Luke Combs - What You See Is What You Get

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What You See Is What You Get Tracklist:


My favorite country singer, hands down.


Luke combs is the best y’all haters you think your so clever hahahaha I called luke obese oh so funny y’all are so dumb you probably got your head stuck in a beer bottle while you were crying over your fake girlfriend leaving you get out of my America your not good enough for it.

Country Guy4587

Lovin on you is another gen I just discovered today. This album is full of upcoming hits

annie peyerson

Doesn’t it seem like the beats are all the same

Rip Luke

Y’all need to be quite this is bomb


yess this is fireee


Cool album


Trying to wrap my head around how someone clicked on one star. Each song is better than the one before. Great upbeat rock influenced country!

alex bold

Every song sounds the same.


This album is incredible! Everything that is created by Luke is absolutely amazing! Better together and even though I’m leaving are my favorites!! I can’t wait until he comes out with more!!


Anyone who doesn't give this a five star either don't listen to music often or don't listen to music. That's it. This is perfect


I can honestly say that I have less than a handful of artists that I love ALL of their music and he is definitely included!! Thanks always from Texas for the fantastic music.


Luke combs is the stuff guys


Got the industry lookin sad Got check out upchurch if you want some real country music Not this generic bs



J777triple nutsack

Artwork for your ears. This album has some songs that make life seem beautiful for the minutes they are playing.


I hope that label is taking all of your money and I hope they control every aspect of your life. Upchurch is smoking you, keeping all his money and his dignity.


Alr guys, he’s got a couple songs I LOVE but In the ends I’ve learned two things. This mans always got a six pack on hand and can’t keep a girl for the life of him.


I loooooove Luke Combs!

tense peen

Church is better


Not as good as he was. Record labels changed him

daniel the redneck

It’s ok a couple good ones but everlasting country is we’re it’s at


What a tune.

Robbie Stalter

Absolutely Beautiful LOVE IT




I love this song


The best

Dev Dev❤️

My favorite song is even though I’m leaving.😍 Your awesome! Soccer is what I call my song. Because I listen to your songs😍.


Straight GARBAGE bruh why you listen to this

Texas you know who.

This raw COUNTRY music is what Nashville needs now. Go LUKE.


Beer, tractors, cowboy PERFECTION!!🤏🏽 Mmmmmm just perfect


Real country


The album is amazing and the songs I love the most are even though I’m leaving and moon over Mexico. Great job Luke for making an amazing yet good album.

Emarald dumond

His music is terrible. All country music sounds the same. I can’t believe that people like this stuff!


PUMbrown songs are good


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 even though I’m leaving Is the sheettt!!


Definitely the best album to come out lately. Real quality country music. Luke has an amazing voice and knows how to write a good song. I think the real highlights on this album are 1 2 Many, Does to me, New every day, lovin’ on you and of course BEER NEVER BROKE MY HEART. But of course every song is amazing I love them all. This man is gonna be the biggest country star of the decade he is amazing listen to this album.


Finally some real country music. No comparison to the pop country crap



Idaho Wolf Hunter

For those pussies that think he’s the same as all the pretty boy country singers they are idiots. Dude rips it like a good OL boy. The anti Tim Mcraw! Love it!!


He has amazing voice! His voice is great! I love his music

money taken- no collage

Love your music since I heard one number away. Your progression furthers every year. Forget all the critics who left bad reviews on your album. This, is your best yet, and I have no expectation that the career will further as you age.

Realistic Gamer 348

Whoever the hell gave this album a one star is definitely the group of people who all want country to be Old Town Road. Combs does one thing that nobody seems to do anymore, and that’s write about how he’s proud to be himself. And sure he has a lot of songs bout drinking and break ups, but they’re all unique. I dare all y’all to just read the lyrics and see the symbolism he has there. Cause sure as hell most of y’all just look for one word to describe the song. And another thing, open your ears to the instruments. He uses the banjo and the steel in perfect harmony (never hear either of them anymore). He’s reviving old country music and I love every bit of it (except for All Over Again, that was the only weak spot on this album).


I think artists are starting to understand that Country songs need to be basic, yet still have a digital taste. Luke Combs is the pinnacle of this. He has a strong sound, both in voice and instrumentation, and his songs are pretty catchy. Can't wait to see 2020! For the best in country, tune in to WAUC AM 1310 FM 102.1 Wauchula FL


I’d say this is the best compliment, Luke Combs is better live. My husband and I went to see him last night, and I told him today, he’s so incredibly talented, his band is insane and after hearing him live, his recorded music doesn’t do justice! When he’s live, he has this grit and such passion behind his voice. Best concert I’ve ever been to! Thank you Luke!! As my family now refers to him as, Luke Freaking Combs!!! Ahh!


This entire album is really good, the dude can’t make a bad song .

#sucky man

Bro he is not white trash u probably like 3 years old. This man is better than u and he can sing more than u. He gets all the girls well u just sitting there in lonely ness he is the best so you don’t need to be saying he’s white trash what I just noticed that u can be white so don’t be saying that and you might be calling ur self white trash


Once again, another prime example of radio stations (not real fans) decision to make someone a star, who although"good," lacks the talent of a legitimate superstar!

Whoa Cuz

White Trash is what you get.