Luke Combs - What You See Is What You Get

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What You See Is What You Get Tracklist:


The only songs I like are angels workin overtime and blue collar boys


I really admire the nostalgic country sound I grew up with, but there’s not much substance lyrically. It’s always about a break-up, alcohol and tasteless descriptions about himself. He is pulling a Taylor Swift: all the songs are formulated with the same chords (with the exception of different chord progressions but they’re still the same chords) and the melodies are virtually identical. If he were to deal with a variety of subjects other than the subjects I previously listed, he could reach a much wider audience than he’s already attainted. No animosity in this review, just disappointment.

A's Gigi

I sadly don’t purchase much music but I’m so glad I got this! I love every song!


Great voice

cute glitter bomb

Horrible I don’t get this guy his songs stink!


I could only really say that this man right here I love taking time out of my life to play his life and hear his heart! On the records he spits fire with his voice! 🤞🏼🤙🏼

Thomas Chris

I bet the people that have a one star review on this, gave five stars on zac brown bands new album.


By far my favorite singer and songwriter ever. Every song does not disappoint me, I’m not even sure I have a favorite, they’re ALL my favorite!!!

Awesome Jem

Always has been my favorite country singer and always will be. He has such an amazing voice and all his songs are amazing ❤️ Keep up the great work Luke!


I usually don’t take time to leave reviews but this is one of those rare times that every song is real and now I have my Country playlist and a Luke Combs playlist. So many great songs

Bella 865

This album is amazing!!!!!!!!! The best one yet!


I couldn’t believe 4 out of 5 stars for this absolute GEM of a music album, from a truly down to Earth person who has made this album a must-have record in your Country Pandemic Music Collection. His artful soulful voice gives way to just the right lyrics to make you feel at home with his music. Congrats Luke on finding happiness in making music and putting it into an album worth everyone’s attention. To the haters... we’ll ... move on!


Poorly recorded, brash, bro-country music at its absolute worst.

Chance Sykora

Great job Luke!


Trash music


Not the best album Luke has done but Luke did make some great number 1 songs. In years to come Luke will win entertainer of the year. 😀😀


My favorite country singer, hands down.


Luke combs is the best y’all haters you think your so clever hahahaha I called luke obese oh so funny y’all are so dumb you probably got your head stuck in a beer bottle while you were crying over your fake girlfriend leaving you get out of my America your not good enough for it.

Country Guy4587

Lovin on you is another gen I just discovered today. This album is full of upcoming hits

annie peyerson

Doesn’t it seem like the beats are all the same

Rip Luke

Y’all need to be quite this is bomb


yess this is fireee


Cool album


Trying to wrap my head around how someone clicked on one star. Each song is better than the one before. Great upbeat rock influenced country!

alex bold

Every song sounds the same.


This album is incredible! Everything that is created by Luke is absolutely amazing! Better together and even though I’m leaving are my favorites!! I can’t wait until he comes out with more!!


Anyone who doesn't give this a five star either don't listen to music often or don't listen to music. That's it. This is perfect


I can honestly say that I have less than a handful of artists that I love ALL of their music and he is definitely included!! Thanks always from Texas for the fantastic music.


Got the industry lookin sad Got check out upchurch if you want some real country music Not this generic bs



J777triple nutsack

Artwork for your ears. This album has some songs that make life seem beautiful for the minutes they are playing.


I hope that label is taking all of your money and I hope they control every aspect of your life. Upchurch is smoking you, keeping all his money and his dignity.


Alr guys, he’s got a couple songs I LOVE but In the ends I’ve learned two things. This mans always got a six pack on hand and can’t keep a girl for the life of him.


I loooooove Luke Combs!

tense peen

Church is better


Not as good as he was. Record labels changed him

daniel the redneck

It’s ok a couple good ones but everlasting country is we’re it’s at


What a tune.

Robbie Stalter

Absolutely Beautiful LOVE IT




I love this song


The best

Dev Dev❤️

My favorite song is even though I’m leaving.😍 Your awesome! Soccer is what I call my song. Because I listen to your songs😍.


Straight GARBAGE bruh why you listen to this

Texas you know who.

This raw COUNTRY music is what Nashville needs now. Go LUKE.


Beer, tractors, cowboy PERFECTION!!🤏🏽 Mmmmmm just perfect