Luke Bryan - Born Here Live Here Die Here

A Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 Row Crop Records, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Born Here Live Here Die Here Tracklist:


Can this wannabe please stop already?


I have to give him 5 Stars bc Luke Bryan is a good man, a real good man. He’s faced terrible tragedies in his personal life & took on responsibilities & challenges like a great man would & should. I believe that Luke Bryan is at his core, a country boy. I just think the Nashville Shot Callers force artists like Luke to put out songs they normally wouldn’t release or even look at. “Build Me a Daddy” is a song that is Luke Bryan, just like Harvest Time, Dirt Road Diaries, Tailgate Blues, Southern Gentleman, & Here’s to the Farmer & others. While other songs Luke has released are just garbage, I believe he was pressured to perform those songs & he’s Country at heart always.

Emarald dumond

I hate country


I would totally bone this sexy guy!


The auto tune in his voice is INCREDIBLE hahaha. Luke’s new music is HORRIBLE.....


Disappointing Luke, wish you actually sounded Country again.


I love it but I don’t understand


Stream “Black Parade” #blacklivesmatter ✊🏾


This is NOT country music.


It just can’t be found on this album check cody jinks, turnpike troubadours,whitey Morgan, Ward Davis

jenzie fan

My fav album


This isn’t real country, garbage!


Bad timing


Oh shut up people... he is (in my opinion that obviously doesn’t matter) like one of the best country singers!! My mom will hear One Margarita on the radio and immediately turn the volume up and start dancing in the front seat 😅😅. When I was 3 I used to say I was going to marry Luke when I get older ( tiny me that is a huge age difference) Anyways I really like One Margarita the best 😁😁

your daddy b home

Like Kurt Cobain put it "You have twenty some years to gather your first album and then are expected to come back with the same gauge from then on". This album isn’t bad but it’s not mind blowing. Don’t get too comfortable Luke, but keep trying. Dig this stuff!! =) OlllllllO


This stupid genre needs to die out already.


so excited!


I feel so bad for country music. It’s genre is dying.


Luke what is wrong with you...


Love his songs as always


But it doesn't really matter because it's awful either way.


oh hunny what is this? 🗑

Casey Wa





I love this album and it isn’t even completely released yet. Build me a daddy is so sad but such a good heartfelt song, one margarita is a fun song I can listen to over and over, knockin boots is good too!

Fruit pop lover1218

Never disappoints.. great work Luke ❤️

Eva Jonson

I love this song. I listen to this song everyday. Good job Luke.

liam YAS

ew bye


horrible, not a good album at all, especially that song called “Build Me A Daddy” Like?? Don’t buy.

ball of mom

I love this music I love you

Baseballl Dude

Not nearly as bad as some people are saying. Knockin' Boots and One Margarita are a little techno-happy, but the rest of the songs are all good. Don't be swayed by the negative reviews; listen to the music and decide for yourself if you like it.


This is so bad oMg


What happened to Luke? This is complete garbage


The ush

Country Guy4587

Sad this album is postponed for a late release, but the june 12 release of Build Me A Daddy shows Luke is making this album great. It will be worth the long wait


We deserve better.


I hated the songs


Love the songs released so far!! One margarita is a great summer song and build me a daddy is beautiful!! Love the others too! August 7th can't get here soon enough!

is you for real

Stream trollz


You can tell the emotion in the song and can actually hear Luke’s true voice


I was a fan, even worked front row security at one of Luke’s shows and jammed out. He lost himself when he went on the voice with satanist Katy Perry.


I keep seeing people complain that this isn’t country, but that’s just not accurate. It’s a unique mix of songs. And I love the blend of new and old country music.

Hank CJ

It is all good


is this even country. it doesn’t sound good at all. luke, please scrap the album


more important things on the world going on than ur flop album

River dog 45

American Idol changed u dawg


Only racists listen to this music.