve been in a broken relationship for 11 years, married for 6. It’s not a partnership or loving marriage at all but my husband and family are absolutely against divorce. I was just telling my therapist that no matter what I’m going to be the bad guy and blamed for breaking up our family if I file for divorce, even though I have been begging my husband for years to work on our relationship and he flat out refuses. I’ve been miserable but I know I’m strong and hearing this song is giving me strength. My happiness and my children’s happiness is worth more than staying in a loveless selfish relationship. Thank you Lily Rose for putting into words just what I needed to hear. I’ll be the villain if it means my boys won’t grow up witnessing a toxic relationship. ❤️

Molly Cage

Deep meaningful reflective - I love her voice and hearing Villain lead me to her other songs, I’m hooked - huge fan


Love love love this!



Sabrina Gusikuda

Such an incredible song and lyrics! I love knowing that you represent the LGBTQ+ community. Keep doing your thing!

Justin Bieber Music Review

Lily is the real deal. Insane songwriting.


From the moment I heard this song on TicTok, I was hooked. This song is amazing!


This song is so raw and real, I feel it in my soul. Literal life events and the way things play out, sadly. Thank you for making a song that is so understanding on so many levels. So therapeutic to play this loud and sing along. ❤️

Amy Crabtree

Awesome song. I see her going places.


I feel this song on so many levels. A tragic yet beautiful arrangement


Wow! This voice is like no other. The emotion is rare in country music. This singer/songwriter is a diamond!

FBA Success

Lily Rose knocked or out of the park with this song!


I hate that people are giving this one star, I think we have all been in this place bravo to you for expressing yourself so beautifully. Saw it on tictok and had to support you! I hope all your dreams come true and I can’t wait to see/hear what comes next 💙💚




Absolutely love this song! Found it on Tiktok and couldn’t live without it! It hits home for me!


Love it love love love


On repeat. LOVE ❤️


When you live in a small town and this hits hommmmee❤️


This is extremely fishy how she’s back to #1 but it’s an ok song


LOVE IT, can’t wait for the full song


Love this song! Been following on TT and had to come here & buy it! ♥️


Hook after hearing a teaser of the first verse! Amazing song and can’t wait to see lily rose skyrocket with her amazing talents.


Every bit as great as what is on TikTok. Natural talent can not hide here ❤️


Another song using an R&B beat trying to be country




I dislike Country so much but this is wow!!!!


This song is literally my most favorite song EVER and it will continue to be till I die


Found her on TikTok and fell in love with song! I can totally get down to this song! I love it!!! Great job!


Great sound! Great Song! Can’t wait for more


This song relates to the situation I just went through so closely. It’s a great song and she is an AMAZING ARTIST! Thank you so much for the awesome song!


This song relates to the situation I just went through so closely. It’s a great song and she is an AMAZING ARTIST! Thank you so much for the awesome song!