Luke Bryan - Born Here Live Here Die Here

A Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 Row Crop Records, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Born Here Live Here Die Here Tracklist:


GREAT SONG LUKE. Ignore the haters. Keep going

Country 27

Country has changed so much in the past 10 years it’s insane.


Florida Georgia Line is basically what I hear. Shouldn’t this noise be phasing out by now?

Taylor Swift Queen 😍

I love Luke Bryan! This is such an amazing album!!!


I never knew he could make such a great album


I love all these songs I don’t care what anyone says about this album! An amazing singer still shines to this day! Keep it up Luke I’m a huge fan!


Used to love your stuff, even if it was a little cheesey, but this is just overproduced electronic crap, probably the worst I’ve heard of you yet.


You are the best one in the world

Certified Turtle Licker

Luke Bryan is stuck in the Bro Country era


Garbage pop country music.



Big Red232323232323

Every song he has released so far has been a bop! I’m excited for the rest of his album to come out!


Always want to dance with his music!❤️


Guys who’re hating, it’s something fun and different. Stop being a buzzkill, the three singles off this album have been doing tremendously good so far. Just get on the good vibes train already. LoL


I don’t like the sound of this!

TrashPanda 2099

Auto-tune on country... no thank you


It’s like he’s not even trying anymore


I didn’t think he could do worse than kickin boots but he just achieved it with his Margarita song.


Luke is the OG!!


Is that auto-tune I'm hearing on that song? Luke is one of my favorite country artists, but that song is TERRIBLE


I’m a big fan. Never been disappointed with his music


This album will definitely be good for summer! I’m so pumped for it! One Margarita is such an awesome summer song! Keep it up Luke! I like it a lot!!!


Greedy commercial trash once again puked out by a person only interestedd in $$. Luke's legacy will be that he destoyed country music.

comment now

One of the best performers in the country genre


I listen to the samples and I hate to say it, Luke isn’t nearly as good as he used to be. I guess being on American Idol has made him change how he does his music and it’s not as good, made him get the “big head”.


Luke you are fun, love tour music the lyrics. Thank you for another great album.

Shon khan

Luke is unique and is a constant hit maker. The man knows how to perform too! Have you been to his concert?




Knockin boots is cringeworthy. Absolute garbage

MH Psychologist

All hat and no cattle...... go back to the suburban life from where you came and stop pretending to be something you obviously are not....


Listen more than one time before giving a negative review. 🎵 The more I listen the more I like! 🎶


Worst singer in history of country music. Tractor pop. Blows my mind ppl enjoy this brainless crap


Born here, live here, die here has me intrigued. It sounds more like a country song. Real snare, steel guitar, meaningful lyrics. Hopefully the rest of the album is similar and less like knockin’ boots.


Country music is THE single worst genre of music and this is a prime example of its awfulness.


This is an enjoyable album so far. The “traditionalists” forget that country’s tradition is to never be trapped in a box. Johnny Cash, who is as country as it gets, was nominated to the Country, Rock, and Songwriter Hall of Fames. Why would any artist want to be stuck producing the same sound over and over... go get ‘em Luke!


Ah, I just think he is as good as everyone makes him out to be.. sorry Lukey lol


Sounds pretty good. Most country just bores me because it all sounds the same, but this is okay at least. I like how the same people who were angry at Luke Bryan for becoming “too poppy” for Knockin Boots are now praising him for these songs, when, to me at least, they seen like exactly the same style.


absolutely love!!’

lukebryan✅@lukebryan .online

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Luv Addict

Some song over and over. How is Luke Brian famous with this kind of water down country


Awww new LB music 😍😍 Can’t believe it’s been 3 years since What Makes You Country but this new music will totally be worth the wait! Can’t wait for April 24th!


Luke does it once again! Wow! Amazing! ❤️😍🥰


This is such a good album so far. His songs never sound the same. He’s so original. Good work Luke!

Johann Benavides

Sounds so Good

Halie Howell 19

Love all the songs on the album ❤️❤️


This is one of his best heartfelt/slower songs yet. Perfect ☺️👌🏻